One Day at Lono’s Pawn Shop… #H50



16 thoughts on “One Day at Lono’s Pawn Shop… #H50

      • That’s the best part!! Lol! This man is a SEAL, a real killing machine so he doesn’t understand the drama over a wee little grenade. Bwahahha!’

        ❤Love it!❤

  1. As I said before, “that-blue-shirt-and-those-tan-cargos” are always for the win! … and Danno freaking out and screaming about “you need help, I will pay!!!” 😆 , perfect! (and the leaning in the shop, you gotta love a *leaning* Steve!)

  2. Aaww, this is beautiful!! It’s the exact scene that came to my mind when I was reading your Tongan Pirate Zombies story the other day. The image of Danno putting his hand over his eye and making a pirate – adorable! Thanks for this classic scene!

    And of course, “You need help. I’ll pay for it…” 😆 These two are my favourite couple of all times! Even more than Kirk and Spock… (Which is the highest form of compliment from a trekkie 🙂 .)

  3. I always forget about Danny covering his eye with the pirate thing. Lmao!!

    I also love McG rifling through the stuff in the store while Danny talks, practicing his golf swing, etc.

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