Recap/Picspam: 3×22 Ho’opio (To Take Captive) #H50

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A heavy episode with some dramatic, intense moments. More of a procedural police drama than we often see. Many of the heavier episodes of Hawaii Five-0 focus on the personal lives of our team, but this time it was the case itself, albeit with a dollop of Danny and his daddy-ness. I felt it was nicely done, though; an interesting story that held my attention.

However, lest you think I have suddenly become a high-brow theater critic, complete with opera glasses, let me reassure you: Thigh Holsters and White Pants!!!!! My Danny Sorely in Need of Huggles!!!!! I nearly jumped on a jet to fly to Hawaii and comfort him!

We open with a regular-looking teenage girl writing in her diary. Seems normal until we see that she has a shackle on her ankle. A weeping little girl is pushed into the room, and we know something very, very bad is happening.

But we will have to wait, because something bad in a different way is happening over at Kamekona’s. Fake sumo wrestling! And Kamekona is presiding over it like a king of some kind. I think he’s wearing the curtains I bought at a garage sale to hang in my first apartment when I was an undergrad. I always wondered what happened to those curtains.

And to make it even worse, everyone is giving Steve grief about his new haircut! I, for one, happen to think it looks great. Steve, are you listening? I approve! I do miss the little curly hair on the back of his head, but that’s okay.

Kono and Chin Ho are having a heart-to-heart talk because Kono is worried about Adam. He’s been acting secretive, and she’s not sure she can trust him. I don’t think we’ve had any hint of what he might be up to. Chin points out that Adam was there for her when she needed him most. That is a pretty important thing.

Well, it’s time for the traditional “McGarrett Gets a Phone Call to Signal the Beginning of the Case” sequence. This time they have discovered a body in a remote location! Sadly, it’s the teenage girl from the opening. Danny seems particularly affected.

It doesn’t take long to find out that she’s Amanda, a girl who was kidnapped 10 years ago. Where has she been all this time? At this point, I was beginning to suspect these girls were kidnapped by some psychotic woman who lost a little girl about that age, and she was taking other girls and pretending they were her daughter. I hope that doesn’t mean I have some kind of twisted mind (although I do, but I hope it isn’t that obvious to everyone).

We have a heart-wrenching scene with Amanda’s parents and Steve and Danny. Losing a child is the most difficult loss possible, I think. When you lose a child, you lose your future.

Meanwhile, Kono goes to Adam’s house to look for clues. Or Adam. Or maybe some bubble bath and candles. Or….well, it doesn’t really matter, because she ends up going through stuff on his desk, until she’s interrupted by guys with guns. They are apparently friends of Michael’s, and they go away. I think we’re going to see them again. We know Michael has something bad planned for Kono. I suspect that, at least.

The boys head off to the home of Ella, a 7-year-old girl who was kidnapped yesterday. Seems a strand of her hair was found on Amanda’s body.

Before they talk with the parents, some motorcycle dudes, the Pacific Knights, ride up and offer their services as a search party or whatever else is needed. This was a truly lovely touch, because this is a real group in Hawaii. The leader’s daughter, Maile, was kidnapped and murdered in 1985, and she’s the little girl named in the Maile Amber alert that we’ve heard on the show before.

While talking to Ella’s parents, Danny basically assures them that Five-0 team will find their daughter. Steve isn’t happy about this, because what if they can’t deliver on that promise? This was a touching moment as Danny related how he felt when Grace was kidnapped last year, and how he believes it’s more important that the parents have hope to see them through this difficult time. I have to agree. Sometimes hope is all you have.

They quickly get a lead on a van that might be the kidnappers, courtesy of Chin. Danny alerts the Pacific Knights, who find the van in question. These are very efficient people!

I just love Steve’s determined face when he’s driving. We sometimes see it when he’s running, too. Do not get in this man’s way!

Even though Steve is determined, he still doesn’t drive very fast. Maybe the face makes him think he is driving fast. 42 miles per hour? I drive faster than that pulling out of my driveway.

Danny is becoming more and more angry over these child abductions, and he doesn’t like this suspect much. He kicks over the chair! I never realized that the interrogation chair was bolted to the floor (well, it isn’t anymore)! No wonder the guy looked so scared.

I also didn’t realize that it is not just a blue room. The entire sub-sub-sub-dungeon where the blue room is located is also blue! It matches Danny’s eyes. ❤ ❤ ❤

Danny needs a hug from his Monkey to help him feel better. This is so sweet! He’s always been so attached to Grace, but I wonder if her kidnapping last year, coupled with Rachel trying to take her to Las Vegas, has made him even more worried about losing her. Perhaps he also realizes that she’s growing up and will soon become more independent from him.

Back to Ella, who is reading the diary left by Amanda. This diary was an interesting way to tie all the parts of the story together. It brings a little normalcy into this bizarre setting, too.

A little more of the Adam and Kono story comes up, as Kono enlists Catherine’s help to find out about an associate of Adam’s. Cath is helpful, as always, although I doubt that she wants Kono to dress up in a tux and carry her away.

A little later in the episode Cath will be back with the intel: Adam was spotted at his associate’s home in Japan (I think it was Japan?). And this associate is the head of a yakuza family! Kono is really suspicious now! Somehow, and this is purely personal opinion, I have a feeling that Adam is still working on extracting himself from the yakuza. He’s a smart guy, but he’s naïve and even weak in some ways.

Chin and Kono track down the kidnapper by watching the security video from an ATM camera. Does this sound like one of the most boring things possible? Just watching security footage? And counting cars? They do this type of thing a lot, too. I don’t think Steve has ever combed through security video, has he?

At the home of the kidnapper, we get Thigh Holsters over White Pants! That’s why the white pants are so appealing, you know. They make a perfect backdrop for thigh holsters. Probably why they were invented.

Clothing Guy: I have all this white cloth and I don’t know what to do with it. I think I’ll create white pants.
Clothing Guy’s Wife: That’s preposterous! White pants will get dirty so easily, and then I’ll just have to do more laundry.
Clothing Guy: But some day, when hot guys are on a TV show that takes place in Hawaii, fangirls everywhere will love how sexy their thigh holsters look over the white pants.
Clothing Guy’s Wife: Will that be Alex O’Loughlin? *thud*

As Steve breaks into the room, I wonder what that box on the wall is. Okay, TBH, I didn’t notice the box the first 56 times I watched this scene.

The guys pose for us before moving on to the next part of the case. Chin’s thigh holster looks quite nice, too.

The kidnapper was a professional who apparently stole children for other people. Ella is not there. We finally meet the strange couple who has Ella. I’m not sure what to make of this woman. Ella is told that this is her new family now, because her parents were in a terrible accident. Does this woman believe that? She seems to want to take care of Ella.

The Five-0 team quickly finds out who really has Ella, and they’re off to the home of this husband and wife. This guy is a complete idiot. Armed men wearing Kevlar vests break into his home, and he says “You’re interrupting my lunch.” Yeah.

It doesn’t take them long to figure out the location of the hidden room where the kidnapped girls lived. I thought you might be intrigued by this close-up of the entrance and the clever way in which it was hidden. Isn’t that ingenious? I know Steve is kind of in the way, but you can ignore him, right? *g*

Ella is not there.

Steve works on the woman, to get her to say where Ella is. She didn’t know that her husband killed Amanda? I’m with Steve on this one: what did you think he was going to do? This woman is truly confused. Her husband is a controlling and abusive man, I think.

Meanwhile, Danny is coming unglued while he tries to get information from the man. Danny starts to beat the guy up, then Steve attempts to hold him back.

He asks Danny for his badge, not to discipline him, but to give Danny the chance to really beat the information out of the creepy guy.

I’m not a mean or violent person, but I actually laughed when Steve just walked away.

Danny gets the guy to confess, and soon Ella is found. Danny was so sweet with her.

Steve was so happy to see the family reunited.

The final scene with Amanda’s parents reading he diary, while Danny was there in the background, was beautifully done. No overwhelming sentimentality, but a clear truth.


8 thoughts on “Recap/Picspam: 3×22 Ho’opio (To Take Captive) #H50

  1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, I LOVE this recap!! For many reasons, here are some random ones:

    1) I’m totally relieved to find out I’m not the only who felt like punching the creepy kidnapper whose lunch was interrupted in the face. Needless to say I don’t approve of violence in real life. But I found myself cheering Danno here. Kind of.

    2) PLEASE write more fabulous fiction dialogues like the one with the clothing guy and his wife!! I LOVE it and I nearly died of laughter when reading it. True story.

    3) We might be thinking along similar lines: my first thought of the motive for the kidnapping was that the woman couldn’t have children and was trying to compensate; and I do believe Michael is trying to extract himself from the yakuza (and failing so far).

    Can’t wait for your next recap! Hope the episode will be as good as this one.

    • I’m so glad! IKR, that creepy guy was just so obnoxious. Ewwww. In a way I would have liked to know more, but I think I’m good with what we do know.

      We owe a lot of thanks to Fictional Clothing Guy, don’t we? I don’t know how I dreamed him up, but I’ll keep at it!

      Thanks so much for your fun comments!

  2. Great recap! There’s not enough that can be said when our guys fight for kids! Love them! God is def a woman, cause only women can appreciate white pants adorned by black thigh holsters!! There’s a lot to cover in the next 2 episodes. Can’t wait to see your recap!!

    • Thank you so much! They all have such big hearts when it comes to defending kids, and really others who need help, too. Danny especially, when it comes to kids.

      I have a feeling there will be a lot of stuff packed into these final two episodes, too. I”m glad you’re looking forward to the recaps!

  3. I love your recap, the Kono/Cath/tux and carry her away/part made me laught out veryvery loud, hahaha! Also the thigh holster/white pants/part, so funny, thanks! I’m a bit confused by how Kono ist suspicious of Adam, I kinda liked him and I thought he was serious! As Chin said, he saved her from drowning and he seemed genuine. Let’s wait and see! I like Steve’s buzz cut too, and I also loved the season 1 curls, but with Steve it’s like with chocolate: we love all the chocolate, some just better than others 😀 !

    • Awww, thank you! I’m always so happy to hear that people laughed out loud at something I wrote. That’s the whole purpose!

      Adam does seem really sincere about his feelings for Kono and his desire to run a legit business. I think he doesn’t realize how difficult it will be for him, though. He seemed to trust Michael way too easily, but maybe that’s how it is with families.

      I totes agree, Steve is like chocolate!!! Good in any form, but sometimes you prefer one over the other. Great idea!

      • What you say about Adam – definitely, have the same impression. Pls have a good rest during the weekend so as to be fit to recap the Monday’s epi 😉 I’m excited like a 5-year old about both the epi and the recap to come – curious about your and everyone’s opinions!

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