Thursday Thrills: Y not? #H50

Welcome to another edition of Thursday Thrills! We’re back to “normal” this week, so no blue people ahead. And we’re almost to the S4 premier!!! *mucho jumping with glee* I can’t make an absolute promise, but there’s a very good chance that I will have a trivia quiz this weekend over the final episode of S3. 🙂

But for now, what could the letter Y bring us?


The source of many problems on our show.

Steve isn’t usually too happy with them. Or their blank menus.

Some Yakuza dudes are prettier than others.

Some day, I would love to know the story of how Kono and Adam met. Maybe a mutual friend set them up on a blind date?

Yakuza golfing buddy

I sat here for several minutes trying to think of a funny caption for this picture, but I got nothing. Anybody else?


Remember the time Steve wore that lovely yellow t-shirt?


Have you noticed that Danny yells a lot?

No, you probably haven’t noticed. He’s very subtle.

“What’s the matter with you?”

“Why are you yelling at me?”

Classic Steve Cluelessness

Every once in awhile Steve yells.

They might even yell at criminals.

But mostly they yell at each other.

yes Yes YES!!

Random things that make me shout “Yes!”

Stealthy SEAL-style Steve

Relaxed, barefoot guys

Muscular arms in sleeveless shirt

Muscular chest in t-shirt

The Favorite Picture




14 thoughts on “Thursday Thrills: Y not? #H50

  1. Yay!! Yes, yes, yes!! Ok, that’s about all the words starting with Y that I know. You’re much better! But you tell me that Danno yells? Him? Such a happy and calm person? Hm. Also, you made me feel guilty for considering WoFat one of the prettier Yakuza guys. *daydreams for a while* My spellcheck suggest that I write Yakutsk instead of Yakuza, so here’s another Y-word. Thanks for the educative post!!

  2. Yipee, yay, yes, yahoo!! Love the color Yellow (esp. on Steve, sigh, plop, thud)!! Danny yells?? Steve yells?? Never noticed (not – LOL)! Hmm, are we supposed to have the hots for the Yakuza??? Bare feet, arms, chests. Hello Floor! :-)!

  3. H5O ep wouldn’t be that cool and entertaining if Danny didn’t freak out and yell about from time to time – I mean, someone has to freak out around SteveMcGarrett!
    I LOVE THOSE yelling FACES! All of them, and yes ESS, yelling Steve is hot! Especially the one with Kono arrested!
    I personally think it’s sad Michael Noshi (whatever) is dead, he was such a cool baddie, so really really BAD!
    Thanks for another great letter, but OH NO, the Alphabet soon is over, what are you going to do next? Greeting from a swiss adorer 😆 !!

    • I hope Danny rants and yells his way through season 4. That would make a happy Rocsfan! 🙂

      I was really upset that they killed Micheal, too. He would have been a great character (and another hottie!). Talented actor, too!

      As for next, I think I’ll do some numbers, then go back through the alphabet again, with some different words and pictures. Unless someone comes up with a better idea for me!

  4. Yay!!! Yellow-shirt Steve and yelling Danny! So perfectly hot!!!

    And don’t think I didn’t notice the first two pics were gratuitous Danny butt shots! Nicely done!

  5. This was worth the delay in my viewing! Love it! Mahalo!!
    I don’t have enough brain power to come up with anything humorous. 😦

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