Monday Magic: The Letter J #H50

Time for another edition of Monday Magic! Our first one since the season ended. 😦 Hopefully this will lift your spirits a little.

J brings us such H50 things as…


Steve and Danny don’t wear jeans much, so I added in a few Scott and Alex pictures, too. That’s okay with you, isn’t it?

Alex hosting the Sustainable Coastlines fundraiser

From an Armani opening. I didn’t think you were allowed to wear jeans when you’re dealing with Armani, but that shows how much I know about fashion! Maybe Armani makes jeans?

Scott visited Carson Daly a few years ago. Look at that hair!

Masi wearing jeans

Chin Ho wears jeans quite often. I approve.

Jeans with a little thigh holster action on the side.

Jeans are a good thing to wear when you’re fixing a classic car. I approve. You should examine that pocket closely, to find out if these are Armani jeans. Yes, that’s the reason.

Kono wore jeans a lot in S1. Not so much now.

Remember that scene where Kono threatened to shoot Steve if he didn’t take off his pants? Go Kono!!

Steve does wear jeans more often in his free time. I do not approve. He should be wearing shorts.

See, wouldn’t Steve and Danny both look nice in shorts like Kono is wearing? Chin would too, actually.

I think the only time Danny’s ever worn jeans was that time Steve tried to edumacate him about the ancient graffiti.


She was such a fun blend of goofy and smart. Until she betrayed Steve. That wasn’t much fun.


What would we do without New Jersey?!

Joe White


That’s what I feel whenever I gaze upon this picture. Among other feelings.

Jolly holiday!

Bet you never thought you’d see Hawaii Five-0 described as jolly. 🙂 But it does bring me much happiness.


10 thoughts on “Monday Magic: The Letter J #H50

  1. I’m impressed. Like literally. Thank you!! I don’t even know where to start, but: Scott’s haaair in the Carson Daly pic!! Scott at his best and the pompadour at its most epic!! Then, the pic of Steve trying to crawl into the classic car trunk – LOL!! Does he expect to be kidnapped = put in the trunk? Kono’s jeans *snort* – that was before Wardrobe started to hate her and prove their hatred by making her wear the world’s ugliest pants + boots. And Jenna and Joe, my fav recurrent characters… *sigh* Thanks again!!

    • Thanks! I am literally sincere about that. 🙂

      IKR? The world’s ugliest pants +boots. They put in some nice tops, but otherwise…not so good choices. Maybe they should let the pompadour choose her wardrobe!

  2. Have to admit I have a huge soft spot for s1’s Christmas show. That was Ohana at its best! 💓💓 I love jeans, I wish they’d all wear them more often!! Doesn’t Steve look absolutely delicious in that yellow tee! Oh and Danny’s hair needs its own zip code! Great job! Happy Memorial Day to all my fangirls who celebrate!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Danny’s hair needs its own zip code! I like that! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m not sure what it is about the yellow tshirt, other than the perfect way the tats peek out from under the sleeves. Mmmmm…

      I agree about the S1 Christmas show. I love all the ohana moments. That’s why I love the show so much. ❤

  3. I definitely have to rewatch that H5O Jeans-Episode at the beginning of season 2! I didn’t remember those Jeans, they look great, McG looked great (still does)! Thanks for this wonderful post, with all the J-stuff! I enjoy seeing those older-McG-Pics and H50 memories! I liked Joe and I hope he comes back once in a while, hope he keeps the good father-like charisma!

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