Monday Magic: W #H50

Next week, we’re moving to Thursday in anticipation of The Show premiering on Friday nights! Posting on Mondays will be tough since I’ll be posting a recap/picspam on Saturday or Sunday. I can’t remember what I was going to call Thursdays, though! Was it Thursday Thrills?

Time for our last Monday Magic, this time with the letter W! Woot!

W is for….


Steve likes to get wet. He does it quite often. I approve.

Of course, it isn’t just Steve.

White pants

Wonder if we’ll see them in S4, or if he’ll have a major wardrobe change? I’d like to see the return of the tan cargoes, myself. And the gray or gray-blue cargoes, too. And more boardies, please?

Have I mentioned before how pleasant those thigh holsters look over the white pants? The artistic contrast is what appeals to me. Honest.

Whiteout Anyone?

Wo Fat

What will S4 bring for him?


Danny and Grace Williams, going undercover as Guy in the Red Cape and Bee Girl.

Danno and Daughter

Danny and Matt Williams. Huggles!

Grace, Uncle Matty, and Hello Kitty

All the Williams people–at least the ones in Hawaii at that time.

A tsunami is coming!

Grace wasn’t too impressed with Kamekona’s Sock Puppet Theater.ย 

So she deserved this post-tsunami hug!

Danny and his fun face

“Why do I have the feeling I’m going to get shot at a lot from now on?”

Danny and his handsome face.

And handsome shoulders. And chest.

And….that’s all!!


16 thoughts on “Monday Magic: W #H50

  1. Ahhhh thank you once again for making it so much more fun. Thigh holsters and white pants … They contrast nicely, or do they? …I have to go study the contrast because I’m not quite sure… And wet Steve, yes, that deserves a closer study… Oh holy hell.. hugs, Mari

  2. I do love the contrast of the white pants and thigh holsters! Why not accentuate the positive!! Wish they’d clue us in on exactly what happened to Uncle Matt! I’d live to see him again. Danny’s family disappears almost as regularly as Steve’s! No wonder they get along so well!!

    Looking forward to the move to Thursday!! keep uptime great work!!

    • LOL, Danny and Steve do have disappearing families in common! I hope that Danny’s mom coming on the show means that they’ll tell us more about Matt. Or at least that she doesn’t disappear along with Steve’s mom. Hey, the moms could go on vacation together!?

      Whatever! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Thanks for another great letter, Wow!
    Wet Steve does it for me, anytime! And I like the one in wet cloths (where he jumps after the Kitty Woman Guy ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), I think it’s the only one we acutally see the outcoming of Steve getting wet! I love that moment, season 1 Steve launching himself at a suspect! Funny thing is, I think he doesn’t even change cloths afterwards, they’re just dry again in the next scene! Gotta love those wardrobe ladies, one time more than the other!
    I love the Williams Family, and I miss Rachel, she had such a freaky English accent I really like it (and who’s your friend with the luggage?) ha ha!

    • Who’s your friend with the luggage!? Hahahaha! We didn’t see Rachel at all in the second half of the season, did we?

      I didn’t notice the quick-drying clothes! If it were me and I was the one wearing wet clothes, I would know that they dried fast because Steve and Danny made me so hot. But why would Steve dry fast? Maybe he wears special SEAL dry clothing.

  4. W is for “what the heck was I doing on Monday and missed this??” – stupid holiday ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Soooo much shirtless and bootylishisness. (that’s a word, isn’t it?? it should be)

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