You Write the Caption

I have been super busy with school this week and haven’t had time to post anything. So how about a round of “You write the caption”? Because I have awesomely funny friends who post great responses to these!

Danny: “I picked up Grace’s Hello Kitty phone by mistake!”




19 thoughts on “You Write the Caption

  1. (Chin took a picture of Danny’s @ss!)
    Chin: “See, it’s not that bad, your butt rocks too 😆 I mean, it’s not like McG rocks but hey, who does!”
    Danny: “Thanks Chin, I’m touched! I can barely look at it!”
    Btw: I got inspired by the latest Thigh Holster over at Bamf, I really think Danny’s butt looks cute there, and he’s got that butt-shaking-walk, I really love!!!! 😆

  2. Chin: “I can’t believe we found this calendar of Sexy Naval Officers from 2006 in this crime scene.”
    Danno “I can’t look. Steve’s in it isn’t he?”
    Chin “He’s Mr. October…”
    Danno “sighhhhh”

  3. Danny: “Look at what Steve just sent me.”
    Chin: “Another topless picture? That man needs to get over himself.”

    (hahahaha I’m not complaining! Just wondering if that goes through their minds every time they see Steve topless lol)

  4. Danny – “Chin, I just can’t believe my Camaro is gone!! It’s so unfair!” sniff sniff
    Chin – “I know Danny. But check out this black one. Pretty sharp, eh?”

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