Monday Magic: U

Welcome to Monday! Are U ready for some some Monday fUn? We’re Up to the letter U this week!

U is for….


We’ve met some of Kono and Chin Ho’s (apparently large) family, including his Uncle Choi, who lives in a quaint home with chickens in the yard. (Does everyone in Hawaii have chickens in the front yard? I mean, how many times have we seen this?)

File this one under “It’s my blog”

And let’s not forget Uncle Steve!

He remembers to pick Grace up after school and take her to visit her sick Danno.

He goes camping with the Aloha Girls.

He teaches those Aloha Girls valuable skills. This annoys Danno, which Uncle Steve considers a bonus!

He knows how important it is for Grace to keep her twitter feed updated.

And they casually hold hands, just like a good uncle should!

Unbelievably gorgeous!


We have a plethora of uniforms in this show, although the majority are Navy uniforms.

Still, we have a few police uniforms, too. Including a New Jersey one!

Kono and Chin wear HPD, of course.

Did you know they have uniform coveralls? I didn’t.

Fake uniforms still count, right?

Camo makes it a uniform, I think. Or maybe it’s just that I have a real thing for camo.

Real Navy unforms!

Yeah, I definitely have a thing for camo.

That’s all, folks! A short one this week!


17 thoughts on “Monday Magic: U

  1. YAY!! I didn’t miss it this week!

    “He teaches those Aloha Girls valuable skills. This annoys Danno, which Uncle Steve considers a bonus!” <<— this is why I love you. I love your sense of humor babe. LMAO!

    OOOh lots of goodies and silly me was wondering what in the heck would you have for U? I apparently have zero imagination. O.o

    Zero imagination but i do have eyes and yum, yum!! Great captions!!

    • Thanks so much! It’s encouraging to know that someone appreciates my quirky sense of humor!!

      You do indeed have a great eye for yum! You prove it every day on your blog!

  2. Unbelievably fantastic!! Undoubtedly, I loved everything about this post! I Usually see McGarrett in Uniform in my Unique dreams. Unfortunately, he isn’t sitting here next me.
    Some of these letters coming Up are going to be really hard. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the Newark NJ uniform shot! Hugs from Danny’s home state 🙂 we went nuts when we saw that in the episode, BTW

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