Woman’s Day


10 thoughts on “Woman’s Day

  1. So Steve is the reason they make those warnings on shampoo that it should not be taken internally? He can’t tell the difference in the stuff to put ON your hair vs in your mouth? lol!!!

    Danno does know his products! 😉

  2. When I joined the H50 fandom back in February I did not understand the whole “Women’s Day” subject nor the pictures with Steve and the magazine until recently when I bought S2 and watched Episode 2. Steve is waiting for the governor while reading THAT magazine.It finally clicked. I know what you must think, I’m so late lol but it had been a while since I watched Season 2 🙂 but thank you for this funny pics. 😛

    • That is funny!!!! Take a look at the “Woman’s Day” page on the blog, too, even though you now understand that whole point! I didn’t start out with the intention of doing a whole series, but it kind of evolved into that.

      Thanks for reading even though you didn’t get it at first! 🙂

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