Trivia Time #H50

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been blogging on LiveJournal for awhile but only recently moved over to WordPress. This is the first trivia challenge I posted over there, quite awhile ago, and it covers the Pilot episode. I thought I’d re-post it here in hopes that you’ll find it entertaining. This was the only time I ever did 15 questions, because that’s takes a long time to write! Now they’re only 5 questions long. I’ve tweaked it a little and added more pics than I used the first time. Enjoy!

1. McGarrett was traveling as part of a military convoy at the beginning of the episode. What country were they in?
a. Iceland
b. Hogwarts
c. South Korea

2. McGarrett hitched a ride to Hawaii on a Navy plane. As they were descending into Honolulu, the pilot asked Steve long it had been since he’d been home. How did Steve answer?
a. “It’s been 5 years, 0 weeks, 5 days, and 0 seconds. Get it? That’s 5-0-5-0.”
b. “It’s been a while.”
c. “Not sure. I get so confused when I have to cross time zones.”

3. Steve meets the Governor at Pearl Harbor, and he’s wearing his dress blue uniform. What is Steve’s rank in the Navy?
a. Lieutenant Commander
b. The Red Baron
c. He looks so incredible in that uniform! What was the question again?

4. The first time we saw Danny, he was picking up Gracie to drive her to her first day of school. It was going to be Animal Show and Tell day. What did Danny bring for her?
a. A stuffed pink bunny
b. A real bunny
c. Steve

5. Steve and Danny met for the first time in the garage at Steve’s father’s house. What was the first thing Danny ever said to Steve?
a. “Do you know Peyton Manning?”
b. “Got any beer?”
c. “You! Hands up! Don’t move!”

6. Chin Ho recognizes Steve on the dock in front of the USS Missouri, where Chin is a security guard. Chin not only worked with McDad, he also went to the same high school as Steve. What’s the name of the high school?
a. Kukui High School
b. Kahlua High School
c. Pineapple Hell Hole Academy

7. What kind of car did Danny drive?
a. Ford Mustang
b. The Smart Car convertible
c. Danny can drive? Does Steve know that?

8. Steve was in uniform for the first part of the episode. When we finally see him in civilian clothes, what is he wearing?
a. A lovely Hawaiian print tie
b. A white t-shirt under a blue button-up shirt and–wait for it–Cargo Pants!
c. Who cares? I was too busy checking out his….shoes…yeah, shoes. I wasn’t checking out any of his body parts. I watch for the plot.

Shoes (boring)

Body parts (Interesting)

9. Danny’s ex-wife calls his cell phone. What ringtone does he have assigned to her?
a. “Theme from Psycho”
b. The music from Ms. PacMan
c. “Sexy Eyes” by Dr. Hook, because he thinks “it’s catchy”

10. Danny rants at Steve a few times (honest–I am not making this up). In the rant that takes places after Danny gets shot, he says that Steve has a G.I. Joe, thousand-yard stare from chasing someone all over the world. Who did Danny say Steve was chasing?
a. Gracie’s bunny, Mr. Hoppy
b. Shoe bombers
c. Carmen San Diego

11. Chin, Danny, and Steve went to Kamekona’s shave ice stand to get some information. Kamekona insisted that they had to make a purchase first. What flavor shave ice did Steve get? (Hint: He offers the shave ice to the little girl who thinks he and Danny look like cops, but she doesn’t like the flavor.)
a. Cotton candy
b. Brussels sprouts
c. Steve is a SEAL, so that’s classified

12. Chin introduces his cousin Kono, who was a surfer for 3 years on the pro circuit until she hurt her knee. What are her career plans now?
a. She’s going to graduate from the police academy soon.
b. She’s going to audition for Dancing with the Stars.
c. She’s going to audition for Iron Chef America.

13. At the end of the episode, Kono wants to come up with a name for the task force. What’s her suggestion?
a. “Sexy Eyes” by Dr. Hook, because Steve thinks “it’s catchy”
b. Strike Force
c. The Fantastic Four
14. Chin had a suggestion for a name, too. What is his idea?
a. “No task is too big when done together.”
b. Jackals and Hyenas, because he agreed with Danny’s statement, “In civilized society, we have rules. It’s the unspoken glue that separates us from jackals and hyenas.”
c. Denver Broncos

15. What line goes with this picture?
a. “Did you pick up my dry cleaning?”
b. “Do you think it will rain? I didn’t bring an umbrella.”
c. “Book ‘em, Danno!”

Fun fact: There are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet: A, E, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, U, and W.


1. c. South Korea
2. b. “It’s been a while.”
3. a. Lieutenant Commander
4. a. A stuffed pink bunny
5. c. “You! Hands up! Don’t move!”
6. a. Kukui High School
7. a. Ford Mustang
8. b. A white t-shirt under a blue button-up shirt
9. a. “Theme from Psycho”
10. b. Shoe bombers
11. a. Cotton candy
12. a. She’s going to graduate from the police academy soon.
13. b. Strike Force
14. a. “No task is too big when done together.”
15. c. “Book ‘em, Danno!”

Monday Magic: The Letter J #H50

Time for another edition of Monday Magic! Our first one since the season ended. 😦 Hopefully this will lift your spirits a little.

J brings us such H50 things as…


Steve and Danny don’t wear jeans much, so I added in a few Scott and Alex pictures, too. That’s okay with you, isn’t it?

Alex hosting the Sustainable Coastlines fundraiser

From an Armani opening. I didn’t think you were allowed to wear jeans when you’re dealing with Armani, but that shows how much I know about fashion! Maybe Armani makes jeans?

Scott visited Carson Daly a few years ago. Look at that hair!

Masi wearing jeans

Chin Ho wears jeans quite often. I approve.

Jeans with a little thigh holster action on the side.

Jeans are a good thing to wear when you’re fixing a classic car. I approve. You should examine that pocket closely, to find out if these are Armani jeans. Yes, that’s the reason.

Kono wore jeans a lot in S1. Not so much now.

Remember that scene where Kono threatened to shoot Steve if he didn’t take off his pants? Go Kono!!

Steve does wear jeans more often in his free time. I do not approve. He should be wearing shorts.

See, wouldn’t Steve and Danny both look nice in shorts like Kono is wearing? Chin would too, actually.

I think the only time Danny’s ever worn jeans was that time Steve tried to edumacate him about the ancient graffiti.


She was such a fun blend of goofy and smart. Until she betrayed Steve. That wasn’t much fun.


What would we do without New Jersey?!

Joe White


That’s what I feel whenever I gaze upon this picture. Among other feelings.

Jolly holiday!

Bet you never thought you’d see Hawaii Five-0 described as jolly. 🙂 But it does bring me much happiness.

3×24 Aloha, Malama Pono (Farewell, and Take Care) #H50

Geck-0-Meter: 8 geckos

gecko photo gecko.jpggecko photo gecko.jpg

I’m seriously considering taking 1 point off every week until Steve, Danny, or Chin removes a shirt! I managed to get by with shirtless Adam to tide me over, but I need one of my guys shirtless!!! Just have to go watch 2×19 Kalele (Faith) one more time, I guess.

Overall, a good episode. I think I was a little disappointed (okay, I was VERY disappointed, but I’m trying to be fair) that we didn’t get resolution on the Wo Fat/Doris McMom relationship! That’s the one thing I wanted! Steve took us just to the brink….then off to do something else. Steve should not tease us like that. (No, I’m not insinuating about anything else that Steve might take us to the brink of or tease us about. You are totally reading that into my words without my knowledge. 😉 )

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Monday Magic: The Letter I #H50

It’s Monday, and you know what that means! For a little while still, it means an episode of Hawaii Five-0, but it also means some Monday Magic here at Ohana Happy Hour. Today’s letter is I.

I is for


Sometimes it’s just the intense faces that they make that get to me. Especially McG! There’s no doubt that he’s serious about his job.

But sometimes they give us some very intense situations.


I love when the stars give interviews, because it lets us know more about them, the people behind the characters I love. And I get to hear Alex with his Australian accent and Scott without his Jersey accent. 🙂 (Is that too much of a US-and-Colorado-centered comment? No offense to my Australian and/or Jersey friends, honest!! Or anyone else who considers my “accent perspective” weird. I’d better post some pics before I create an international controversy.

We get to see how crazy they can be, completely different from their characters! 🙂

Thanks to, I have some pics from Alex’s recent interview on Ellen.

Including pictures of his new baby, Lion!

Ice (as in Shave Ice)

The first time we met Kamekona. Also the only time he wasn’t wearing his face on his shirt, I think.

Shave ice is fashionable!

Kono likes grape because it turns her tongue purple.

I wish Mr. Dancing Shave Ice would come back.

I wonder why we haven’t seen a dancing shrimp?

Shave ice played an important role in saving Steve when he was falsely accused of assassinating the governor.


Sigh. Fantasy time!

Kono has had some of the most intimate scenes.

Danny has had his moments, sort of.

Poor Chin doesn’t get much…attention.

Steve and Catherine have the most instances of intimate screen time. Not that I’m counting or anything.

I liked this one so much I had to do a little extra work on it.

Recap/Picspam: 3×23 He welo ‘oihana (Family Business)

Geck-0-Meter: 7 geckos
gecko photo gecko.jpg

Nice continuation of Steve’s storyline with his mom and quite a bit of Kono and Adam. I’ve read here and there that some people are tired of Doris McMom and don’t like her or the storyline, but I do. I mean, I don’t like her, and I think that’s what they want. You can’t have a decent drama if you don’t have negative characters. At least she serves a purpose! (That was what bothered me about Lori last season: I couldn’t figure out why she was there.)

But on to the pictures and recap!

The opening scene wasn’t much. A few guys running around in the dark, one falls, the others shoot him. I’m going to assume they were not on a snipe hunt, but other than that, I don’t know. What is a snipe hunt?  Snipe hunting is usually done on a moonless night. Not that I would ever do such a thing. This is simply a rumor that I have heard.

Awwww, Danny and Grace are at the airport waiting for Gabby, and they have balloons, flowers, candy, and a lei! That is so sweet! Too bad she sends a text that she’s decided to stay in Morocco. Danny! Do you need someone to hug and comfort you?! I’m available! Can I have the balloons, too?

Is Grace wearing make-up?

The Five-0 team assembles at the site of the non-snipe hunt, except they wait until it’s daytime. There are a bunch of grave-sized holes around here! I am apparently the only person who realizes that, though, because everyone seems shocked when Max announces that he has found a thumb bone.

I don’t remember what Steve was talking about here, but it was big, whatever it was.

Many of the people working this crime scene are wearing POW/MIA t-shirts. What a nice little touch to add to the show!

They quickly find out that bodies have been being buried in this field over almost 2 decades, and they all have some connection to the yakuza. They are apparently being moved because a light rail system is being built and the buriers don’t want the bodies discovered.

Back at HQ, Catherine shows up while they are discussing the case. She’s obviously agitated and wants to talk to Steve right away.

I love how Danny keeps peeking over to Steve’s office!

He’s not about to let Steve leave without explaining, so he follows him outside. Seems Doris McMom has been hacking into an FBI database, and the “Feds are closing in.” (Time for a momentary ramble: It would be so awesome if Peter and Neil from White Collar were the Feds who showed up! It would work perfectly, really, since Doris McMom’s beau Mick is also Neil’s father! Neil and Steve could steal the microfiche together, and I would be eternally happy! Win/Win!)

It isn’t long before Steve discovers what’s going on. Mick, Wade, and Doris are planning to steal back the microfiche. (I kind of gave that away in the last paragraph, didn’t I?) Coincidentally, their op is scheduled to take place tonight! Right after the croquet tournament, probably.

Steve: You know what people your age are doing? They’re not planning covert ops, okay? They’re in book clubs. You know what they do at nighttime? They play bridge at night.
Yes, I firmly believe that when Steve is in his 50s or 60s, he will be playing bridge. *smirk ;)* Blowing up the bridge, maybe.

The confrontation between Steve and his mom was great. I have wished to hear him talk to her like that.

Steve: What happened to you, Mom? What happened to the woman who used to make fried bologna sandwiches and was on the PTA and who showed me how to paddle an outrigger and used to teach me magic tricks?   Real anger and hurt here.

Meanwhile, back to the not-much-of-a-mystery case. Danny and Chin Ho go to talk to Michael Noshimuri, who behaves like a jerk. This actually makes more sense than the nice guy he was pretending to be the first time we met him. Mostly, I just wanted to include a picture of Daniel Henney.

Kono and Adam are finally reunited. So far, I have trusted Adam and believed that he was being honest with Kono, but now I’m not so sure. He seemed devious and manipulative this time. What do you think?

Kono seems relieved and happy, until her cloned phone rings and she hears Adam set up a meeting because he “just got a visit from Five-0.” Not “Kono,” but “Five-0.” Now she’s very unhappy, and I don’t blame her at all.

BTW, I have never seen Kono carry a purse before!

Kono goes to Pier 38 Warehouse. I think this is the place Adam’s phone call was made to, but I’m not sure. I am sure that it is not a store, like Pier 1 Imports.

I’m relieved to know that the yakuza give their employees yearly holidays. But are they US or Japanese holidays?

Kono carries a knife in her boot! BAMF! I wonder how Steve would look if he wore leggings and boots within which he could carry his knife? Although I am quite fond of Mr. Knife Holster, leggings would be….distracting.

Kono shoots the bad guy at Pier 38 Warehouse, but he also shoots her. She’s going to be okay, though.

Steve: What are you doing, going in here without any backup?

Max: Forgive me for being rude, but perhaps we could skip our customary repartee? As you can see, I have quite a bit of work to do.
Max, I love you!

Kono has a bunch of visitors in the hospital, and they bring her shrimp from Kame-to-go-na’s.

Adam also comes to visit. Interesting that she didn’t know that he knew she was there. This is the scene where I felt he was being manipulative. I think she was going to tell him that she cloned his phone, but he finds out on his own first. (This just occurred to me. The title of the episode is “Family Business,” and I’ve assumed it meant the McGarrett family. But maybe it also means the Noshimuri family business–the yakuza?)

And now, it’s time for McMom and Son to spend some quality family time together, stealing microfiche. We start with repelling down an elevator shaft, accompanied by some terrific music.

Mick runs the electrical stuff and claims that he’s in control of the elevators. We will soon find out that he’s not.

While they’re waiting for the right time to pop out of the elevator shaft, Doris entertains Steve with card tricks. This was cute! The “magic breath” was a little overboard, but the cute little look on his face when he said, “How’d you do that?” was priceless!

They narrowly escape a charging elevator and proceed to steal stealthily down a corridor. Steve in SEAL mode is a beautiful thing!

They get the microfiche but set off an alarm. Steve doubles back to draw the guards away while Doris escapes.

He jumps onto the top of a moving elevator to escape. This looked so awesome!

She gets caught anyway, and Mick somehow escapes outside. I wonder if they’ll be annoyed that he did that?

Steve’s not about to leave his mother behind, and he meets Bad Guy Tyler Cain in Cain’s office. I have a feeling the fire in the trashcan wasn’t there when Steve arrived.

Cain has quite a supply of liquor in his office. Just sayin’.

Steve and Cain can’t come to an agreement on how to exchange the microfiche for Doris, so Steve tosses it into the trashcan. (The microfiche, not Doris 🙂 .) He then surreptitiously holds his gun. See? Look at the gun, people!

Aha! Steve didn’t burn the microfiche! He used some magic of his own to trick Cain!

Very pleased with themselves.

Steve and Danny are relaxing and chatting in Danny’s office in the final scene. They look so comfy there! I just love when they’re together!! Danny ignores a phone call from Gabby, since he’s disappointed that she stayed in Morocco. I suspect she was calling to say she’s not staying after all.

Max arrives and tells them that Kono’s gun was used to shoot one of the yakuza victims who was found in that field! Oh, dear……I suspect we’ll hear more about this next week.

Season finale next week! I’m dying to know what the “shocker” will be! Anybody else?

Monday Magic: The Letter H #H50

Time for a celebration of the letter H here on Monday Magic, on yet another new episode Monday. I think I went a little crazy with the number of pics this time.

H is for…


We do get to see some beautiful scenery. And the pictures of the Hawaiian landscape are nice, too!


I made this a couple of months ago but have never posted it here. 

Uncle Steve hug

Sister hug

BFF hug

Monkey hug

Cousin hug

My fantasy hug

Old friend hug

You were just saved from a bomb hug (which seems to happen a log on this show)

Group hug


Hands involved in your fantasy?

Nekky trigger finger


We must talk about Steve’s shorter hair!

Just plain beautiful hair

Remember how Chin Ho started out with longer hair?

His hair got shorter after the pilot episode

Then he went much shorter in S3!

Kono’s first-season hair was different, too. 

She got more sophisticated in S2.

Such messy hair!


Walking down the hallway is an integral part of solving the case and discussing personal matters.

Would you walk down the hallway with Steve? 🙂

Recap/Picspam: 3×22 Ho’opio (To Take Captive) #H50

Geck-0-Meter: 8 geckos

A heavy episode with some dramatic, intense moments. More of a procedural police drama than we often see. Many of the heavier episodes of Hawaii Five-0 focus on the personal lives of our team, but this time it was the case itself, albeit with a dollop of Danny and his daddy-ness. I felt it was nicely done, though; an interesting story that held my attention.

However, lest you think I have suddenly become a high-brow theater critic, complete with opera glasses, let me reassure you: Thigh Holsters and White Pants!!!!! My Danny Sorely in Need of Huggles!!!!! I nearly jumped on a jet to fly to Hawaii and comfort him!

We open with a regular-looking teenage girl writing in her diary. Seems normal until we see that she has a shackle on her ankle. A weeping little girl is pushed into the room, and we know something very, very bad is happening.

But we will have to wait, because something bad in a different way is happening over at Kamekona’s. Fake sumo wrestling! And Kamekona is presiding over it like a king of some kind. I think he’s wearing the curtains I bought at a garage sale to hang in my first apartment when I was an undergrad. I always wondered what happened to those curtains.

And to make it even worse, everyone is giving Steve grief about his new haircut! I, for one, happen to think it looks great. Steve, are you listening? I approve! I do miss the little curly hair on the back of his head, but that’s okay.

Kono and Chin Ho are having a heart-to-heart talk because Kono is worried about Adam. He’s been acting secretive, and she’s not sure she can trust him. I don’t think we’ve had any hint of what he might be up to. Chin points out that Adam was there for her when she needed him most. That is a pretty important thing.

Well, it’s time for the traditional “McGarrett Gets a Phone Call to Signal the Beginning of the Case” sequence. This time they have discovered a body in a remote location! Sadly, it’s the teenage girl from the opening. Danny seems particularly affected.

It doesn’t take long to find out that she’s Amanda, a girl who was kidnapped 10 years ago. Where has she been all this time? At this point, I was beginning to suspect these girls were kidnapped by some psychotic woman who lost a little girl about that age, and she was taking other girls and pretending they were her daughter. I hope that doesn’t mean I have some kind of twisted mind (although I do, but I hope it isn’t that obvious to everyone).

We have a heart-wrenching scene with Amanda’s parents and Steve and Danny. Losing a child is the most difficult loss possible, I think. When you lose a child, you lose your future.

Meanwhile, Kono goes to Adam’s house to look for clues. Or Adam. Or maybe some bubble bath and candles. Or….well, it doesn’t really matter, because she ends up going through stuff on his desk, until she’s interrupted by guys with guns. They are apparently friends of Michael’s, and they go away. I think we’re going to see them again. We know Michael has something bad planned for Kono. I suspect that, at least.

The boys head off to the home of Ella, a 7-year-old girl who was kidnapped yesterday. Seems a strand of her hair was found on Amanda’s body.

Before they talk with the parents, some motorcycle dudes, the Pacific Knights, ride up and offer their services as a search party or whatever else is needed. This was a truly lovely touch, because this is a real group in Hawaii. The leader’s daughter, Maile, was kidnapped and murdered in 1985, and she’s the little girl named in the Maile Amber alert that we’ve heard on the show before.

While talking to Ella’s parents, Danny basically assures them that Five-0 team will find their daughter. Steve isn’t happy about this, because what if they can’t deliver on that promise? This was a touching moment as Danny related how he felt when Grace was kidnapped last year, and how he believes it’s more important that the parents have hope to see them through this difficult time. I have to agree. Sometimes hope is all you have.

They quickly get a lead on a van that might be the kidnappers, courtesy of Chin. Danny alerts the Pacific Knights, who find the van in question. These are very efficient people!

I just love Steve’s determined face when he’s driving. We sometimes see it when he’s running, too. Do not get in this man’s way!

Even though Steve is determined, he still doesn’t drive very fast. Maybe the face makes him think he is driving fast. 42 miles per hour? I drive faster than that pulling out of my driveway.

Danny is becoming more and more angry over these child abductions, and he doesn’t like this suspect much. He kicks over the chair! I never realized that the interrogation chair was bolted to the floor (well, it isn’t anymore)! No wonder the guy looked so scared.

I also didn’t realize that it is not just a blue room. The entire sub-sub-sub-dungeon where the blue room is located is also blue! It matches Danny’s eyes. ❤ ❤ ❤

Danny needs a hug from his Monkey to help him feel better. This is so sweet! He’s always been so attached to Grace, but I wonder if her kidnapping last year, coupled with Rachel trying to take her to Las Vegas, has made him even more worried about losing her. Perhaps he also realizes that she’s growing up and will soon become more independent from him.

Back to Ella, who is reading the diary left by Amanda. This diary was an interesting way to tie all the parts of the story together. It brings a little normalcy into this bizarre setting, too.

A little more of the Adam and Kono story comes up, as Kono enlists Catherine’s help to find out about an associate of Adam’s. Cath is helpful, as always, although I doubt that she wants Kono to dress up in a tux and carry her away.

A little later in the episode Cath will be back with the intel: Adam was spotted at his associate’s home in Japan (I think it was Japan?). And this associate is the head of a yakuza family! Kono is really suspicious now! Somehow, and this is purely personal opinion, I have a feeling that Adam is still working on extracting himself from the yakuza. He’s a smart guy, but he’s naïve and even weak in some ways.

Chin and Kono track down the kidnapper by watching the security video from an ATM camera. Does this sound like one of the most boring things possible? Just watching security footage? And counting cars? They do this type of thing a lot, too. I don’t think Steve has ever combed through security video, has he?

At the home of the kidnapper, we get Thigh Holsters over White Pants! That’s why the white pants are so appealing, you know. They make a perfect backdrop for thigh holsters. Probably why they were invented.

Clothing Guy: I have all this white cloth and I don’t know what to do with it. I think I’ll create white pants.
Clothing Guy’s Wife: That’s preposterous! White pants will get dirty so easily, and then I’ll just have to do more laundry.
Clothing Guy: But some day, when hot guys are on a TV show that takes place in Hawaii, fangirls everywhere will love how sexy their thigh holsters look over the white pants.
Clothing Guy’s Wife: Will that be Alex O’Loughlin? *thud*

As Steve breaks into the room, I wonder what that box on the wall is. Okay, TBH, I didn’t notice the box the first 56 times I watched this scene.

The guys pose for us before moving on to the next part of the case. Chin’s thigh holster looks quite nice, too.

The kidnapper was a professional who apparently stole children for other people. Ella is not there. We finally meet the strange couple who has Ella. I’m not sure what to make of this woman. Ella is told that this is her new family now, because her parents were in a terrible accident. Does this woman believe that? She seems to want to take care of Ella.

The Five-0 team quickly finds out who really has Ella, and they’re off to the home of this husband and wife. This guy is a complete idiot. Armed men wearing Kevlar vests break into his home, and he says “You’re interrupting my lunch.” Yeah.

It doesn’t take them long to figure out the location of the hidden room where the kidnapped girls lived. I thought you might be intrigued by this close-up of the entrance and the clever way in which it was hidden. Isn’t that ingenious? I know Steve is kind of in the way, but you can ignore him, right? *g*

Ella is not there.

Steve works on the woman, to get her to say where Ella is. She didn’t know that her husband killed Amanda? I’m with Steve on this one: what did you think he was going to do? This woman is truly confused. Her husband is a controlling and abusive man, I think.

Meanwhile, Danny is coming unglued while he tries to get information from the man. Danny starts to beat the guy up, then Steve attempts to hold him back.

He asks Danny for his badge, not to discipline him, but to give Danny the chance to really beat the information out of the creepy guy.

I’m not a mean or violent person, but I actually laughed when Steve just walked away.

Danny gets the guy to confess, and soon Ella is found. Danny was so sweet with her.

Steve was so happy to see the family reunited.

The final scene with Amanda’s parents reading he diary, while Danny was there in the background, was beautifully done. No overwhelming sentimentality, but a clear truth.