H50: The Real Story

The idea is fairly simple: Here’s what <u>really</u> happened with our group! Sure, they told a story onscreen, but if you look at just the pictures, you can find out the Real Story.

Steve and Chin participate in the 125th Annual HPD Easter Egg Hunt.

They get disqualified even though they find the Golden Egg, because Steve insists on using the most technologically advanced equipment available.
Danny wastes no time in letting Steve know how disappointed he is. Not because they lost the Easter Egg hunt, but because it was supposed to be for children.
“It’s a strategic op, Danny. Children wouldn’t understand that.”
Danny decides that he’s lonely and wants to try speed-dating. It doesn’t go well. Maybe he should just cruise the local malt shop. Or hide Easter Eggs in his apartment.
No one really cares what happened here. We’re just all thrilled, overjoyed, and twitterpated to find out that Danny’s tongue is closer than it appears!
Chin and Sang Min decide to have a slumber party.
Sang Min wants to TP McGarrett’s place. Doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. Or Chin.
He’s definitely more excited about this than Chin is. I wonder if they’ll do each other’s hair? Mani-Pedi, anyone?
While they are up on the North Shore during an investigation, Steve and Danny get an emergency phone call that someone has taken a bite out of a surfboard.
The victim accuses Danny. This particular surfboard didn’t have any pineapple on it, so it is possible. It doesn’t help that the victim is a close friend of the former speed-dater who was so disappointed when Danny broke his heart.
Steve wants to be on Danny’s side, but he has his doubts. Steve isn’t aware yet that that there might be a lover’s quarrel going on here. He would be glaring at the other guy if he did.
So now you know what really happened!

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