Recap/Picspam: 3×23 He welo ‘oihana (Family Business)

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Nice continuation of Steve’s storyline with his mom and quite a bit of Kono and Adam. I’ve read here and there that some people are tired of Doris McMom and don’t like her or the storyline, but I do. I mean, I don’t like her, and I think that’s what they want. You can’t have a decent drama if you don’t have negative characters. At least she serves a purpose! (That was what bothered me about Lori last season: I couldn’t figure out why she was there.)

But on to the pictures and recap!

The opening scene wasn’t much. A few guys running around in the dark, one falls, the others shoot him. I’m going to assume they were not on a snipe hunt, but other than that, I don’t know. What is a snipe hunt?  Snipe hunting is usually done on a moonless night. Not that I would ever do such a thing. This is simply a rumor that I have heard.

Awwww, Danny and Grace are at the airport waiting for Gabby, and they have balloons, flowers, candy, and a lei! That is so sweet! Too bad she sends a text that she’s decided to stay in Morocco. Danny! Do you need someone to hug and comfort you?! I’m available! Can I have the balloons, too?

Is Grace wearing make-up?

The Five-0 team assembles at the site of the non-snipe hunt, except they wait until it’s daytime. There are a bunch of grave-sized holes around here! I am apparently the only person who realizes that, though, because everyone seems shocked when Max announces that he has found a thumb bone.

I don’t remember what Steve was talking about here, but it was big, whatever it was.

Many of the people working this crime scene are wearing POW/MIA t-shirts. What a nice little touch to add to the show!

They quickly find out that bodies have been being buried in this field over almost 2 decades, and they all have some connection to the yakuza. They are apparently being moved because a light rail system is being built and the buriers don’t want the bodies discovered.

Back at HQ, Catherine shows up while they are discussing the case. She’s obviously agitated and wants to talk to Steve right away.

I love how Danny keeps peeking over to Steve’s office!

He’s not about to let Steve leave without explaining, so he follows him outside. Seems Doris McMom has been hacking into an FBI database, and the “Feds are closing in.” (Time for a momentary ramble: It would be so awesome if Peter and Neil from White Collar were the Feds who showed up! It would work perfectly, really, since Doris McMom’s beau Mick is also Neil’s father! Neil and Steve could steal the microfiche together, and I would be eternally happy! Win/Win!)

It isn’t long before Steve discovers what’s going on. Mick, Wade, and Doris are planning to steal back the microfiche. (I kind of gave that away in the last paragraph, didn’t I?) Coincidentally, their op is scheduled to take place tonight! Right after the croquet tournament, probably.

Steve: You know what people your age are doing? They’re not planning covert ops, okay? They’re in book clubs. You know what they do at nighttime? They play bridge at night.
Yes, I firmly believe that when Steve is in his 50s or 60s, he will be playing bridge. *smirk ;)* Blowing up the bridge, maybe.

The confrontation between Steve and his mom was great. I have wished to hear him talk to her like that.

Steve: What happened to you, Mom? What happened to the woman who used to make fried bologna sandwiches and was on the PTA and who showed me how to paddle an outrigger and used to teach me magic tricks?   Real anger and hurt here.

Meanwhile, back to the not-much-of-a-mystery case. Danny and Chin Ho go to talk to Michael Noshimuri, who behaves like a jerk. This actually makes more sense than the nice guy he was pretending to be the first time we met him. Mostly, I just wanted to include a picture of Daniel Henney.

Kono and Adam are finally reunited. So far, I have trusted Adam and believed that he was being honest with Kono, but now I’m not so sure. He seemed devious and manipulative this time. What do you think?

Kono seems relieved and happy, until her cloned phone rings and she hears Adam set up a meeting because he “just got a visit from Five-0.” Not “Kono,” but “Five-0.” Now she’s very unhappy, and I don’t blame her at all.

BTW, I have never seen Kono carry a purse before!

Kono goes to Pier 38 Warehouse. I think this is the place Adam’s phone call was made to, but I’m not sure. I am sure that it is not a store, like Pier 1 Imports.

I’m relieved to know that the yakuza give their employees yearly holidays. But are they US or Japanese holidays?

Kono carries a knife in her boot! BAMF! I wonder how Steve would look if he wore leggings and boots within which he could carry his knife? Although I am quite fond of Mr. Knife Holster, leggings would be….distracting.

Kono shoots the bad guy at Pier 38 Warehouse, but he also shoots her. She’s going to be okay, though.

Steve: What are you doing, going in here without any backup?

Max: Forgive me for being rude, but perhaps we could skip our customary repartee? As you can see, I have quite a bit of work to do.
Max, I love you!

Kono has a bunch of visitors in the hospital, and they bring her shrimp from Kame-to-go-na’s.

Adam also comes to visit. Interesting that she didn’t know that he knew she was there. This is the scene where I felt he was being manipulative. I think she was going to tell him that she cloned his phone, but he finds out on his own first. (This just occurred to me. The title of the episode is “Family Business,” and I’ve assumed it meant the McGarrett family. But maybe it also means the Noshimuri family business–the yakuza?)

And now, it’s time for McMom and Son to spend some quality family time together, stealing microfiche. We start with repelling down an elevator shaft, accompanied by some terrific music.

Mick runs the electrical stuff and claims that he’s in control of the elevators. We will soon find out that he’s not.

While they’re waiting for the right time to pop out of the elevator shaft, Doris entertains Steve with card tricks. This was cute! The “magic breath” was a little overboard, but the cute little look on his face when he said, “How’d you do that?” was priceless!

They narrowly escape a charging elevator and proceed to steal stealthily down a corridor. Steve in SEAL mode is a beautiful thing!

They get the microfiche but set off an alarm. Steve doubles back to draw the guards away while Doris escapes.

He jumps onto the top of a moving elevator to escape. This looked so awesome!

She gets caught anyway, and Mick somehow escapes outside. I wonder if they’ll be annoyed that he did that?

Steve’s not about to leave his mother behind, and he meets Bad Guy Tyler Cain in Cain’s office. I have a feeling the fire in the trashcan wasn’t there when Steve arrived.

Cain has quite a supply of liquor in his office. Just sayin’.

Steve and Cain can’t come to an agreement on how to exchange the microfiche for Doris, so Steve tosses it into the trashcan. (The microfiche, not Doris 🙂 .) He then surreptitiously holds his gun. See? Look at the gun, people!

Aha! Steve didn’t burn the microfiche! He used some magic of his own to trick Cain!

Very pleased with themselves.

Steve and Danny are relaxing and chatting in Danny’s office in the final scene. They look so comfy there! I just love when they’re together!! Danny ignores a phone call from Gabby, since he’s disappointed that she stayed in Morocco. I suspect she was calling to say she’s not staying after all.

Max arrives and tells them that Kono’s gun was used to shoot one of the yakuza victims who was found in that field! Oh, dear……I suspect we’ll hear more about this next week.

Season finale next week! I’m dying to know what the “shocker” will be! Anybody else?


8 thoughts on “Recap/Picspam: 3×23 He welo ‘oihana (Family Business)

  1. I love each word of this recap. And each pic, obvi 😉 I love your noticing little seemingly irrelevant details: like Monkey’s make-up, which she was likely wearing, and the liquor in the office… I love your understatements, like “I have a feeling the fire in the trashcan wasn’t there when Steve arrived.” Also, I love that your geckometer indicates that your liked the previous epi better – which, strangely enough, was the same for me, too. Thank you!!

  2. “Blowing up the bridge” hahahah 😆 ! I’m not even half through and I’m laughing with tears in my eyes!

  3. I’m dying to know what the “shocker” will be too! Desperately!
    For the Kono/Adam relationsship I’m not sure if there’s a future! I guess, Kono’s interpretation of “I just got a visit from 5O” was wrong! He wasn’t screwing behind her back, he just wanted to know what’s going on with his “business”! I still think he cares and that Michael is the bad guy! But after he’s found the cloned phone, huh, Kono’s going to have troubles to explain (but hey, now we know why she’s wearing THOSE boots, to hide the knife, hahah 😉 bamf-stylish!)
    Ninja-Steve was cool, seriously, making a fire (with a stern pokerface) and burn (or not) the microfiche was cool! And I’m in love with his “yeah, you’re welcome”-smile! (I guess, I said that before !!)

    • It would be nice if Adam really did care about Kono. Their professional lives cant’ help but make for a rocky relationship for them, but if they were both honest and willing to work on it, it’s possible. He just seemed different this time, maybe because of whatever business took him to Sato? I guess we’ll find out!

      I’m in love with that smile, too. He’s so delicious!

  4. Thank you! I really loved looking at his gun! Love this recap! I’m sorry to see the season end. Do we get summer recaps and picspam?? Pleaseeeeeeee….

    • Three whole months without a new episode! I always start counting down the days as soon as we find out when the new season will start.

      I’m glad you appreciate Steve’s gun so much! 🙂

      I’ll keep posting over the summer. Trivia quizzes, The Real Story, picspams, whatever I come up with! I did one or two a week last year and fully intend to do that again. I have so much fun doing this!

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