3×24 Aloha, Malama Pono (Farewell, and Take Care) #H50

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I’m seriously considering taking 1 point off every week until Steve, Danny, or Chin removes a shirt! I managed to get by with shirtless Adam to tide me over, but I need one of my guys shirtless!!! Just have to go watch 2×19 Kalele (Faith) one more time, I guess.

Overall, a good episode. I think I was a little disappointed (okay, I was VERY disappointed, but I’m trying to be fair) that we didn’t get resolution on the Wo Fat/Doris McMom relationship! That’s the one thing I wanted! Steve took us just to the brink….then off to do something else. Steve should not tease us like that. (No, I’m not insinuating about anything else that Steve might take us to the brink of or tease us about. You are totally reading that into my words without my knowledge. 😉 )

We open with some good action. Cammy the Camaro is squealing her tires and spinning and smoking around corners like a good sports car should. Yes, Steve is driving. Wait—he’s doing this on purpose! I thought this was just the routine drive to buy malasadas and coffee, but he’s running from HPD?! With Kono in the backseat! They make a quick stop so Kono can take a burner phone and hide (and didn’t she jump out of that backseat fast?), then off they go again.

Loved how they just stopped at this roadblock and said “No idea.” That’s it? No one asked more, like “Why were you driving like a you were on the track at Indianapolis?” “Who’s going to pay for all the gas and tire rubber that you just wasted?” “Where are my malasadas and coffee?” Nope, everything’s just fine. Well, other than Kono apparently being wanted for questioning. That’s not fine.

They are called to a private jet where mass carnage has taken place. All 5 dudes onboard are dead. This is not just any jet—it’s a jet that no one knew about that has minimal markings. Steve shares that it was a rendition flight, which means nothing to me.

Catherine calls with intel on the unknown jet. Seems these dudes were from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), which Steve quickly tells us was probably a CIA cover. The jet was used to move “ghost detainees to black sites for interrogation.” Serious business!

Does anyone (other than Jenna) actually admit to working for the CIA? I think another CIA agent claimed to work for the Department of Fish and Game. More importantly, though, does anyone actually work for the USDA or Dept. of Fish and Game? Perhaps those are massive fronts for the CIA and everyone is really an agent?!

Homeland Security Agent at airport: Why do you have a directed-energy laser in your carry-on luggage?
USDA agent: We’re working on a new kind of popcorn. It’s a joint effort with the Department of Fish and Game. Trout like popcorn, you know.

Cath ends the call with Steve when she spots another Lt. Commander SEAL. Hmmmmmm….this one might look good shirtless, too. (My thought, not Cath’s, as far as I know.) She knew this Billy Harrington in Amsterdam. So he’s a previous paramour! A late lover. A bygone beau. They formerly fraternized! What does this mean? I wonder if they are setting it up that she’ll break up with Steve or that he will become more serious about their relationship? This little scene brings up so many possibilities!

The guys call the CIA USDA for information.
USDA guy: Why is Lt. Rollins asking questions about a flight that doesn’t exist?
Steve: Your nonexistent flight just landed in Hawaii.

The ghost detainee was one Rafael Salgado, a terrorist with the NLM. This makes me think of LMN, the Lifetime Movie Network, although I don’t think they are terrorists. But if spies can work for the USDA, I guess terrorists can work for LMN.

But back to the story: the LMN is planning to attack the US, and Salgado knows the exact plan and location. They need him alive to give them that information. Perhaps they think it will make a good Thursday-night movie?

Off we go to find Salgado. They break into the home of his ex-girlfriend and son, but the son is gone! Did Salgado come to Hawaii to kidnap his son?

Steve thinks he know someone who can help them find Salgado. Wo Fat! He’s being held in a super-high-security-fortress-type place.

Lt. Commander Steven J. McGarrett appears to have an impacted wisdom tooth.

Steve: This morning Salgado killed 5 men and kidnapped his son.
Wo Fat: I can’t imagine what he has planned for the afternoon.

Wo Fat isn’t looking quite so good these days. But he does give Steve the name of a person who might be helping Salgado.

As Steve is leaving, the security guard mentions that Doris McGarrett was visiting Wo Fat yesterday, and he idly wonders if the two McGarretts are related. Now what is McMom up to?

Meanwhile, Kono and Adam go to a warehouse where they hope to find evidence to save Kono. They quickly find some interesting gloves, but then Michael shows up, so Kono has to hide. (BTW, I am back to trusting that Adam is a generally good guy who is trying to get out of the yakuza.)

She gets away pretty easily, though, and they take the gloves to Charlie Fong for processing.

The confrontation between Steve and McMom is starting! Alex does such an excellent job with this scene!

Steve: Answer my question!
Doris McMom: Don’t yell at me, please, Steve.
Steve: No, don’t give me the hurt feelings thing, Mom, because A) I don’t buy it and B) I don’t care.

Steve: You have literally never given me the whole truth in my entire life. And you want me to trust you?

But they get interrupted just as she’s about to explain what Wo Fat is to her!!! Arghhh! It’s Danny, and they know where Salgado is. Okay, I guess that’s important, but I’ve been waiting all season for this reveal!

They capture Salgado, but his son Jack isn’t with him. Seems he came to Hawaii to rescue Jack, not kidnap him. The LMN people routinely snatch the families when one of their own is arrested, to keep them from talking. That’s cold!

Steve and Danny try to talk to the CIA USDA guy again, but the connection goes bad right after the guy says that he’s not taking any chances, even if Salgado’s son has to die. He needs to know where the terrorists are going to attack, regardless of the cost.

Steve: Did you just hang up on the CIA?
Danny: No, I hung up on a schmuck. A gigantic schmuck.

Steve decides they aren’t going to do things the CIA USDA way, so they take Salgado out the back door, commandeer an SUV, and go to meet the kidnappers. Salgado has told them that the attack will be in San Francisco, but he won’t tell more until he has his son back safely.

How would you react to this sight?

Meanwhile, Charlie Fong is in trouble! He confirmed that the gloves Kono gave him had Michael Noshimuri’s DNA on them, but before he can do anything with the evidence, Michael shows up. And he’s not there to deliver a pizza.

We find out later at the hospital that Charlie was stabbed and they don’t know if he’s going to make it! Please, please, don’t take away Charlie. *sob* I hope he pulls through over the summer.

Jack is rescued from the kidnappers, but Salgado gets shot in the process.

Steve doesn’t get the final details of the terrorist plan until they reach the hospital. Salgado is an honorable man and makes sure to tell him before he dies.

At the Noshimuri safe house, Michael shows up to kill Kono. He uses the old “ring the doorbell and run” trick to lure Adam away, and it works! As he’s holding the gun on Adam, I’m wondering “Why doesn’t Kono do something?” I guess she’s just still too weak from the gunshot wound she sustained last week. She has been pretty unsteady throughout the episode.

The brothers struggle over the gun, and it goes off. Michael is dead! Adam is probably devastated.

I thought it was a wonderful touch that Chin Ho showed up to help them. He believes in his ohana.

We have one of the very saddest scenes as Adam prepares to escape to Shanghai and Kono announces that she’s going with him. Steve may be already feeling bad because his mother is the one taking them on the ship, but he also seems especially sad that Kono is leaving. I’ve always thought she has a special place in his heart.

Danny, of course, is the one to make jokes. He wants to go with them because he knows Steve will eventually get himself shot, so Danny has no reason to stay. Danny, Danny, Danny….

Steve has one last face-to-face talk with his mom.


Chin finishes the evening by going back to the office and calling Leilani. This is so nice!

Danny goes home. When did he move into a house? This isn’t the same place he lived when they had the camping episode! Maybe he needs a house now that he has joint custody. Or maybe he secretly works for the USDA and has to keep moving to keep his true identity secret.

I love the measuring-stick art he has behind the door! What perfect décor for a cop!

Gabby! I forgot about her! She’s back, and Danny is happy about that! (How did she get into his house?)

But wait, there’s more! Steve has returned to the super-secure prison to see Wo Fat again, apparently at Wo Fat’s request. He offers to tell what he and Doris McMom talked about, if Steve will help him escape. We hear an explosion, and someone starts to cut their way into the room. These unknown people want to kill Wo Fat, and he wants Steve to save him! And that’s all we know, until September!

I suspect I know how they’ll escape.


10 thoughts on “3×24 Aloha, Malama Pono (Farewell, and Take Care) #H50

  1. Thanks for this wonderful recap, you pointed out all the memorable scenes very well! This ep had a lot of room for our Imagination (brain-working) – starting with the chase in the camarro! I love it when we can imagine those things they left off-screen (of course, it would be nice to see 90 minutes of Steve Bamf-ing the bad guys and do all the other hot stuff that drives us crazy 😉 ) ! My fav scene was the Steve/Doris riot, I was like “yeah, Steve give it to her, go go go!)! Such very well done acting of all the crew!

    • Ha! I’ve forgot about the “claw”, hilarious! Nevertheless, I guess that finale leaves us “clawless” 😉 !!!

      • “Clawless”!!??? I love it!!!

        Thanks so much! He has to call her out or she’s not going to tell him anything. Well, she’s probably not going to tell him anything now, for sure. I wonder if we’ll see her again?

  2. OMG, you’re a genius!! LOVE the recap, you’re reading my mind at many places 🙂 The claw at the end got me, really, I’m laughing so hard I can’t type… It’s an irrelevant remark, but I’m quite glad than even a native speaker is occasionally confused about what all the jargon is about… Also, it’s a shame that the season is over – cause you won’t have any more recaps for a while here 😦 *sniff* Hope you’ll have some other amusement in store!

    • Thank you so much! I see that you’ve posted something new, but Ihaven’t had time to look at anything (I’m taking a quick lunch break as it is).

      Glad you loved the claw so much! It seems to be an effective way to rescue Wo Fat, so why not??? 🙂

      I’ll still be posting once or twice a week. I have trivia and other things that I’ve done on my LiveJournal blog. 🙂 I can’t begin to tell you how much I love your comments here! *smooches*

      • The claw + Wo Fat = instant win! But let’s be careful about his face, for he burns easily, among other things… Glad to hear you don’t plan a summer hiatus. I have much love for your posts. BTW, you don’t need to read my own recent posts really, as it’s very much the same what you’ve written above 🙂

  3. THE CLAW!!!! #love

    “Trout like popcorn” <— this whole convo is MADE OF WIN :-).

    I loved this ep, apart from the non-existent reveal. Great recap!

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