Recap/Picspam: 3×21 Imi loko ka ‘uhane (Seek within one’s soul) #H50

Geck-0-Meter: 4 geckos   out of 10

Thought you’d like to eavesdrop on my conversation with Amber.
Me: I think I’m going to give it 4 geckos. Maybe 5.
Amber: Out of 5?!
Me: No, out of 10, just like every week.
Amber: Are you sure the scale goes to 10?
Me: It’s a gecko scale. I made it up. It goes as high as I want it to.

I’m still not sure how much I like this episode. It was nice to see our beloved ohana from a fresh perspective. There were some cute bits that I enjoyed. The talk show was distracting and disjointed. The shaky camera bothered me. I saw way too much of the guest star (now that’s different, isn’t it?) and not enough of my team. I deducted 1 gecko for Steve’s annoying wig and 1 for the “Savannah” logo that was constantly onscreen. I go to a lot of work to make logo-free screencaps, but that one is there forever!

Still, I bet we can find some fun and enjoyment in there somewhere, right? I can find silliness and sexiness anywhere!

Savannah starts her tour at HQ, where Danny is strutting across the office, Steve is counting the guns, and everyone looks busy.

Nice montage of Little Steve growing up in Hawaii. Do you think those are actually pictures of Little Alex growing up in Australia? Except for the American football one, of course. Do they even play that in Australia? But I digress…

I’m not surprised that Steve and Danny don’t want to talk to her. This was totally in character.

Savannah: That’s a pretty awesome task.
Steve: I’m sorry, was I supposed to say something back to you?

Nice little tidbit to hear that Chin Ho would have liked to play jazz trumpet! When I’m not busy stalking Danny, perhaps he and I could get together and jam! Maybe Jimmy Buffet would be there, too!!!

Steve: Did you sign the Personal Safety Waiver? You guys all need to do that before you come.
Savannah: Why?
Danny laughs sarcastically.
Chin: Better call your insurance agent from the car.
Kono: Tell him you want full coverage.
Savannah: They’re kidding, right?

Scene of the crime. Steve doesn’t let the film crew near the victim. Savannah says she wants the camera person to zoom in so she can see what’s going on, but I think I know what they are really zooming in on! Steve’s bum! They keep doing that through the show. Obviously the camera person has an eye for works of art!

I loved this scene with Max “Beerman” Bergman fangirling over Savannah!

Steve wasn’t too happy that she got Max to wear a camera on his shirt. I give Max a pass for this, though, because he might not have known that she wasn’t supposed to be there. Maybe.

Wo Fat! I was totally shocked when that cop turned around to talk to her and it was Wo Fat!! I think I even shouted! I thought they would watch the film later and realize he was there, but Steve was alert and spotted him in real time. Bullets start flying! This must be the Personal Safety Waiver part.

Action shot or booty shot?

Nice montage and interview with Kono, who acquired her tech skills from Xbox.

The team uses Savannah’s film to determine that Wo Fat was there looking for something. But what?

I discovered another good thing about the Savannah aspect of the show! Apparently Danny must unbutton his shirt in order to wear a lavaliere microphone! I wonder what he has to do to put on the battery pack?

More Fangirl Max! I loved his cravat and the fact that he was so polite and proud of himself. He’s so dear. However, I don’t think he would have given away all of that information. He’s still a professional, after all.

Max says he sent the shotgun stuff to Fong. What’s a fong? This is a Fong! A valuable guy to know!

We definitely got a little bit of every character on the show, didn’t we? I think Joe, Mary, and McMom were the only ones missing. Kamekona even managed to advertise his shrimp truck.

Side note: Now I’m picturing Savannah trying to interview McMom.
Savannah: Your son is a very impressive man.
McMom: Was that question? You aren’t a very good interviewer, are you?
Savannah: Um, are you proud of your son?
McMom: Proud? He hired a PI to follow me around. Who does that to their own mother? He should love me and trust me completely. Something’s wrong with him.
Savannah: Time for us to get caught up with Detective Kelly! Maybe he’ll play his trumpet for us.

Cargument time! A new perspective for us, watching from the backseat. Is anyone surprised that Steve takes charge of the “clicker” (AKA TV remote control) and always picks out the restaurant for lunch? Not me!

They go to find a suspect and end up chasing him (as always). Steve jumps off a balcony into a swimming pool.

Savannah: Did he really just do that?
Danny: Welcome to my world.

The interrogation room really is a dungeon, isn’t it? Chin takes a freight elevator then walks down a gray corridor to get there. I half expected to see burning torches on the walls and maybe a skeleton hanging from some chains.

They finally find the name of the victim (Roger) and head off to his apartment. It’s been ransacked and he recently checked into a hotel. Guess where we’re going next? But first, the camera operator zooms in on Steve’s bum again. Can we get some applause for the camera person?

Steve and Danny give the bad news to Roger’s girlfriend while Savannah and her gang watch through a window. All the girlfriend knows is that their apartment was robbed and Roger freaked out. He didn’t want to notify the police. And he had a tattoo on his upper arm that was cut off by the killer. Ewwwww.

They head to the tat shop, but Wo Fat got there first. He found out what the tat was, but they’re able to see it, too, by watching the surveillance tape. It’s a goddess of some kind.

Chin: The way she’s emerging from the stream–almost likes she’s made of water–makes me think of Kalawahine.

Danny: That’s crazy. I was going to say the same exact thing.

Danny notices that part of the tat looks remarkably like a map of the Ko’olau Valley, which this goddess is said to protect. Hmmmm. Could it be…Yes! The tat contains a map! Perhaps a treasure map! (Honestly, if I wanted to tattoo a map to myself so I wouldn’t forget where I buried a treasure, I wouldn’t put it on the outside of my upper arm. I can’t see the outside of my upper arm. I would put it, I don’t know, maybe on the inside of my lower arm where I could actually read it. But I’m not a criminal, so I don’t know how they think.)

Time for an interview with Catherine about how she trades favors with Steve. She didn’t like when they asked if Steve is her boyfriend. That’s none of America’s business!

We quickly find out most of the rest of the story. Roger used to work at the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, and he used a 3D printer to copy the printing plates for the $100 bill. That’s the treasure he buried and then mapped onto his arm. Wo Fat and the Russian mob both found out and have been tracking him so they can steal the plates. But neither of them murdered him, so who did?

The only other person who might have known is the girlfriend. Steve and Danny interview her while the media people watch through a window again. She had told her brother a few things, and he owns a shotgun. He’s the murderer! He got Roger to confess everything before being shot.

Time for everyone to converge on the treasure spot! It’s kind of hard to get to, though. No Cammy the Camaro this time. We must take big red tractor-things.

This provides that sneaky camera operator another opportunity!

Or two…

Oh, dear, I think Steve caught on.

Meanwhile, back to the story. The printing plates have been dug up, the brother is dead, and Wo Fat must be nearby.

We hear the sound of a helicopter. Wo Fat is escaping! Shoot him down!

The copter crashes, and someone starts shooting at Chin (he’s okay).

A huge firefight ensues, and the TV camera gets hit. Ouch! Smart camera person uses his phone to film Steve’s bum the rest of the chase.

They hear some moaning and find Wo Fat severely burned and hardly able to move. Steve hesitates, almost as if he’s debating whether to shoot, then walks away.

Here’s my thought: I don’t think Wo Fat was the one shooting at Chin and then the rest of the team. He appeared to be too badly wounded. Unless he was shooting and then fell into that ravine, which then injured him that much more. Also, this capture of Wo Fat was anticlimactic. Are we sure that was even him? He was so burned, could it have been someone else? That would fit with my idea that there were two people! I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

I appreciated the tribute speech Savannah gave about all the danger that the Five-0 team faces on a daily basis. Seems she didn’t have any idea what she was getting into when she started. At the beginning of her show, she even said that she thought they would be breaking up bar fights and arresting shoplifters. (Really? Elite task force—shoplifters. Yeah, I can see the logic there. 0_o ) But she recanted this view and came to admire and appreciate them. I can approve of anyone who respects my team!

The final scene is the only one that doesn’t involve Savannah. It’s simply Steve looking at Wo Fat in the hospital. I wonder what he’s thinking?


17 thoughts on “Recap/Picspam: 3×21 Imi loko ka ‘uhane (Seek within one’s soul) #H50

  1. Looking at the epi from your perspective gives it a whole different spin, though I didn’t like it AT ALL. Some cool moments like “Whats a Fong”, Max fangirling and many gratuitous booty shots made it almost bearable. Best moment, Steve looking at Wo Fat and probably thinking, coulda, woulda, shoulda…

    • Pretty much just several great moments with Savannah in between. I think it would have been better if they’d toned down the talk show part instead of making it the entire episode.

      I agree, Steve at the end. Must just be torture for him!

  2. Great recap/picspam! I liked the episode better after I thought about it. Not one of my faves, but different. And different is good. (Except for the ‘choose your own ending’ episode. Not so good!)

  3. So what I have learned is that Billy the camera guy has a thing for Steve’s booty. Well, I can’t judge him for that! Either that or Billy is relly short & that’s just what’s at his eye level. 😉

  4. Nice recap, thanks, I enjoyed it veryvery much! Too much shaky camera and guest star, I agree! Loads of booty Steve, veryvery nice indee 😉 ! There were some nice Steve face scenes too, like the end one you’ve mentioned, and also that scene where Chin calls Steve out ot the dungeon room, close face up. I like it when they catch a scene by only using Steve’s facial expressions! And I wonder what he’s thinking too (last pic) maybe he wants to ask WoFat why Mom didn’t kill him! Thanks again!

    • He just has such an amazing face! I love the close-ups, too. He might be wondering that, or thinking he should have shot him when he had the chance, or…

  5. I have to say after watching this with Not McG later this week it will go into my pile of never needing to watch again. Ever. That said, I really enjoyed your recap!

    I also applaud the camera man regarding his up close and personal views of McG’s bum and I applaud your use of those screencaps. Well done, you!

    Savannah’s interview with McMom! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! TRUTH!!!

    Regarding Steve picking out the restaurant for lunctime…is it really a choice if they go to Kamekona’s every day? (sorry Kim, for stealing your comment)

    Danny’s joke “I was just going to say that!” <<—my lol moment of the episode.

    I have an idea what Steve may or may not have been thinking in that last scene…but you'll have to read FanGirl Sunday to find out. 😉 I'm an evil tease.

    • No no no! Don’t make me wait for Sunday! You terrible tease.

      I think my favorite Danny moment was his giggle when Steve asked about the personal safety waiver. But “I was going to say that” was close! He probably wanted to look smart on TV. 🙂

      There were lots of nice back shots of both my guys! I may have to do an entire post devoted to Danny’s shoulders. Except it might kill me. Ahhhh, I”m such a sucker for broad shoulders in a tight shirt.

      This was a hard one to write because this is officially my least favorite episode. Glad it’s over!

      • I AM a terrible tease.. 😉

        I thought about it last night and I think with the exception of the NCISLA crossover episodes (not a fan of that show), this is my least favorite as well.

        Please don’t do any Danny post that is going to kill you. We neeeeeed u!! ❤

  6. I’m late but glad that I now got down to your pic spam – I didn’t want to read your recap before finishing mine so as not to get influenced. It’s extremely interesting to compare everyone’s responses: sometimes it even looks we’re not watching the same show! What I especially love about your recap is the McMom hypothetic interview, also the fact that you credit the camera person (who really really deserves applause for the angles).

    You made me giggle when you called the red motorised vehicles “tractors” – this was maybe not intended but I imagine a big ugly heavy agricultural vehicle under this word and I tried to picture the 50hs using these. And I have no clue how I possibly could have missed the silly joke at the beginning: the coming-up-next screen. On a serious note, yes, the capture of Wo Fat was anticlimactic and not very satisfactory. But I can cope with that. Thank you for this post!

    • I try to avoid other people’s recaps until I’ve written mine, too, for the same reason! In fact, I’m off to read yours next!

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed. I can be a little silly sometimes.

      • Glad to hear I’m not the only weird person who avoids other people’s opinions before she forms one of her own… But: didn’t you just change the header on the blog?? It looks very artful now and I like it a lot!!

      • I did change the header! I’m glad you like it. It didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted, but I decided to go with it anyway.

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