#H50 Monday Magic: The letter V

V Day! V Day! V Day!!! And what does the letter V bring us?

V is for….


Not the kind of vests you had in mind for our awesome team? Okay!

Must include camo vest.

How much stuff can you carry on that vest, Steve?

This one has always bothered me because Kono doesn’t get the same high-quality vest that the men get.

Torn up vest, because Steve is so BAMF. That’s just the kind of guy he is.

Now that’s a vest! Eyes up, ladies.


Hawaii has such lovely views. Beautiful, stimulating, gorgeous…

Everything there is so pretty. Even the asphalt roads.

Who am I kidding?

They make for an excellent view when they’re all dressed up, too. 🙂


The ultimate villain (so far), Wo Fat. He’s hot, too. In case you were wondering what I thought.

Poor Victor Hesse. We will see him no more. Although people do have a habit of returning from the dead on this show.

This villain really got to Steve.

We’re not sure if Adam is a villain, but for the sake of having nice pics in this post, I’ll include him. 🙂 He was kind of villainy-ous in this scene. What with threatening to shoot people and all.

Not all villains are handsome, even in Hawaii.

Should we end with one last look at Wo Fat? Wearing a vest?


9 thoughts on “#H50 Monday Magic: The letter V

  1. Love the Hawaiian views! Especially the one where we get Steve’s butt AND Danny’s pretty mug! What an efficient way to pack in the hotness!

  2. “Everything there is so pretty. Even the asphalt roads” 😆 especially when Steve walks on it with a hot-gree-teeshirt! Ohhhh – one’s gotta love that view!!
    S1vest4ever! I like the vest with the white shirt, gorgeous! Thanks for those wonderful memories!
    The villains, there were some good ones, the woman (she wasn’t hot but she made McG be hot 😉 ), WoFat, Michael was hot too! SangMing was cool, but he got soft ((at least with Kono), I wonder what he’s up to, isn’t he on the loose?

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