Welcome to my Hawaii Five-0 home on the web. I started writing nonfiction posts about H50 almost 2 years ago on LiveJournal, but now I’m making the leap to WordPress. I’ll gradually add my archived posts, so please check back if you have favorites!

This is a casual place to enjoy my favorite TV show. We’ll have silliness, humor, graphics, artwork, and some occasional seriousness. I promise, not too much of that.

What will we have?
Entertaining posts weekly
Recaps of New Episodes, Trivia, Quotes, Picspams, H50: The Real Story, Surprises
Monday Magic: A new theme each week

I love comments!
But please, Be respectful. Be Polite. Be Nice. Live long and perspire.


12 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. FIRST!!! (HA! I’ve never got to say that before, even though it’s kinda silly)

    I LOVE IT!

    This is going to be great! Now I’ll never miss one of your brilliant posts!

  2. Hmmmm… I am just learning about your posts! Apparently I have been living under a rock. Excited to see some new entertainment tho and look forward to it all.

  3. I think I love your silly humour (< a term of endearment)! So far I found especially interesting your pics of Chin/Kim – I'm glad someone made the job to make me noticing him properly – and I got a good giggle over your “It’s a strategic op, Danny. Children wouldn’t understand that.” So, may your blog #LiveLongAndPerspire.

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