Monday Magic: P #H50

*Sigh* I am still kind of tired after the letter O last week, plus all the excitement this week over the blessing ceremony and start of filming for S4! Can you believe it’s coming?

That does remind me of something I need to mention to you. I think I will have to move Monday Magic to another day later in the week, once the new season starts. With the new episodes airing on Fridays, I’ll be busy with the recap/picspam on the weekends and won’t have time to get these posts ready, too. I think Thursday might be good.

Are you ready?

P is for….


My unscientific survey results suggest that Steve uses his phone the most.

One time he used the little bluetooth ear piece.

Danny wasn’t happy about it, but mostly because it meant Steve couldn’t pay attention to McMom verbally attacking Danny.

Sometimes they use the speakerphone. Uh-huh.

Kono and Chin can use the speakerphone, too, although their shirts are buttoned while they talk. (I wonder why they didn’t just talk through the magic table computer speakers?)

I have no specific reason for this one, other than I think Wo Fat is hot and I wanted to include a picture of him.

Danny gets to talk on the phone sometimes, too. Notice that Danny’s bluetooth is apparently not the primary when it comes to syncing to his car? Nope, Steve must get priority!

Sometimes it really isn’t correct to answer the phone.

Our Five-0 team makes full use of their phones, using them to take and display photos, too. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Danny trying to use twitter or Pinterest? I wonder what boards he and Steve would have?

Phones can provide some good times, too. Like when Danny’s nephew emails everyone a nice pic of Danny. πŸ˜‰

Danny wasn’t happy about it. But I was!!!!

Palm trees

Most of the time they’re in the background, and I don’t notice them much because of the great scenery in the foreground. But they are so Hawaiian! (We don’t have them where I live. We have Ponderosa pine trees, if you were wondering.)

I just thought this was a particularly pretty beach with palm trees. (We don’t have beaches either.)

I’m sure there’s a palm tree somewhere in this picture. Or maybe nearby. Like way off to the right, maybe just out of the frame. Uh-huh.

Count on Kono to make a palm tree part of the actual story!

Sometimes Chin wears a palm tree on his shirt.

Sometimes the suspects wear them. At least for awhile.

Pacific OceanΒ 


Our team has some handsome ones!

How about a plaid profile and related pics, to finish our day?


22 thoughts on “Monday Magic: P #H50

  1. Wonderful! It’s like… wait for it… Paradise! ha! I’ll follow you to Thursdays for Thursday Thrills? πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for the giggles, I still can’t get over the idea of Danno and Steve using Twitter, LOL!! I think Danno would tweet selfies of his good hair days and Steve’s account would look like an advertisement for guns’n’ammo and cargo pants. πŸ˜€ Also, Thursday Titillation? I can’t wait!

  3. Pretty profiles, phones and palm trees all add up to Paradise!! What can I say – looking at the plaid has created a puddle outta me!! Cant wait for Totally Titillating, Thrilling Thursdays!!

  4. I’m still looking for the Pacific Ocean in those pics. Are you sure it was there?

    You had me at Profile….then you threw in the plaid. Plaid Profile. I think you’re trying to kill me. (keep going) Love it babe!!

  5. Wow!!! Now, you know I’m all about Steve, but that Danny sure has a beautiful profile!! Thanks for getting me all confused and conflicted. ….can I have them both?

    • Dagnabit, now you’ve gone and guessed what your birthday present is! πŸ˜‰

      Don’t be confused and conflicted, my dear. It’s a normal reaction when presented with two such fine specimens of hot and handsome maleness. It shows you have fine taste!!!

  6. This is just super perfect, thanks so much! I’m late this week but it is so much fun to go through all the funny comments, and Thursday it is (now in switerland) so I don’t mind at all you moving your post to any day of the week, I was thinking of “Terrific Thursday” but I see, there’re so many more interesting words “like Titillation, Thrilling” πŸ˜† !!!
    2 thoughts: Kono on the palm tree, great scene with Danny (“you’re spending to much time with McGarrett” I love it when they say that!!!) – and those two pics of Steve shirtless, what a difference one year can make, I’m so glad he’s more meaty again, looks so much more healthy!
    And BTW, I don’t live near palm trees either, but we have oaks and fir trees and no beach but rivers πŸ˜‰

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