Trivia Time

It’s almost time for S4!!! New episodes means new recaps/picspams at Ohana Happy Hour, too! So tune in right here for some fun fandom follies as we flail our way through each new adventure. I’ll usually have it up Saturday or Sunday following the Friday night broadcast. Better yet, you could subscribe and get an email every time there’s a new post!

To get us ready for the first episode of S4, let’s take a tiny look back at the final episode of S3, Aloha Malama Pono (Farewell and Take Care) as we delve into a few trivia questions. Remember, no prizes are involved, other than the pride you can have if you get all 6 right!

1. This episode opens with a car chase involving the HPD chasing our silver Camaro! Steve, who is driving (of course), pauses long enough to throw something out the window. What does he throw?
A. Kono’s cell phone
B. Good Housekeeping magazine
C. Danny’s New York-style pizza

2. It turns out that Kono was in the car, too, and that’s why the police were chasing them. Why did the police want Kono?
A. They heard that she was aces at Xbox and want her to teach them some strategy.
B. Someone was murdered with her gun, and they want to ask her about it.
C. The drug-addled Naked Hula Dancer that she chased down the street has been asking about her. They promised him they’d pass along the message.

Drug-addled Naked Hula Dancer Chase scene from previous episode

3. Steve went to see Wo Fat to ask for his help in locating a terrorist who is loose on the island. What did Steve offer in return for Wo Fat’s help?
A. Some of Danny’s New York-style pizza
B. A chance to skate in the roller derby with Cath.
C. 15 minutes in the exercise yard

4. What is Wo Fat’s response to this offer?
A. “I prefer pineapple and poki on my pizza.”
B. “Do I get to wear short shorts and glitter? Awesome!”
C. “I burn easily.”

5. The terrorist who is on the loose belongs to an organization called the NLM. What does NLM stand for?
A. No Long Mullets. Sang Min is the president of the group.
B. National Liberation Movement
C. National Lookalike McGarrett day. Every intelligent male should aspire to look and even be like him, right? (Well, except for my Danny.)

6. Someone leaves Hawaii at the end of the episode. Don’t worry, though, because I’ve heard that it’s only temporary. Who?
A. Kono and Adam, accompanied by McMom
B. Toast and Bullwinkle
C. Norm the gun shop owner (from Hookman), who is still shouting “Do you need back-up?”

How did you do?


1. A. Kono’s cell phone
2. B. Someone was murdered with her gun, and they want to ask her about it.
3. C. 15 minutes in the exercise yard
4. C. “I burn easily.”
5. B. National Liberation Movement
6. A. Kono and Adam, accompanied by McMom


9 thoughts on “Trivia Time

  1. Hilarious, thank you!! “No Long Mullets” organisation, heh 😀 ! But I always thought Kono was sought by police for the crime of wearing Hawaii’s ugliest outfits and boots, eek :eek:? Poor Kono…

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