Aloha! I’ve been away from the computer for a few days, but I think things are back to “normal” now. I’d like to share a collection of wallpapers I’ve been making this month. Assorted sizes, but I’m always open to special requests if you have any. 🙂 Just click the thumbnail to be taken to the fullsize graphics.

 photo wpjune4_zps7b27dd7d.png  photo wpjune6_zps52fee0d5.png

 photo wpjune3_zps2eb0c66d.png  photo wpjune1_zps224a3eff.png

 photo wpjune2_zpse5b6e513.png  photo wpjune5_zps885d7780.png


Trivia Time: 2X23 Ua Hala (Death in the Family)

This is a trivia post I wrote about a year ago and am reposting here on the new blog. It focuses on the season finale from season 2. As before, the only “prize” is that you get to look at some nice pictures! That’s not a bad thing, right? 🙂

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Monday Magic: M #H50

Welcome to Magic Monday! A memorable day in the Merry Month of June!

A funny thing happened with last week’s post. The designer who created the paper I used in the background of the letter L recognized her work! She’s a fellow H50 fan! If you enjoy digital scrapbooking, visit Ang’s shop at Scrap Girls. I used another of her designs this week, but sadly the letter M doesn’t allow much background to show.

Next week, I probably won’t have a Monday Magic post. I have a house full of visitors and just don’t think I’ll have time to put together a good entry this week.

Now, onto our most marvelous letter M!

M is for….

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You Write the Caption

This game always goes well on LiveJournal, so let’s see how well it works here. Pretty simple: You Write the Caption. What’s going on here? 🙂

My two favorites from LJ:

“Danno, I didn’t do that explo… thing.” -galadriel34

“I put MY left foot in, and then I take it out? This makes no sense, Danny. What is this all about?” -kaige68

Monday Magic, and the Secret Ingredient #H50

Today’s Secret Ingredient for Monday Magic is………K!

What? You don’t think that’s a secret because last week was J, so anyone could figure out that K is this week? I guess I’ve been watching too much Iron Chef America. Which also explains why I always think Wo Fat sounds funny. He’s also on ICA, where he speaks with an accent (Mark Dacascos, not Wo Fat; it would be silly for Wo Fat to host a TV show). They are currently making beer ice cream on ICA; obviously they have been spying on me. If they bring Scott Caan on as a guest, my fantasy will be complete. But, I digress. Let’s get back to Magic Monday!

K is for

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