Recap/Picspam #H50 4×19 Ku I Ka Pili Koko (Blood Brothers)

Geck-O-Meter: 8 Geckos

Yup, I liked this one. So many great moments between my boys! The Steve/Danny relationship is so integral to the show and the family feeling. We got shirtless Danny and almost-pantless Steve, too! Lots of drama, and a little more of the mystery. And a fabulous musical score, too!

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A Pre-Post

The Recap/Picspam probably won’t be up until tomorrow, because I have to write a paper today. However, I need to say something, and since it’s kind of negative, I’d rather keep it separate from the recap.

I like Danny. I like Catherine. I liked the episode. Please do not even start with this junk about “if you like Danny, you must automatically “hate” Cath.” Adults are capable of having more than one thought, and I sometimes act like an adult. I’m tired of being called a “hater” and being shunned on twitter and criticized, all because I happen to like Danny. That’s all. I think he and Steve have a great relationship. That doesn’t mean I have to hate someone else. I don’t. Okay? Can I just enjoy my Ohana?

Recap/Picspam 4×18 Ho’i Hou (Reunited) #H50

Geck-O-Meter: 7 Geckos

I really enjoyed the fan built aspect of this episode and thought the writers did a clever job working everything in. I’m also happy to have a little bit of the Champ box mystery returning. I think it adds some depth beyond the story of the week.

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Recap/Picspam: 4×17 Ma lalo o ka ‘ili (Beneath the Surface) #H50

Geck-O-Meter: 6 Geckos

We started off this episode with a damsel in distress who is trying to hide from a wicked and noisy fight. Nothing much more here.

So let’s proceed to Danny’s house, where his Ma is sneaking around. I honestly thought she was trying to sneak IN without Danny knowing about it, because she’s been out all night doing who-knows-what. Except, we do know what, and we fondly call it “making pancakes.” Except, I apparently have a wayward mind because that is not what she was doing. She was sneaking OUT of the house. To an appointment that she refuses to talk about. But that’s okay, because Danny has secrets of his own, such as what is in the boxes that get delivered just as Ma is sneaking out.

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Recap/Picspam: 4×15 Pale ‘la (Buried Secrets) #H50

Aloha! I am very sorry that the blog has been inactive for 2 months. RL has been especially difficult lately, and I’ve been working huge amounts of overtime. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m also in grad school. My posts will be shorter for a while, but I hope to keep going with them. I love writing for the blog and sharing with all my readers, though, and it’s a creative outlet for me!

Now, on to the show!

Geck-0-Meter: 6 geckos

Honestly, it’s an average of 4 for the case and 8 for the other stuff going on.

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