Thursday Thrills: Z #H50 #AlexOloughlin

It’s hard to concentrate on Thursday Thrills with all the goodies coming soon! SOTB! S4 Premier! But first, it’s time for Z!

This week’s post is a little smaller and quieter, because I have a big term paper due on Friday this week, and thus, very little time. Yes, believe it or not, no one pays me to blog, so I must have a real full-time job to supplement my H50 addiction, and that limits my school time, which in turn limits my blog time. What is the world coming to?

Z is for…


Shhh, the Five-0s are sleeping.

Oh, dear, Steve is awake!

Go back to sleep, Steve.

He heard something and has to get out of bed. Daggnabit!

See, this is what happens when you wake up Steve and Catherine. Not a good idea.

No. Not good. This man values his sleep.

Oh, dear, Steve is stirring in his sleep again.

Something woke him up again. 😦

Oh, it’s the TV.

Well, when boys have a sleep-over, it’s bound to be a noisy night. Not much sleep this time! Looks like some arguing (not a surprise) is going on.

Danny’s not happy about being awake. Danny, I can help!!! (Ahem–I will sing him a lullaby so he can drift off into dreamland. What were you thinking??)

Steve’s asleep, but I’m afraid something has awakened him again.

He doesn’t seem upset about it this time, though.

He seems to be in a much better mood for once!

Zing Zing Zing!

Time to wake up, everyone! Wouldn’t this be a great site to wake up to?

Everyone seems happy, so I guess they had a good night’s sleep.

Aloha! See you this weekend for our first recap/picspam of the season!


6 thoughts on “Thursday Thrills: Z #H50 #AlexOloughlin

  1. You made a day where I’m trying to cast a voice over and I’m listening to a script that’s DRIVEL bearable. Thx! And If you help Danny, I volunteer to help Steve — so me pick me! hugs to you…

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