Monday Magic: S

It’s Monday! That used to mean an episode of The Show, but no more. 😦 However, until the new season starts, it does mean a new installment of Monday Magic. That’s worth something, right? Guess what we’re looking at this week? The letter S!

S is for…


Anyone who has known me for awhile probably knows that terrific shoulders make me weak in the knees. And all the guys on this show have great shoulders! How did that happen?

Can you guess who these beautiful shoulders belong to?

I think they were modeling just for me.

And when you put those muscular shoulders to work….


Where would we be if we didn’t have Kamekona and his shrimp truck?

We wouldn’t have anywhere to hang out!

Or try all the great new foods.

Where would we go on a dinner date?

Where could we go that’s dog friendly?

They even deliver to hospitals! At least when it’s our Ohana.



They always make me smile!

Sang Min

He’s so slimy and sleazy, yet he’s silly, too.

I saved this one for last.


This is Β under the category of “It’s my blog and I can include the pics I like”

And pantsless

There must a reason that Alex takes her shirt off so often, no matter what show or movie or photoshoot he’s in.

One of my most favs. I think it’s that broad chest. One big bear hug and I would never let go!

Now I’m tired….


15 thoughts on “Monday Magic: S

  1. Thank you!! You made me giggle πŸ˜€ . And drool. I’m very glad to see that all the letters are ultimately about nekkidness πŸ˜› …It’s just a shame that pantslessness was not represented by too many pics, I’d love some more for research purposes…

    • You noticed that nekkidness seems to appear quite often? Hmmmm, guess I’d better work on keeping that part of my mind better hidden. πŸ˜‰ Or not!

  2. What a Sizzling and Stunning Spectacle of Stupendous photos to make us Swoon while on Summer hiatus. Whew, I need a cold Shower! Please have a Sangria and of course, a Shrimp plate from Kamekona’s ready when I am done. πŸ˜‰

    (woohoo I’m back baby! rofl)

    Have you considered repeating the alphabet when your done? Maybe do the Hawaiian or Cyrillic or Greek alphabet????? I dunno how those last two would translate, but….

  3. S stands for SICK! Which I was at the beginning of the week and missed this post which Stinks because I was Seriously looking forward to it!! I just knew S was going to be Stupendous!!

    shoulders (that last one in the green polo…..Sigh)
    shirtless (all of them)
    smiles ❀

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