Monday Magic: R #H50

R you Ready for Monday? I may not be Ready to go back to work, but I am Ready to share my H50 Ramblings. 🙂

R is for….


Our heroes need their rest, although sometimes they have a tough time getting it.

Sometimes a monkey keeps you awake

Sometimes the sound of the ocean (AKA Hawaiian Water Torture) keeps you awake

Or maybe Elvis?

A great deal on gold coins on Home Shopping Network would keep even a SEAL awake!

Having company in your hospital room could keep you awake.

I think we need to reexamine that shopping network scene again.

Chin found out that handcuffs can disturb your rest. (Just stop right now with those comments about handcuffing Steve so he couldn’t rest. Yes, I know that’s what you were thinking.)

How about noisy ninjas downstairs that wake you up?

Or nosy noisy mothers downstairs?

Ahhhh, finally Steve gets some rest!


We heard about her from the very first episode, but we didn’t get to meet her until episode 10.

We found out in that episode that she still cared about Danny. Of course!

By the end of the first season, she was back on good terms with him.

Good enough that he helped her deliver her baby! (Good enough that they thought the baby was his at first!)

Race (Remember that episode? Heihei in Hawaiian. 🙂 )

We met Steve the Sexy Handyman

The contents of an armored car got dropped into the ocean…

So someone had to get nekkid into swim gear and dive for it.

Steve tried to scare everyone with a squid.

We learned that 150 people are killed each year by falling coconuts (But we didn’t find out if the coconuts were carried by African or European swallows 😦 )

Danny took Steve to Rachel’s house.

I wanted to hug the stuffing out of Danny because he was so sad.

We learned that Steve likes tea.

Danny used his Hello Kitty computer. Awwww…..

Each member of Team 5-0 was BAMF and took down a bad guy.

And Grace and Danno got a little moment together. 🙂


(The sound I make when I look at the following pics)


20 thoughts on “Monday Magic: R #H50

  1. “I think we need to reexamine that shopping network scene again.” hmmm I was expecting it at LEAST a 3rd… TY for all the hard work love the choices.. who wouldn’t…shirtless Steve, Danny’s backside, a gratutious shirt Chen, and Kono in there too…yeah Monday magic for me

  2. 😆 a little Marcus & Jack snuck in there!!

    And I’m pretty sure the air-speed of those falling coconuts depends on the type of swallows but also on how many coconuts they are each laden with… 😉

    *sigh* I like so many of these pics of Danny I can’t choose my favorite.

    • Falling coconuts could be the next worldwide pandemic!!!! Eek! 😉 I’m so weird, and I’m so glad you put up with it.

      You don’t have to choose a favorite Danny. Any Danny will do. 🙂

  3. I kinda liked Rachel a lot, “she’s cool” Steve got that right! I was sad when they figured out it wasn’t Danny’s baby after all, how disappointing it was for Danny 😦 !
    I’ll join you with the “Rrrawwwr” and the pic with Cath, LOOK AT that vein on his bizeps, so sexy! And his hair was perfect!
    Thanks for another fantastic Magic Monday! There’s always a reason to show some nekkid Steve and that’s fabulous with me 😆 ! Way to go !!

    • IKR, I felt SO bad for Danny. Seems like she’s totally out of the picture now. It would be nice if she’d be back in S4.

      I do kind of always have some half-nekkid pictures every week, don’t I? Hmmmm, wonder why? Maybe because they’re DELICIOUS!!!

      • That was a pretty messed up story line. Kind of a bit soap opera-ish. 😦 I liked Rachel and Danny’s relationship before that pipe bomb went off. lol

  4. Thx for making my Monday! And for my favorite blog! You make the five o fandom more fun. As for the re examining of the photos… I am an art director, I was looking for inconsistentcies…yeah, that’s it. I was working…. Hugs from NJ!

  5. Wow! There was a LOT to this one! I was trying to figure out how sexy steve the handyman worked with R but I get it now. I must have missed your explanation…can’t imagine what distracted me! Any time we get to see Steve in that white tank top is WINNING in my book. I wonder if Alex wears one when he handymans around Casa O’Loughlin?? I digress…

    Rrrrrawrrrr!!! I may or may not have made that sound too. (i totes did) and how much do I love that Jack and Russell made a cameo appearance here? ***********************THIS******************************************************* much!!

    You know for a minute between Sexy Steve the Handyman and all the Shirtless pics, I thought today’s letter was S! Then i realized it was R and was veRy, veRy, happy because we still have S to look forward too! I’ll start off…S stands for SQUEEEEE!!!

    • R was a surprisingly difficult letter for me, so I took the easy way out and followed the “race” episode. You would think R would be easy, but not this time! Maybe we’ll come up with more before we get back through the alphabet.

      Yes, S and (I expect) T will be chock full o’ goodness, I hope! If I survive sorting through those pics. Russell, Jack, who knows who might show up! Yeah, I may not survive this.

      Do you think Alex handymans for reals? *thud* Tool belt. *double thud*

      • If you need any gifs, let me know!

        oh yeah, Alex is a handyman. He’s talked about it several times. I know…it’s just not fair. Talent, looks, personality, AND he can unclog your drain…if you know what I mean.

  6. Sorry my first comment on your blog was so naughty…where are my manners?
    Fantastic post…so much pretty…so much to love…so much to drool over! RRRRawr….is Right!!!!

    • Naughty? If you’ve read even one post, you should know that naughty is normal here!!! And much of it originates with me. 🙂

      Thanks for the comments!

  7. I can’t come up with a snazzy letter R reply because the Monte Python swallow joke caught me off guard and made me laugh while I was drinking water then I choked. roflmao
    the post and pics were grrrrreat though…. i did a little thing there. lol

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