You Write the Caption

This game always goes well on LiveJournal, so let’s see how well it works here. Pretty simple: You Write the Caption. What’s going on here? 🙂

My two favorites from LJ:

“Danno, I didn’t do that explo… thing.” -galadriel34

“I put MY left foot in, and then I take it out? This makes no sense, Danny. What is this all about?” -kaige68


17 thoughts on “You Write the Caption

  1. Danny, why are you blaming me! I didn’t do it and I don’t need help either. Altough your offer to pay for it is very generous!!

  2. Grace asked me to take ballet lessons too? I think you are trying to con me into wearing pink tights with you, and that’s not going to happen, Danny. I’m a United States Navy Seal. I do not prance around on my toes in a tutu.

    • Steve would never do a thing like that! Danny should know better.

      Now I’m thinking about that rant where Danny said Steve was good at driving through fields in 3rd world countries, but Danny should drive on the streets of Honolulu because he’s been trained for it!

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