Woman’s Day #H50

I am finally starting to get some new ideas! Hope you like this one. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Woman’s Day #H50

  1. You’re a genius!! Now nobody tell me that this is not educational, coz I had to google smores and now I want some. And maybe some more. Also, I love that you put in that Doris honey-s Steve all the time 🙂 ! And, I love that you poke fun at seeerious scenes… So, thank you for the fun!!

    • LOL! I guess s’mores are a US thing. I’m glad you were able to find out, and you really should try one. They are delicious! Hint: Don’t make a fire in your trashcan, though. The broiler in the oven works fine for melting marshmallows onto s’mores.

      Glad you liked the “honey”! That was a last-minute idea. 🙂

  2. I absolutely love your ‘Woman’s Day’ posts. They are always so funny. Great work. And just like marnov2205 I also love that Doris calls Steve Honey all the time, probably to his great annoyance. 😉

    • Thank you!!! I know, the Honeys are also so funny. She seems to do it at the most ridiculous times. “Oh, Honey, I know you just discovered a CIA substation in the back room of my house, complete with surveillance photos, but Honey, let’s just have some tea.”

  3. What happened last time? Did they burn WoFat’s face 😉 (It’s a bit cruel, I’m sorry, but I had to!)

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