Monday Magic: L

Yes, you guessed it! Today’s letter is L!

L is for….

Ear Lobes

Alex has clearly had pierced ears at some point.

Is that a little sexy gray hair, too?

A little something for me to nibble on this morning?

Charlie displayed his for us. Nice!

You can see the ear lobes in this picture, right? (As I was proofing this post, I discovered that I had typed “ear loves” instead. I think that’s a sign that my mind was elsewhere. 🙂  )


“Please don’t make me wear flowers.”

Steve: Take that tie off. No one on a cruise ship wears a tie.
Danny: Oh yes, they do. They do all the time, so they can hang themselves when they’re bored.
Steve: Okay, put it in your pocket. You can kill yourself later.

They look lovely in their pink leis, don’t they?

There are lots and lots of leis around for Sunset on the Beach!


Loved Alex’s suit for the S3 one. And check out those shoes!

I think Scott collected everyone’s leis and wore them himself.

The blessing ceremonies always involve leis, too. I guess every Hawaiian celebration involves them.

I’ve always wondered what’s going on in this pic.

I’m dying with the adorableness of this one!


Steve never actually sits out on the lanai at his house; he moves out into the yard.

And…you can’t even see the lanai in this one. If you’d like to lodge a formal complaint to TPTB here at Ohana Happy Hour, go right ahead. Otherwise, enjoy the view. 🙂


Wet legs

Steve’s legs

Danny’s legs! (Help me up off the floor, please?)

Steve’s legs in flip-flops (slippers, thongs, whatever you’d like to call them).

And we’ll end with a nice view. 😉





19 thoughts on “Monday Magic: L

  1. I have to admit to being a huge Steve earlobe lover!! That little area right under the lobe, perfect for nibbling. So delicious. Sigh.. Leis, legs, lobes, LOVE!!

  2. Hon, the surfing picture is perfectly perfect for the L post. You simply forgot to include my most favorite word… LOINS!!!! Look at those loins… Steve has some nice loins… OMG the white pants of season 3 really highlight Steve’s loins….. 😉

  3. You’re wondering what they’re doing in that pic? The Kahuna is blessing Alex’s loins which we all know are already very blessed..(and fertile).

    LEGS LEGS LEGS!!! Anytime I see Steve’s legs, it’s a win!!

    My favorite alpha letter so far!!

    • Know what I realized this afternoon? I left out the McRoll legs! I had all the pics ready on on one computer, but I used my laptop to create the post and didn’t get them transferred. Grrrrr.

      We still have nice Alex legs and loins to look at (and think about). That’s a win, for sure!

  4. “And…you can’t even see the lanai in this one. If you’d like to lodge a formal complaint to TPTB here at Ohana Happy Hour, go right ahead. Otherwise, enjoy the view. :)”
    OMG, so many hilarious observations for the letter L, but that has to be my all-time favorite!! I’m still laughing!
    Nice, nice views! 😉

  5. Legs + leis + loins = perfection! Thanks for including Danno’s vs. Steve’s view on ties on cruise ships, I love that! As to helping you up off the floor, that won’t do, but I can keep you company down here 😉

  6. Very gorgeous post ( can you say that 😉 ? ) – so many beautiful pics and comments! Loins and legs, hilarious! But the best English word I’ve learnt this week is “happy trail”! That really is a huge gain to my vocabulary 😉 !
    I love Kono’s sincere laugh, I’ve seen her like that before and I’m happy that they have so much fun doing H5O, because I have fun watching it too!

  7. This is a totally random comment, I just had to say that it excited me to see one of my own graphic designs (the red/white/black aloha print digital paper you used in the L photo collage) in YOUR design 🙂 I stumbled across it on Pinterest and had to do a double take! Super fun blog! I’m a huge H50 fan, too. Going to season 2’s sunset on the beach premiere showing in Waikiki was an awesome experience 🙂

    • Reallyl? That is amazing! That’s from the Aloha Friday papers that I bought awhile ago. 🙂 I have a handful of Hawaiian/Beach theme scrapbook things that I use for H50 graphics. Is that a sign that I’m obsessed? 😀 I bet it was amazing to go to SOTB!! Wow!

      • LOL Yep! I lived in Hawaii for about 4 years and designed several digi scrapping things with a Hawaiian type theme, including that Aloha Friday Paper Pack 🙂 Such a totally wild moment for me to see it on Pinterest LOL. Made my day!! I’m used to seeing my stuff show up in scrapbooking layout galleries occasionally but this was a particular little thrill! Thanks for using it hehehehe.

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