Monday Magic: The Letter G

It’s new episode Monday, and I think we’re back to short-hair Steve! Who knows what other surprises we’ll see tonight? Until then, let’s take a look at some G topics in the show (rated G, maybe?).

G is for

Grace Park

Grace Williams

She’s Daddy’s and Uncle Matty’s little princess (and maybe Uncle Steve’s?).


Pat Jameson, who was evil but still responsible for starting our team

Sam Denning

Grins (the ones they put on my face)

Guns (of course!)

Even when they all started using bigger guns in S2, Chin Ho still had the biggest one!

Steve is always so determined when he pulls out his big gun.

One episode Steve carried his gun velcroed to his vest. So appropriate! Other guys have a little alligator on their shirts, but Steve has a real gun on his. He’s so BAMF!

Ahhh, the first time they met involved guns! I remember that moment fondly.

Steve carries pictures of guns on his phone. I carry pictures of Steve and Danny on my phone.

Something about Danny’s gun in this one just…..speaks to me.

Sometimes they use “guns” that don’t involve bullets. 😉  I approve.

Gray (or grey, for my non-US friends)

Chin and Danny wear gray shirts while Steve shows off his guns, all while standing next to Grace Park! An almost-perfect picture!

Great gray shirts

Please, just the undershirt, Steve. Pretty please?

These next 3 are from a deleted scene.

His faaaaace! Oh, that face!

Gray pants

Sexy gray hair

Mahalo for exploring the letter G with me!


13 thoughts on “Monday Magic: The Letter G

  1. Grey hair, yay!! Was there anything else in the post?

    Now, I may need help with getting my mind out of the gutter because I cracked up at “Steve is always so determined when he pulls out his big gun” (I’m sure no innuendo was intended at all, but I’m 12 and the slightest hint entertains me) and I cracked up so that I nearly died at Danno’s appealing gun angle from 3.21. I never noticed it!

    Also, great pics of Grace Park!

    Thx for making me laugh again!!

    • Innuendo? Me? Whatever do you mean? 😉 😉 :0

      Glad I’m not the only one who liked the gray in Steve’s hair. I’m so sorry they’re dying it now. Why do they keep messing with his hair!?

      • It makes no sense why they keep dying it! HE liked his grey, the fans like his grey… It amazes me why TPTB think they have to mess with perfection.

        Though I am going to cross my fingers that one day they will come around, in mean they finally stopped the debilitating manscaping….

  2. Love this babe!! When I got to the guns and you were showing literal guns I was very sad….but I should have known you had our best interests at heart and came through with the real guns! I mean “real” as in the ones that really matter. ❤

    Beautiful pics of Grace!

    • I simply loved the way he kept putting on and removing again that gun on his shirt! Doing that thingy with his lond-perfectly-shaped fingers made me go all crazy! “He’s so BAMF!” indeed 😆 !

  3. I love the pics and the post, so much pretty and fun to go through your well observed “G” stuff! So many memories from earlier seasons come back, like the grey tee and the sling (I even downloaded that REM song “walk it back” they played in the end of this ep!)
    And the guns, omg, how I love those GUNS (the beefy ones!) McG loaded, huh 😉 ! And I like Kono, I like her pants and shirts and she’s so cool, I wonder what’s coming up next with Adam and so!

    • I bought that song after seeing that episode, too! I loved it, and it was so perfectly used there. Whenever it plays on my iPod I smile. 🙂

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