Trivia Time! Huaka’ i kula (Field Trip) #H50

Trivia Time 3×10 Huaka’ i kula (Field Trip)

In this episode, Steve and Danny go camping with Grace’s Aloha Girls troop. Despite the sweetness of the idea, they end up getting into some trouble. Go figure!

1. Lucy (one of the Aloha Girls) and Steve are kidnapped by a thief, Ron, who is wounded and stranded in the jungle. Why was he there?
A. He was flying over the jungle and had to parachute out of his plane before it crashed.
B. That’s what people in Hawaii do on Saturday night.
C. He was looking for Peyton Manning and figured Danny would know how to find him.

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Monday Magic: S

It’s Monday! That used to mean an episode of The Show, but no more. 😦 However, until the new season starts, it does mean a new installment of Monday Magic. That’s worth something, right? Guess what we’re looking at this week? The letter S!

S is for…

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