Monday Magic: The Letter H #H50

Time for a celebration of the letter H here on Monday Magic, on yet another new episode Monday. I think I went a little crazy with the number of pics this time.

H is for…


We do get to see some beautiful scenery. And the pictures of the Hawaiian landscape are nice, too!


I made this a couple of months ago but have never posted it here.Β 

Uncle Steve hug

Sister hug

BFF hug

Monkey hug

Cousin hug

My fantasy hug

Old friend hug

You were just saved from a bomb hug (which seems to happen a log on this show)

Group hug


Hands involved in your fantasy?

Nekky trigger finger


We must talk about Steve’s shorter hair!

Just plain beautiful hair

Remember how Chin Ho started out with longer hair?

His hair got shorter after the pilot episode

Then he went much shorter in S3!

Kono’s first-season hair was different, too.Β 

She got more sophisticated in S2.

Such messy hair!


Walking down the hallway is an integral part of solving the case and discussing personal matters.

Would you walk down the hallway with Steve? πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Monday Magic: The Letter H #H50

  1. Hah! Would I walk down the Hallway with Steve you ask? So in keeping w/’H” Monday – I say Hell yes while Holding His Hand and when not Holding his Hand, finding a dark Hallway so I can run my Hands all over his Hunk-A-Hunk a burning love bod and ohhh, can’t forget running my Hands in his Hair! Does that answer your question?!?! :-)!!

  2. Wow, there’s some serious pic spam going on! I love the pics of Hawaii, happy you put them in. Also, it’s a strong ohana post – all team members are in! Your captions are funny as always :- ) Each word you picked is great for reasons – but I ejoyed HUGS the most. When pics of McG hugging people started as I was scrolling down, I duly started developing a particular fantasy of hugging him back with my arms and *cough* not arms *cough*, but: this fantasy got rather weird and crowded when I arrived at the GROUP HUG. So, thank you for all the laughs that your post caused!!

    • LOL! Sorry about that crowded group hug. πŸ™‚

      I do try to include someone other than Steve and Danny, even though I adore them the most! We are ohana, though!

  3. I Honestly ❀ your Monday letter theme! So smart!

    The hugs. Awww. H50 has the now epic hugs of any TV show I watch. Love love love the hug theme you made!

    You may have left it off on purpose but I don’t see any BF/GF hugs. McG/Cath, Danny/Gabby, Danny/Rachel, Kono/Adam, etc but ooooh hey, what’s that?? Steve’s new hair?? Ok…movin on…. (Easily distracted)

    The hair. Unfff.

    Can’t wait for next Monday ❀

    • I don’t know what I’m going to do when I run out of letters!!

      I didn’t purposely leave out any hugs. I just randomly picked some from my ‘hugs” folder (yes, I actually have one–I have a “smiles” folder, too). Didn’t realize there were no couples! Just have to do another hugs theme!

  4. It’s so much gorgeousness, and so much memories that come with the letter “H” πŸ˜‰ I personally think it’s cool with how many things you come up with; hair, hugs, hallway, just cool! We used to play that game in switzerland where you have to find different things (car/sea/name/country/animal) with a random letter and write them on a paper (I was an awful player 😦 )!
    Those are all pretty emotional hugs, I guess that’s what makes them “HUGS”! With Steve and his gorgeous arms the hugs are even more emotional and frkn sexy! His arms and face just amaze me, I won’t even start talking about his hair! Thanks for the pics, I love them very much πŸ˜†

    • Thanks so much! It’s fun to look through the screencaps and see what pops into my head. πŸ™‚

      Steve is so emotional and sincere. That just makes him all the more loveable, on top of being to hot!

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