Trivia Time: 2X23 Ua Hala (Death in the Family)

This is a trivia post I wrote about a year ago and am reposting here on the new blog. It focuses on the season finale from season 2. As before, the only “prize” is that you get to look at some nice pictures! That’s not a bad thing, right? 🙂

1. The main crime story in this episode involved Five-0 tracking down a woman who shot a police officer. The woman had been arrested for bank robbery 5 years earlier. Who were the arresting officers?
A. Ponch Poncherello and Jon Baker from CHiPs, and she commented that Steve and Danny reminded her of them
B. Frank Delano and Vince Fryer
C. SpongeBob and Patrick

Frank Delano, now a resident of Halawa, gets a visit from Steve and Danny

2. The woman also shot sweet Max! While he was recovering in the hospital, Kamekona visited and brought tofu, shrimp, and what else?
A. Balloons that said “Live Long and Prosper”
B. A Ms. Pacman video game, because he’s sure that Max can beat Triple Banana
C. Steve’s wallet, since he always forgets to bring it and someone else has to pay

Ever make it to Double Pretzel?

3. Danny needed to take a personal phone call while he and Steve were in the car. Steve, being the nice cooperative guy that he is, offered to do what, so that Danny could speak privately?
A. Calmly pull over in the Starbucks parking lot and run inside for a chai tea
B. Put on his headphones and watch an episode of CHiPs
C. Stick his head out the window and drive with his feet, because he’s got great toe control

But can he play PacMan with those feet?

3A. How many people would like to see Steve demonstrate his toe control?
A. Everyone
B. All of us
C. Depends on what he does with those toes

Toes. Enough said.

4. Joe promised to finally take Steve to the real Shelburne. As they prepared to leave for Japan, Steve tried to telephone Danny, telling Joe, “If I leave another note for Danny saying I’m going to Japan, he’ll never speak to me again.” How does Joe respond?
A. “You could really confuse him if you speak with that Australian accent. Go ahead, give it a try.”
B. “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”
C. “I heard you have great toe control.”

“G’day, Mate.”

5. Where does Joe take Steve at the end of the episode?
A. Suruga Bay, Japan
B. The Japanese Pavilion at Epcot Center
C. The 23rd Annual Body Armor and Weapons Accessories Fashion Show, to see the latest styles of thigh holsters (he heard that they now come in new fashion colors, including glow-in-the-dark)

Will they go to the German pavilion next?

Here’s your prize! (Just the picture, not the people)

How did you do?
1. B. Frank Delano and Vince Fryer
2. A. Balloons that said “Live Long and Prosper”
3. C. Stick his head out the window and drive with his feet, because he’s got great toe control
3A. All answers are correct. Bonus points if you have a picture of Steve using his toe control.
4. B. “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”
5. A. Suruga Bay, Japan


11 thoughts on “Trivia Time: 2X23 Ua Hala (Death in the Family)

  1. I missed the one about SpongeBob and Patrick. I was sure it went down like that. LMAO! Thanks for trivia time! It’s such great fun!! ❤

  2. Do i have to turn in my fan card because I’m short on time so i just looked at the pics this time? 🙂 That last pic. unnnnfff.

    You’re so good at this!! so much fun!!

  3. I remember this from last year and I still struggled! LOL!
    Mmmm, naked Steve and Danny feet! I am such a perv! And you’re my enabler! *hugs!*

  4. LOL, this is hilarious!! Thank you so much!! I can hardly type for laughing and I think my neighbours are just now calling the authorities because they think there’s a runaway hyena around.

    If you have more of these, I’ll be very happy if you reblog some from time to time. It’s not in the least less fun when the quiz refers to not-so-recent episodes.

    Also, the last pic, unfff indeed… I wish I were Danno. I’m already as grumpy as him, so I’m surely deserving 😉 .

    • Thank you, Ms. Hyena! 🙂 I will keep posting old things (they’re so easy since they’re already written 🙂 ).

      I could totally believe you would hang all over Steve like that, grumpy or not. 😉

  5. I was just finishing my rewatch with this ep of season 2 and now I stumbled over this post, perfect!
    I like it, that you mentioned one of my fav scenes: Steve and Joe talking about Danny and telling him that they leave for Japan again, “is that a good thing or a bad thing!” 😆 and then Steve flashes one of his dead-gorgeous smiles to Joe (I have to ask Paula to do a gif 😉 )
    I did 100 percent right, 😆 I’m so proud, does that make me a H5O-Ultimate-FAN?

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