Monday Magic: The Letter E

Welcome to Monday Magic! Today, our theme is the letter E, an excellent and exciting letter everyone enjoys employing in each episode.

E is for


Steve has the most expressive eyes. Sometimes, I just melt watching him.

Catherine doesn’t want to show her eyes.

Probably because the women in the McGarrett family make her gasp in shock. Steve probably does, too, but in a different….uh….style.

Danny has some pretty nice eyes, too, if I do say so myself. I would be willing to gaze into them.

Chin and Kono aren’t too bad in the eye department themselves.

Even though he made only a short appearance, this guy must be included in any discussion of eyes! What a crazy dude!

We need to pay tribute to the eyelash porn, too.


Our friends at Hawaii Five-0 sometimes sport some pretty amusing expressions!

Sometimes the expressions are on purpose.

Sometimes they’re accidental. Or a result of some evil fangirl who catches stills of fleeting expressions and posts them on her website.


No one is as evil as the evil mastermind himself, Wo Fat.

I personally think it’s evil to kick our Steve in the chest. There are many things that can be done to that muscular masculine chest, but kicking is not the best option.

Victor Hess was exceptionally evil, too, in his own evilly way.

He did have some enchanting evil eyes, though.

Even though we didn’t see much of him, this guy Anton was pretty evil, too.

Eerie, at least in a few episodes

Environmental awareness

Look at the exceptional beach! And the wonderfully wet water! Have you ever seen such an exquisite environment?

Entertaining, Bromance Version

Steve: That’s not gonna help. Just be yourself.

Steve: Protecting the cultural significance of this site is extremely important to Daniel.
Danny: Yeah. Don’t you have someone to go shoot?

Mary: So you guys are like, surf buddies now, huh?
Steve: Uh, yeah, kinda.
Mary: That’s so cute!

Danny: You’re like a devouerer of dreams. You eat them. You’re like a little Pac-Man in cargo pants.

Steve: What’s in the bag?
Danny: It is my lunch, genius.
Steve: Ok, what didya bring?”
Danny: You gotta know every last minute detail of my life? What’s it to you what my lunch is?

Danny: What are you wearing? You know what, don’t answer. I’m sure it’s top secret, so I will take a guess. Cargo pants.
Steve: Good-bye, Daniel.

Tony: I’m gonna be your marriage counselor.

(It won’t help. If we’re lucky. :D)


13 thoughts on “Monday Magic: The Letter E

  1. Great Job!! Love Monday Magic and Steve in the yellow t-shirt and the plaid, and their faces, and the eyelash porn and the eyes, and, and, and….

  2. GrEat ExprEssions! You madE mE gigglE. I lovE Chin’s facE (thE first undEr ExprEssions), which is probably mEant to bE ExaspEratEd but to mE looks wEirdly Ecstatic. Also, my E-kEy just ExplodEd.

  3. Very good idea for Mondays, makes them less hateable! I’ve found you blog through marnov2205-site! It’s funny thanks, I love all the pics and the comments along! Will check here again, soon! Bye 😉
    PS: Love the eyes, love the eyelash-porn, for me it’s his eyebrow-wrinkles-porn I love the most, so frkn hot and sexy (Eyes pic #1, so cute)!

    • IKR! How can one man have such great eyes and assorted accompaniments?

      Thanks for visiting! I’ll be posting at least once or twice a week, so please do come back! Recaps after each new episode.

      • For me, AntonHess has the most evil eyes, he was cool in the pilot, really scary when he said: “funny you don’t look Hawaiian” (McG bored) then “pick up, you haven’t talk to your dad bla bla bla” (McG on alert!) *shudder, shudder*! Good catch you’ve put him in!

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