Monday Magic: The Letter I #H50

It’s Monday, and you know what that means! For a little while still, it means an episode of Hawaii Five-0, but it also means some Monday Magic here at Ohana Happy Hour. Today’s letter is I.

I is for


Sometimes it’s just the intense faces that they make that get to me. Especially McG! There’s no doubt that he’s serious about his job.

But sometimes they give us some very intense situations.


I love when the stars give interviews, because it lets us know more about them, the people behind the characters I love. And I get to hear Alex with his Australian accent and Scott without his Jersey accent. 🙂 (Is that too much of a US-and-Colorado-centered comment? No offense to my Australian and/or Jersey friends, honest!! Or anyone else who considers my “accent perspective” weird. I’d better post some pics before I create an international controversy.

We get to see how crazy they can be, completely different from their characters! 🙂

Thanks to, I have some pics from Alex’s recent interview on Ellen.

Including pictures of his new baby, Lion!

Ice (as in Shave Ice)

The first time we met Kamekona. Also the only time he wasn’t wearing his face on his shirt, I think.

Shave ice is fashionable!

Kono likes grape because it turns her tongue purple.

I wish Mr. Dancing Shave Ice would come back.

I wonder why we haven’t seen a dancing shrimp?

Shave ice played an important role in saving Steve when he was falsely accused of assassinating the governor.


Sigh. Fantasy time!

Kono has had some of the most intimate scenes.

Danny has had his moments, sort of.

Poor Chin doesn’t get much…attention.

Steve and Catherine have the most instances of intimate screen time. Not that I’m counting or anything.

I liked this one so much I had to do a little extra work on it.


10 thoughts on “Monday Magic: The Letter I #H50

  1. Great call on these!! Love the intense faces!

    I miss shave ice. The shrimp thing just doesn’t have the same appeal to me….and I like shrimp! Lol. But there was something extra fun about the shave ice stand.

    Intimate. Yes. Can we have this uninterrupted please?! k thnx. We do need to see more Chin in this scenario. He needs some lovin too!!

    • An entire post of “intimate”? Me likey that idea! Maybe poor Chin will get some more next season. 🙂

      Shave ice and shrimp were okay, but the helicopter tours thing always seemed weird to me. I don’t see why they can’t visit the shave ice stand some of the time instead of shrimp. It’s still there, right?

  2. Thank you so much, it’s wonderful – a smart choice of words and pictures! I mostly kept on giggling (as I always do when reading your posts), but the intense situation pics quite startled me – no matter how many times I saw them before. On a lighter note, your fear of creating an international controversy by talking about accent preferences amused me (not in a mean way, in a good way) – sometimes I have similar fears concerning what I write, so this appealed to me on a personal level. And I won’t even start talking about the pics of intimate situations. Unfff, beautiful, and thank you.

    • Thank you! Hope I didn’t startle you too much! I put in the shave ice so we’d have a more fun note to the post.

      I always smile when I hear Alex say something about “hearing that North American accent” when I always swoon over his Aussie accent! It’s all perspective. But I honestly do worry sometimes that I’ll write something that will offend someone. You just never know with some people!

      I had a great time sorting through all those intimate pics. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Please keep on writing uninhibited, it’s totally worth it! It doesn’t seem that such people who are easily offended read your blog. If it’s any comfort for you, I was myself worried what happens when I smuggle in my recaps controversial things – last time I smuggled in a story of local mob practises, just imagine… But nothing happens, so either no wrong people read what I write, or no one AT ALL reads what I write – lol 🙂 BTW, a post made up all of intimate pics – yes, pretty please!!

  3. Very beautiful post, thanks so much! I love going through all those fabulous pics and memories come back while I read your funny comments! As a swiss I can’t actually hear out a Jersey accent from a west coast american accent, but I can definitely hear Alex’s australian accent like in “buybee”! And I love to hear his american/australian combined voice, it makes me tingle in all the right places 😉 ! As far as I can remember Kamekona again wears a shirt with his face on it while serving the “warrior-mom” in 3.01, mom says something like “your face’s on the shirt!”)!
    Btw, I love your “extra-work” in the last pic! It’s such a intimate scene (especially the nose-“ing” together) that I sometimes wonder how much in it is real!

    • Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I know what you mean about not being able to hear differences in “foreign” accents. All British accents sound the same to me, but I hear British people talk about a Sussex accent or some other region. And Danny’s Jersey accent is quite subtle.

      Any European or Aussie/NZ accent sounds delicious to me, when it’s spoken by a handsome man. 🙂

      I enjoy looking back over different episodes and remembering what they did. I just love this show!!!!

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