Woman’s Day Chia Pet? #H50


19 thoughts on “Woman’s Day Chia Pet? #H50

  1. Hahahaha Steve’s face and Danny’s laughing face, sort of reminds me of the rooftop scene where Steve was walking in the wrong direction. Love it!

  2. OH. MAH. GAWD. I choked on my water and got some on my laptop! BWAAHAAHAAHAAHAA. The looks on their faces go perfectly with the Chia pet. hahahahahahahahahahahaha….. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…… omg…… I can’t breathe…..

  3. ^^ You already said it all: ^^ their faaaaaaces are just aawww!! Especially Danno’s face is so adorable!! Chia pet, LOL: any tips on how to get coffee out of the keyboard?

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