Monday Magic: T #H50

It’s T day!! Do you know what that means? Time for some terrific and tasty team pictures. And maybe an extra person or two. 🙂 So grab your tea and let’s get to it. (Warning: Sexiness Ahead)

T is for…..


Of course, Alex has tats. :mrgreen:

Coincidentally, Steve has nice tattoos, also. Just not as many as Alex does. *g*

As much as I love the bare-chested look and the full view with the sleeveless shirt, a part of me adores the sexy look of tats peeking out from under the sleeves of those t-shirts.

Danny has some tattoos of his own, you know.

Michael looked quite nice with his ink.

Thigh Holsters

Especially nice when attached to a SEAL

Whether you like the white pants or not, you must admit they show off the thigh holsters nicely.

Chin looks mighty nice in his holster!

Okay, Steve, you’re just flaunting for us now (don’t stop!).


And how could we not start with My Danny?

Matching shirt and tie ensemble

Polky dots!

Potential prom date tie

Yikes, stripes!

PS: I love the “Hot-N-Ready” pizza box in the foreground. You know it!

Almost-touching-the-table tie

The only tan tie (as far I remember)

After S1 he indulged occasionally, with great results (IMHO).

Max wore ties in S1, but no one ever made fun of him. Probably because Danny is the one who usually makes fun of him, and he approves of ties to make oneself look professional.  ;p

Wo Fat wears ties, and no one makes fun of him, either. Wonder what would happen if they did?

Chin sported a tie for McDad’s funeral. [Sigh] He looks so lost.

Steve looks quite dashing in his ties


Yes, I’m going there. *looks around innocently*

Chin shows some tongue action.

Whatcha thinkin’ about, Danny?

Whatca thinkin’ about, Steve?

Danny is hands-down the kind of tongue pictures.

But Steve gets in his share of licks. *g*

Tony Archer

One of my favorite guys!

I will never forget the “should we count to 3” thing!

Hugs to all of you, too, my wonderful H50 peeps!!!


14 thoughts on “Monday Magic: T #H50

  1. Thanks for the ties and the tongue! (I hope this didn’t come out wrong 😳 …) I never paid much attention to Danny’s ties but now they’re giving me ideas. Also, Wo Fat in a tie! Yummy 🙂 … I won’t even start about the tongues…

  2. Tatts, thigh [holster]s, ties and tongues – don’t know which tickles my thoughts and fuels my imagination into hyper-drive more! Thanks! It’s just what I need on this gray, humid, rainy Monday morning! Sigh…

      • Me, too! I just noticed my typo in my 1st post. Sorry, I don’t type well as it is and I was blinded my Steve in photo #1. Once, before I die, can I do a photo shoot with something that hot? I’m an Art Director, I’ve hired and shot models a thousand times. But. Thud.

  3. Love them all! The tats, the tongue, the ties, the thighs…. oh wait the “thigh holsters”…. anything with McG, I’m there! Lol 😛

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