Monday Magic: The Letter D

This was my Monday Magic post on LiveJournal this week. We’re going through the alphabet, and we’re up to D!

Welcome to Monday!!! Not only do we get a new episode of The Show tonight, we also get the letter D. What more could you want??

D is for

Daniel Dae Kim

He was Lost at one time.

Then he Found every lei at the party

Just hanging out in LA, next to some hazardous materials

I really should appreciate his sexiness more often!


Who knew he was a fan of Iron Chef?


He can be a little silly at time. I approve of this.




They get into it all the time! Some might even call Steve a Danger Magnet.

It’s not just the characters who create danger, apparently. Need to keep an eye on Alex, too.

Jungle danger

Danger often means thigh holsters. I approve of this.


My very favorite picture just happens to have Danny in it. Coincidence?

One word: T-shirt

Goofy, wonderful Danny

And by extension, we must have Grace



That’s a nice way to end, isn’t it?


4 thoughts on “Monday Magic: The Letter D

      • Enjoyed the Letter “A”

        LOL!! “Hawaii As…phalt (They have some perfectly wonderful paved roads in Hawaii. Not just dirt on a cliff. We should appreciate that more often. Nice firm curves and all.)
        See, right there behind that pink bike.”
        LOL!! Sorry, I can’t type this very well.. eyes are watering from Laughing!!

        Now on to Letter “B”
        Okay, “B” was great I like the excuse of posting the Boardies picture!! Let us see!!

        Okay “C”
        Commander (Ok, I know it’s really Lieutenant Commander, but this way we can see the uniform for 2 letters. Win-win, am I right?)
        They called him Commander McGarrett, the Lt. Commander McGarrett if he in full military with people above or below him 🙂 Cuz Cath called “Good Morning Commander”
        I see the “Chest” picture is there!!

        Scrolls up to see if it made it to letter “D” oh it did .. Danno!! 🙄

        Great post, great letters.. Thanks, now I have something to do for the next 19 days 🙂

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