Trivia Time: Ohana, 1×02 #H50

Did you know that H50 will soon be making its syndication premier on TNT? Yes, August 8! To celebrate, let’s take a look back at the second episode of S1, Ohana.
(This is a trivia quiz that I originally posted on LiveJournal well over a year ago. I’ve revamped it and added new pictures. 🙂 )

1. We get to enjoy a little montage of each team member before they head to the office in the morning. Steve is emerging from a swim in the ocean, and we hear a voiceover of his Dad speaking. He says when Steve was 5 years old, his dad asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. Steve said what?
A. “I want to be a travel agent.”
B. “I want to a roving reporter for Woman’s Day.”
C. “I want to be cop, Dad, like you.”

2. Danny walks into Steve’s house uninvited! In the course of their conversation, Steve gives Danny some fashion tips about how to dress in Hawaii. He specifically talks about two items of clothing that Danny is wearing that are wrong. What are they?
A. An Indiana Jones fedora hat and bunny slippers
B. A tie and patent leather loafers
C. His dress white Navy uniform and purple socks**

3. Steve, Danny, and Chin track a criminal to the roof of a hotel. At the end of the roof scene, Steve goes the wrong way and walks away from the stairway instead of towards it. What does he say when Danny points out this mistake?
A. “I was going to parachute off the building because I am a tough Navy SEAL and we never use the stairs.”
B. “Shut up!”
C. “I am not going anywhere until you call for backup. I do everything by the book.”

4. After this scene on the roof, Danny behaves like—well, like Danny. He yells at Steve. They have a cargument about Steve’s behavior and Danny tells him that “Immunity and means does not entitle you to….” what?
A. “…to hang a guy off a roof!”
B. “…to borrow my tie! Some things are sacred, even on this island!”
C. “…to keep your shirt on all the time! Remember, it must come off at least twice per episode!”

5. Near the end of the episode, Kono spends time with the son of the man who was kidnapped (Roland). She’s going to teach him some origami, and she tells him about the time she once made what?
A. 1000 paper cranes for her cousin’s wedding
B. 1000 pizzas with ham and pineapple
C. 1000 prank phone calls to Chin’s cell phone

1. C. “I want to be cop, Dad, like you.”
2. B. A tie and patent leather loafers*
3. B. “Shut up!”
4. A. “…to hang a guy off a roof!”
5. A. 1000 paper cranes for her cousin’s wedding

*Yes, he said “patent leather loafers.” In case you aren’t a fashion-conscious person, patent leather is that shiny kind that you can see your reflection in. Danny does not wear patent leather.

**Danny doesn’t have dress whites, of course, because he isn’t in the Navy. He would look nice if he did, though, IMHO. 🙂

A couple bonus pics


17 thoughts on “Trivia Time: Ohana, 1×02 #H50

  1. Ha ha! Danny keeps his shirt on way too much, in my opinion. Steve is more accommodating, but we need to campaign for Danny to take it off!!

  2. I am so excited about the show starting on TNT! Another chance for more fans of the show and the cast! This was a great quiz! I got them all correct too 😉

  3. 100%, my brain isn’t as fried as I thought lol I’m ready to head back to school! I love this! You should definitely do more

    • I knew you could do it! 🙂 School would be easy if it was as interesting as H50 and the teachers all looked like Steve and Danny. Oh, wait, I’d never be able to concentrate if they were beautiful like that.

  4. I’m last but the pesky day job gets in my way… I got them all right .. I doubt “My professors would be proud” LOL but I am! Hey that Magna Cum Laud from all those years ago comes in handy sometimes… Hugs… Mari

    • Comments and readers are welcome here whenever there’s time! I am the queen of being late to the party when it comes to commenting and replying to blogs. 🙂 I’m just glad you made it! I think you should be summa cum laude for H50!

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