Monday Magic: N #H50 #alexoloughlin

Woot, it’s been 2 weeks and I’m ready to get to the next letter. My friend Amber suggested “Naughty Natives” for the letter N, but I couldn’t find any good pics for that! I’ll let you dream up your own. πŸ™‚ Maybe I’ll find some before the next trip through the alphabet. In the meantime, let’s see what the letter N does have for us!

N is for….

US Navy

And my favorite Navy guy, Lieutenant Commander Steven J. McGarrett

Of course, Steve has lots of Navy friends, like Joe

And Catherine.

And lots of Navy uniforms (Arm porn alert!)

The in-uniform version of the 1000-yard stare?

Perhaps Steve is saying, “You’re a good SEAL, Joe, but the uniform doesn’t have the same effect when you wear it.”Β 

I’ll pause from my uniform-induced drooling for a moment to mention that the Navy also has some wonderful traditions and honors.

Back to the drooling now. N is also for…


He’s purposely showing off that gorgeous neck here (I’m sure of it!)

And here

Owww, a neck boo-boo!

And a close-up

Back of the neck is good, too. Am I wrong?

Steve isn’t the only one who makes me think of necking.

You know who gets my attention first, right?

IΒ miss the ties on Danny in S2, but I did love how the lack of neck wear made his neck (and chest) easier to view.

See? He wants to make sure I notice the newly bared neck. (What? You didn’t hear him say, “Look, Anna, just for you!”?)

Nice necks create naughty notions

I saved one of my favorite views of Steve for last. πŸ™‚


Remember the Noodle House where Steve and Wo Fat met? Steve was supposed to be meeting Jena, but this guy showed up instead. He mentioned that Steve might not like the McGarrett family secrets that he might find. And now we know that he was talking about how McMom was going to drive Steve crazy once she came back from the dead, because she’s a bi—-. Maybe that’s not what he meant (since he was so surprised to see her in the season 3 premiere), but it turned out to be true.

They were quietly making huge noodles one night….

Steve was drinking his tiny little glass of beer….

When Wo Fat himself showed up! Why wasn’t Steve’s SEAL radar tingling?

It was okay, though, because Steve brought his “little friend.”

I keep going back to this scene with the current cliffhanger mystery. I have this feeling that McMom might be a double agent, not just CIA exclusively.


Steve just had to know what Danny was carrying in that paper bag!

Is it some special deep-fried sandwich from Jersey?

“Must you know every detail of my life?” Classic!!!!!!!!!

No, it’s a salad! Grace wants him to eat nutritiously.

That’s kind of sweet. πŸ™‚

And, since the majority of this post has been about how I lust after these men, let’s finish with one of my (probably weird) quirks. I love the

Nekkid trigger finger




33 thoughts on “Monday Magic: N #H50 #alexoloughlin

  1. I absolutely love his neck, especially that little area right under the earlobe, the back of his neck and the hollow of his throat, followed closely by that nekkid trigger finger. Both bring to mind very, very vivid images of – go ahead use your imagination to finish the sentence!

    • OOPS got so excited I hit post comment too early. premature post-u-lation. Never good. 😦

      Anywho….A post that Steve in uniform, Steve and Catherine, that gorgeous NECK *unfff* and S1 McG emo hotness?? *bless you*
      No, Joe…the same feeeeelings are not elicited when you wear the uni. Sorry.

      • Grrr.ok, my browser is screwing with me (not in the good way) and keeps cutting off my replies. Sorry for the comment bomb on your post.. I have to break them up. Must be because I’m at work. LOL!
        That neck. Holy hell. One of his finest attributes. A lot of men’s necks are too skinny or too wide (if it’s wider than your head, that’s just WRONG). All the men on this show have great necks…though I focus mainly on just one. Yes the back of his neck is perfect too and the boo boo on his neck, I should have been there to kiss it and make it better. πŸ™‚

  2. Steve’s tiny glass for his beer still cracks me up! Especially in his large hands. HI-larious! Wow this was such a great scene. Back when things were new and shiny. I said this after 2.22 and again after 3.24 that they should let WoFat and McG “talk” more because these two together are dynamite…not just in the physical BAMF-ing kind of way but when they go at it verbally it makes my hair stand on end.
    The nosy lunch guy. HA! I forgot about that scene. Hehe. two years later and Steve is still nosy. Gotta love that about him. πŸ™‚

    • Somehow, I knew you would be willing to kiss his neck and make it better. Except you would have kept going…. πŸ™‚

      I thought about his gigantic hands, too, with that tiny glass! He has such amazing hands. You’re right, it would be great to have more conversations between these two. They’re both highly intelligent, and that can make for interesting, high-energy exchanges. Not high-energy like my Danny, with waving and yelling, but that subtle and intense way they both can channel that same energy.

      • “Not high-energy like my Danny, with waving and yelling,”- LMAO I just had a vision of McG and WoFat going at each other with hand waving and yelling and Danny breaking them up going, “girls, girls….” Slap fight. Heheh.

        The neck kiss…of course I’d keep going! Just to make him feel better. I mean, it’s only the NICE thing to do, yeah?

      • That scene in the noodles shop was great! Steve’s close-up face with those beautiful angry/hot/teary eyes, and his sligthly shoved forward chin, and flarred nose said so much about his disgust for WF! I agree those two need another hot scene! (I’ve watched at least a hundred times how he snapped the safety clip back on his gun under the table, so frkn hot!)

  3. Man, I had a lot to say! Have I put you to sleep yet? Ok, the nekkid trigger finger. I’m a fan of all 10 of his fingers so I personally don’t like the gloves…they ruin the ability to see his whole hand. His other 9 fingers have the same right to screen time as his trigger finger. They need to stand up and fight for their right! <–hee hee. Ok, i may be a bit loopy today.

    • You never put me to sleep! I love how you always have lots to say! But there’s something about all the covered fingers that’s–enticing. Like I want to start with that already-nekkid finger, then slowly uncover each additional finger until they all get their fair share of screen time. ‘Cause I’m worried about that screen time issue, with Actors Equity and all. πŸ˜‰

      • Actors Equity!!
        Now I have this vision of peeling the fings of his gloves down like a banana until they’re all exposed then…… O.o <<–I blame my breakfast banana smoothie for that one…and you. (thank you)

      • Now you’re getting the idea of the nekkid trigger finger and the gloves. Although I loved and laughed about the unfair treatment of the other nine fingers. Perhaps you should kiss those, too, to make them feel better?

      • Actors Equity (I had to check with my dictionary πŸ˜‰ !!)
        Alex’s Equity, I guess, is priceless then, huh?

  4. This one had me LOLing!! Great work & beautiful collage as always! The “what’s in the bag” scene is still one of my favorites of the entire show! Thanks for the happy memories with that one. πŸ˜€

    • Thanks so much! That scene has just always been a standout Classic to me. Steve was so obsessed! Yes, Danny, he must know every detail. So start spilling.

  5. I wish you’d ever share what you really think, ESS. πŸ˜†
    This was a wonderful treat today! Best pics evah! N IS for Navy… at least it will be for me from now on. Thank you!!!!

  6. What a fantastic afternoon pick-me-up (after I fell out of my chair at the necks)! My favorite:
    Nice necks create naughty notions
    Like we needed any more encouragement, Anna!
    Love N!! Thank you!!

    • Amber, in preparation for the “O” next week (hee hee), I suggest you start at the lowest point in the room, this would probaby be the floor, surround yourself with pillows, smelling salts and notify your next of kin. Just in case.

      Safety first. πŸ™‚

  7. “The in-uniform version of the 1000-yard stare?” That pictures is just *smashing*! I can’t say all the things I love about this pic! His stare, the half open mouth, his eyes shadowed by the hat, his perfect jaw line, the nose – his lips look like they are dried out and he wants to open his mouth but they’re somehow glued together a little bit (I can’t explain it the right way, because English isn’t my native language!)
    Anyway, hot Hot HOT! With every letter my trip down memory lane gets more wonderful, thanks a lot for all the big work! It’s wonderful!
    I.Love.The.Comments.Here πŸ˜† !

    • I think I got the point–that mouth looks perfect–and your English is great! That pic is from the deleted scenes of the pilot.

      I’m so glad you like! I have such a great time with all the comments. Those make it 1000% better!

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