Woman’s Day #H50

That lei-making club that Steve started has really paid off!


22 thoughts on “Woman’s Day #H50

  1. An innocent flower decoration making one’s imagination run wild 😛 ! I may need help – or I may need to grow up, for leis make me giggle like I’m 12. Thank you for the fun!! Also, this: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  2. Hehe!! LOVE ^^ the comments ^^ !! 😆 Except anytime I look at a flower now I pull a silly smile as I vividly visualise Steve’s leis. I was also clicking the magazine to see if there are more leis inside, as the cover promises – but it was false advertising 😦

    • We have a fun group of people here! Sorry, you’ll have to dream up your own pictures (which will probably be much better than anything I could photoshop.)

      I laugh nearly every time I see a Woman’s Day magazine in a store. I’m sure the people at Target think I’m a lunatic.

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