Monday Magic: The Letter F #H50

Welcome to New Episode Monday! I still have 13 hours to wait, so in the meantime, I thought we could take a look at the fine and fabulous letter F.

Obviously, F is for Five-0

But it’s also for

Or, in my friend Amber’s words, Freaking Fabulous Fine Faces


(Not fetish. No. Not me.)


The tuny variety, to be exact

Charlie Fong


Fishing fun

Family Fun

Random, on-the-set fun from goofy actors.

But we must never forget fun for the fans!

After all, where else but on H50 could you question your CI with a giant rainbow-colored shave ice guy dancing behind him?

Trivia Time: Huaka’ i kula (Field Trip) #H50

Are you ready for some trivia? This time we’re going to take a closer look at the 10th episode from season 3, Huaka’ i kula (Field Trip). Although, as Max would probably remind us, it was actually more of a jungle trip, as Danny and Steve go camping with Grace and her Aloha Girls entourage.

1. The show starts with Steve telling stories to the girls by a campfire. Aw, so cute! Warm, cozy storytelling by firelight. Just makes me feel fuzzy and comfy inside! What was the topic of his bedtime story?

A. A lovely fairy tale about fluffy clouds and sprinkles of sparkles.
B. That time that he beat Danny at Pac-man, so Danny had to wear sparkly pink cargo pants for a week
C. How he once saw a wild boar kill a tiger in India

2. Danny suggested they teach the girls how to make pillows out of flowers, but Steve asked if they would rather learn something else. He even demonstrated his idea! What was it?

A. Duh…how to beat Danny at Pac-man.
B. How to throw a knife and stab a tree (Hey, those wild trees can run pretty fast! This is a handy skill! I have to chase a pine tree at least once a week.)
C. How to use glitter effectively when scrapbooking

3. As usually happens with Our Boys, they got into some trouble. There was a crazy man named Ron nearby, and he took Steve and Lucy, one of the Aloha Girls, hostage. He also shot Danny in the shoulder! This gave the Aloha Girls leader, Madeline, a chance to teach the girls something, too. What did she teach them?

A. How to remove a bullet from a gunshot wound
B. How to search the internet for wild boar and wild tree recipes
C. How to roast marshmallows with a Bic lighter.

4. Later in the show, Danny prepares to hike into the jungle to find Ron, Steve, and Lucy. Madeline insists on going with him, even though he declines her help. She asks him some questions to see if he knows enough to safely trounce through the jungle on his own. What does she ask?

A. How can I accessorize sparkly pink cargo pants without looking like a teenager? What size do you wear in case I want to borrow those sparkly pink cargo pants? Would you go hiking into the jungle with my friend Rocsfan sometime, too?
B. Which way is north? How do you start a fire without matches? What are you going to do when you run into a bear?
C. What is your name? What is your favorite color? Who played Thor in The Avengers?

5. Grace earned an Aloha Girls patch for the camping trip. Which patch?

A. The SEAL of Approval, of course 🙂
B. The Scrapbooking with Glitter Patch
C. The Wilderness Survival Patch

Bonus observation: Steve revealed where the vulnerable spot on a wild boar is! Right between the shoulder blades. Coincidentally, this spot on my body would also be vulnerable to Steve! How did he know?

Answers below the picture.

C. How he once saw a wild boar kill a tiger in India

B. How to throw a knife and stab a tree
I admit it. I made this second part up –> (Hey, those wild trees can run pretty fast! This is a handy skill! I have to chase a pine tree at least once a week.)
A. How to remove a bullet from a gunshot wound
B. Which way is north? How do you start a fire without matches? What are you going to do when you run into a bear?
C. The Wilderness Survival Patch

Monday Magic: The Letter E

Welcome to Monday Magic! Today, our theme is the letter E, an excellent and exciting letter everyone enjoys employing in each episode.

E is for


Steve has the most expressive eyes. Sometimes, I just melt watching him.

Catherine doesn’t want to show her eyes.

Probably because the women in the McGarrett family make her gasp in shock. Steve probably does, too, but in a different….uh….style.

Danny has some pretty nice eyes, too, if I do say so myself. I would be willing to gaze into them.

Chin and Kono aren’t too bad in the eye department themselves.

Even though he made only a short appearance, this guy must be included in any discussion of eyes! What a crazy dude!

We need to pay tribute to the eyelash porn, too.


Our friends at Hawaii Five-0 sometimes sport some pretty amusing expressions!

Sometimes the expressions are on purpose.

Sometimes they’re accidental. Or a result of some evil fangirl who catches stills of fleeting expressions and posts them on her website.


No one is as evil as the evil mastermind himself, Wo Fat.

I personally think it’s evil to kick our Steve in the chest. There are many things that can be done to that muscular masculine chest, but kicking is not the best option.

Victor Hess was exceptionally evil, too, in his own evilly way.

He did have some enchanting evil eyes, though.

Even though we didn’t see much of him, this guy Anton was pretty evil, too.

Eerie, at least in a few episodes

Environmental awareness

Look at the exceptional beach! And the wonderfully wet water! Have you ever seen such an exquisite environment?

Entertaining, Bromance Version

Steve: That’s not gonna help. Just be yourself.

Steve: Protecting the cultural significance of this site is extremely important to Daniel.
Danny: Yeah. Don’t you have someone to go shoot?

Mary: So you guys are like, surf buddies now, huh?
Steve: Uh, yeah, kinda.
Mary: That’s so cute!

Danny: You’re like a devouerer of dreams. You eat them. You’re like a little Pac-Man in cargo pants.

Steve: What’s in the bag?
Danny: It is my lunch, genius.
Steve: Ok, what didya bring?”
Danny: You gotta know every last minute detail of my life? What’s it to you what my lunch is?

Danny: What are you wearing? You know what, don’t answer. I’m sure it’s top secret, so I will take a guess. Cargo pants.
Steve: Good-bye, Daniel.

Tony: I’m gonna be your marriage counselor.

(It won’t help. If we’re lucky. :D)

Recap/Picspam: 3×20 Olelo Pa’a (The Promise) #H50

Geck-O-Meter: 9 Geckos of out 10
Wow, this was such a powerful episode. So much depth of feeling! Alex deserves bunches of awards for his incredible acting.
Not much room for silliness, so this might be a slightly different recap. Who knows, though, where my mind will go once I get started. (If you are new to reading my blogging, I’m normally lighthearted.)
We start with Steve looking handsome and a little scary, on the border between North and South Korea. He’s wearing his uniform and a thigh holster. Check…I’m happy. He and Catherine are there to make a prisoner trade: two live prisoners for one body. Either Steve has some major influence with the government or this is someone very important.
Flashback to baby!SEAL Steve at Coronado. This buddy he’s with, Freddie, must be the body he was retrieving in the opener. And Joe White is the instructor.
Shhh…baby!SEAL Steve is supposed to be asleep. Or should we call him McGarrett since he’s all military right now?

Freddie wants to quit SEAL training, but Steve won’t let him. I loved McGarrett’s explanation about why Freddie started to ring the bell (to indicate that he wants out). “Ensign Hart was just polishing the bell because he’s so motivated, Chief.” Ha! Freddie didn’t think it was clever, though.

Alex is in pretty good shape, as shown by some of the moves he made during these scenes. Not that I had any questions about that, but he did seem agile and strong. Don’t worry, I double-checked and examined this pictures closely. 😉
This experience gives Steve a chance to explain that Freddie’s father is extremely proud that his son is a SEAL, and that spurs Freddie on to become one of the best. This was really touching to me, to see these guys share something meaningful like this. Not really feelings, exactly, but something. Interesting how Freddie didn’t truly understand what his father thought of him. Does this parallel Steve and his father at all?
Back in the present day, Steve wants to spend a few moments alone with his friend. This gives Catherine a chance to call home so we get to see a few precious seconds of Danny. (Well, they were precious to me, because Danny is precious to me.) He asks, “How’s my boy?”

Then Steve discovers that this is not Freddie. After all they’ve apparently gone through? And how does he know?
Another flashback gives us the answer, this time to Iraq and the moment when Steve decided to take Freddie on that fateful mission. But first, we must take an irreverent break and admire how amahhhhhzing Steve looks in those glasses, all hot and dirty and…..where was I?

Some really important people in a tent have intel on Victor and Anton Hesse (What??!! Not THE Hesse brothers?).They want Steve to go after the Hesses. Steve can choose one team member to go, too. “I know just the man, sir.”

Freddie got a new tattoo just before they went on this mission. He got married over the weekend, too, because he and his now-wife are going to have a baby! (This did leave me wondering just where his girlfriend lived, that he could marry her that fast. He was in either Iraq or Korea. Maybe she was in the Navy, too?)

I adored the camaraderie between Steve and Freddie. It was enjoyable and yet quite different from Steve and Danny. That whole “you spelled her name wrong” joke! And I think Alex did a wonderful job of portraying a younger Steve—still the man we’ve come to know and love, with a demeanor and style that fit who he was then.

Back in the present, Steve decides that they don’t have time to wait for the State Department to straighten this problem out, so he’s going to North Korea to get Freddie’s body himself. Cath insists on going with him, but all she has is “a pack of gum, some Dramamine, and a ready smile.” (I love that a Naval officer gets motion sickness! Cute little joke!)

Steve has to call Joe to find out how to get in touch with Jimmy Buffet. Um, Joe? Last time we saw him he plopped Steve in Japan with Shelbourne. I guess they’ve been in touch since then? Joe is in Montana, but I’m not sure why that matters. (Kind of a weird detail to throw in.) Perhaps he’s ridin’ the trail with the Pony Express? There were no Chevrolets in this episode, so maybe Wells-Fargo was a sponsor this time? Or he’s gonna deliver Danny to me here in Colorado? (Hey, it could happen.)
Before Steve and Cath visit Jimmy (I know his character has a name, but to me he will always be Jimmy Buffet), we get a quick phone call to The Team. Yay! I am happy to see them.
Jimmy can’t fly them into North Korea because his helicopter has perished. She ran into honey buzzards. Poor Tangerine the Helicopter. So he drives them to a trail and they have to hike through a minefield instead. Who says McGarrett is not a fun date? Anyone can take a girl to play miniature golf, but Steve–? He finds a minefield.

Steve and Cath commandeer a car driven by a soldier that Steve remembers from 3 years ago.

The soldier crashes the car and injures everyone, but they recapture him and have him dig up the body.
This may be one of the most powerful scenes of the entire series. Steve cries for a moment over his friend, because it’s obvious that someone mutilated this body after death. Now McGarrett’s going after Ji-woon, the man responsible.

But first they set a grenade under their prisoner, to keep him from moving.

They’re captured by Ji-woon’s men. I kind of half expected them to jump backwards off the bridge here, but they didn’t. It would have been an awesome picture, though! And then they could have been scooped out of the sky by a black helicopter or The Claw!!
Some more intense and emotional moments as McGarrett confronts Ji-woon.

Here’s a random pic that I thought a few of you would enjoy.
Just as the North Koreans are about to shoot Steve and Catherine, the grenade under their prisoner explodes, distracting the guards long enough for S&C to take charge.

This affords Steve the chance to shoot Ji-woon, which he does with a great deal of passion.

As they leave, Steve remembers the last time he left, when Freddie died. It was a blood bath as they broke into the North Korean camp and grabbed Anton Hesse.

“Steven. I need you to do something for me.” He wants Steve to tell his daughter that her daddy loved her.

On the return flight, Catherine reminds Steve that he completed the mission, which prompts him to reveal that this was the mission that also ended with his father’s death and his move back to Hawaii. The final flashback is actually the first few moments of the pilot episode.
The unloading of the plane and funeral scene had me in tears. It’s wonderful, though, that Freddie’s family was able to get some closure after 3 years. Yes, they knew what had happened, but this would mean so much more, I think. And it’s heartening to see the respect that was given to all involved.

Steve’s feelings as he watched and as he presented the dog tags to Freddie’s daughter were so amazing. The depth of his love and his loss was so apparent.

It was comforting to see that his Five-0 team members were there to support him, too.

Monday Magic: The Letter D

This was my Monday Magic post on LiveJournal this week. We’re going through the alphabet, and we’re up to D!

Welcome to Monday!!! Not only do we get a new episode of The Show tonight, we also get the letter D. What more could you want??

D is for

Daniel Dae Kim

He was Lost at one time.

Then he Found every lei at the party

Just hanging out in LA, next to some hazardous materials

I really should appreciate his sexiness more often!


Who knew he was a fan of Iron Chef?


He can be a little silly at time. I approve of this.




They get into it all the time! Some might even call Steve a Danger Magnet.

It’s not just the characters who create danger, apparently. Need to keep an eye on Alex, too.

Jungle danger

Danger often means thigh holsters. I approve of this.


My very favorite picture just happens to have Danny in it. Coincidence?

One word: T-shirt

Goofy, wonderful Danny

And by extension, we must have Grace



That’s a nice way to end, isn’t it?

H50: The Real Story

The idea is fairly simple: Here’s what <u>really</u> happened with our group! Sure, they told a story onscreen, but if you look at just the pictures, you can find out the Real Story.

Steve and Chin participate in the 125th Annual HPD Easter Egg Hunt.

They get disqualified even though they find the Golden Egg, because Steve insists on using the most technologically advanced equipment available.
Danny wastes no time in letting Steve know how disappointed he is. Not because they lost the Easter Egg hunt, but because it was supposed to be for children.
“It’s a strategic op, Danny. Children wouldn’t understand that.”
Danny decides that he’s lonely and wants to try speed-dating. It doesn’t go well. Maybe he should just cruise the local malt shop. Or hide Easter Eggs in his apartment.
No one really cares what happened here. We’re just all thrilled, overjoyed, and twitterpated to find out that Danny’s tongue is closer than it appears!
Chin and Sang Min decide to have a slumber party.
Sang Min wants to TP McGarrett’s place. Doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. Or Chin.
He’s definitely more excited about this than Chin is. I wonder if they’ll do each other’s hair? Mani-Pedi, anyone?
While they are up on the North Shore during an investigation, Steve and Danny get an emergency phone call that someone has taken a bite out of a surfboard.
The victim accuses Danny. This particular surfboard didn’t have any pineapple on it, so it is possible. It doesn’t help that the victim is a close friend of the former speed-dater who was so disappointed when Danny broke his heart.
Steve wants to be on Danny’s side, but he has his doubts. Steve isn’t aware yet that that there might be a lover’s quarrel going on here. He would be glaring at the other guy if he did.
So now you know what really happened!