H50: The Real Story

Some highlights from The Show!

Steve joins a lei-making club with some random guy that he meets at the Rainbow Drive-In on a Tuesday morning. He thinks this will make him appear more domesticated and less like a Navy SEAL BAMF gun-toting dude.

Everyone is surprisingly happy about this, and they wear Steve’s creations gladly. Even Danny, who never does anything gladly. Maybe he has been drinking.

Steve displays his fine assets for us. I have no clue what else happened. Apparently there was someone else in this scene.

Steve indulges in his life-long personal vendetta against the game of golf.

Not only does he campaign against this hobby, he has been known to walk onto the greens (without golf shoes!) and personally intercept putts….

…as well as trying to intimidate individual players into quitting.

This cannot end well. Stay tuned!



13 thoughts on “H50: The Real Story

  1. Ok, I just embarrassed myself something fierce in front of my family, who are startled by my hysterical laughter, but ^^ THIS ^^ IS SO GOOD!!! I will never not love a post about a Lei School 😆 – where do I sign up?

    And this: “Even Danny, who never does anything gladly. Maybe he has been drinking.” I so adore grumpy Danny! I will not even start about Steve’s ass/ets and intimidating techniques (a typical Seal School graduate). Unfff.

    LOVE this post, THANK YOU so much!!

    • I am so tickled that you liked it! 🙂 Danny smiled about Lei School, so maybe he believes that Steve is becoming domesticated? Noooo, that can’t be.

  2. I myself would love to go to lei making school on a Tuesday on the off chance that I’d bunk into Steve! I would also happily wear anything that Steve made!! Strange, I keep looking and don’t see anything other than Steve’s assets!! Excuse while I run out and brush up on my golf techniques so he can intercept my balls!!

    Great post!!

    • I think there would be long line outside that lei making school, ’cause I would be right behind you. 🙂 And I do play golf, but Steve hasn’t tried to intimidate me yet. *sigh* Maybe next time? Do you think anyone will mind if I wander around the green saying “Steve? Are you here? Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

  3. LOVE IT!! “Even Danny, who never does anything gladly. Maybe he has been drinking.” – I think I scared the neighbor’s dog when I lol’d so hard at that one! ❤ poor Danny… forced to wear flowers and take off his tie…but he does get to wear the nice pants though. 😉

    Steve's assets… huh. BRB…must go study those again. For research purposes.. want to be prepared for the next part…

  4. Oh my lord!!!! I finally got to read this. It was worth the wait because it was hysterical!
    Oh Steve. I did enjoy your lei making. You may need some help controlling your golf issues. Were you hit in the head with a random golf ball when you were a child?
    What we should do is have an extensive discussion of your assets. lol

  5. Watching and studying his assets are worthy from every angle, btw is there a stain on his “butt”, right under his waist-high? I’ve wondered before 😉 ! What’s this with us girls, always keeping an eye on his butt 😉 ?

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