Recap/Picspam: 4×01 Aloha ke kahi i ke kahi (We Need Each Other) #H50

Geck-O-Meter: 6 Geckos 

The Show is back! The Show is back!!!!

I think I set myself up by anticipating this episode so much. I was a little disappointed that things didn’t pan out as I had expected. There were still plenty of things that I loved, though! And it was great that they worked Max and Kamekona into the episode.

As I’m looking through the screencaps I’ve collected for this post, I’m realizing that, out of about 40 caps, 5 are of Steve’s butt. And 4 are of him changing his shirt. Hmmmm…

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Thursday Thrills: Z #H50 #AlexOloughlin

It’s hard to concentrate on Thursday Thrills with all the goodies coming soon! SOTB! S4 Premier! But first, it’s time for Z!

This week’s post is a little smaller and quieter, because I have a big term paper due on Friday this week, and thus, very little time. Yes, believe it or not, no one pays me to blog, so I must have a real full-time job to supplement my H50 addiction, and that limits my school time, which in turn limits my blog time. What is the world coming to?

Z is for…

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Trivia Time

It’s almost time for S4!!! New episodes means new recaps/picspams at Ohana Happy Hour, too! So tune in right here for some fun fandom follies as we flail our way through each new adventure. I’ll usually have it up Saturday or Sunday following the Friday night broadcast. Better yet, you could subscribe and get an email every time there’s a new post!

To get us ready for the first episode of S4, let’s take a tiny look back at the final episode of S3, Aloha Malama Pono (Farewell and Take Care) as we delve into a few trivia questions. Remember, no prizes are involved, other than the pride you can have if you get all 6 right!
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Thursday Thrills: Y not? #H50

Welcome to another edition of Thursday Thrills! We’re back to “normal” this week, so no blue people ahead. And we’re almost to the S4 premier!!! *mucho jumping with glee* I can’t make an absolute promise, but there’s a very good chance that I will have a trivia quiz this weekend over the final episode of S3. 🙂

But for now, what could the letter Y bring us?

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#H50 Thursday Thrills: X, with special guests

Welcome to Thursday Thrills! It’s usually the same as Monday Magic, except…wait for it….it takes place on Thursday! The move is to accommodate H50’s new time on Fridays, because that means I’ll be doing the recap/picspam on Saturday and Sunday, so there’s no way I can have a post ready by Monday, too. ‘Cause I am lazy like that.

This week, we are doing something a little different, though. Our letter is X, and the first thing Amber and I both thought of was a topic we can’t use because this blog is rated PG-13. We had to go with out second thought instead. Amber and I are both big fans of Hugh Jackman, so our next thought was X Men! What if our beloved H50 team was really the X Men?

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Monday Magic: W #H50

Next week, we’re moving to Thursday in anticipation of The Show premiering on Friday nights! Posting on Mondays will be tough since I’ll be posting a recap/picspam on Saturday or Sunday. I can’t remember what I was going to call Thursdays, though! Was it Thursday Thrills?

Time for our last Monday Magic, this time with the letter W! Woot!

W is for….

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