Monday Magic: The Letter F #H50

Welcome to New Episode Monday! I still have 13 hours to wait, so in the meantime, I thought we could take a look at the fine and fabulous letter F.

Obviously, F is for Five-0

But it’s also for

Or, in my friend Amber’s words, Freaking Fabulous Fine Faces


(Not fetish. No. Not me.)


The tuny variety, to be exact

Charlie Fong


Fishing fun

Family Fun

Random, on-the-set fun from goofy actors.

But we must never forget fun for the fans!

After all, where else but on H50 could you question your CI with a giant rainbow-colored shave ice guy dancing behind him?


15 thoughts on “Monday Magic: The Letter F #H50

    • Thank you for reading even if it had scary parts! It never occurred to me that some people might have a problem with feet.

      Just focus on those fabulous faces! *Smooch*

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