Recap/Picspam: 4×01 Aloha ke kahi i ke kahi (We Need Each Other) #H50

Geck-O-Meter: 6 Geckos 

The Show is back! The Show is back!!!!

I think I set myself up by anticipating this episode so much. I was a little disappointed that things didn’t pan out as I had expected. There were still plenty of things that I loved, though! And it was great that they worked Max and Kamekona into the episode.

As I’m looking through the screencaps I’ve collected for this post, I’m realizing that, out of about 40 caps, 5 are of Steve’s butt. And 4 are of him changing his shirt. Hmmmm…

We pick up right where we left off last season. Steve and Wo Fat are inside the super-max prison and someone is breaking in to kill Wo Fat. In under 10 seconds, Steve, who has no weapon, takes down the 4 heavily armed soldiers who break in. That’s our bad-ass Steve!!!!

Even Wo Fat is impressed. Or he wet himself. I’m not sure which.

Steve is intense, as usual. I’m sure he didn’t wet himself. He’s Steve.

One soldier is still alive, and Steve promptly drags him to the Palace for interrogation. I have no doubt he dragged the guy all the way there. (BTW, look at all that damage!)

Time for a brief check-in with Kono and Adam. They are on their way to somewhere (Hong Kong, I think). Kono already misses Hawaii but is devoted to Adam and their life together. This is so sweet!

Danny brings Steve a clean shirt and informs him that Wo Fat will be moved to the super-max prison in Colorado. That means Steve and Danny will have to come here to Colorado to visit him! Amber and I are ***happy dancing***!!

Steve changes his shirt outside the interrogation room. Thank you!!!

Chin Ho discovers that the soldiers were from the NLM, the same terrorists they dealt with in the finale of S3. This was my first let-down. The NLM? Really? Not some hugely ongoing bad guys, but the ones we met last episode. Maybe they are going to be the hugely ongoing bad guys this season, and we need to see how bad and crazy and huge they really are.

Suddenly, the NLMs break into the Palace, wearing their Village People costumes!

Chin is not going to give up easily. Why are there little white light wrapped around the banister?

Two of the NLMs go to Five-0 HQ and plug into the table computer. The woman believes (as I do) that if you say “C’mon c’mon c’mon” to the computer in an impatient voice, it will hear you and work faster.

When they get what they want from the table computer, they shoot it!! Chin is not happy.

Max comes running over the Palace to see if his Five-0 friends are okay. I am loving his red belt! Go Max!

We get to meet the new SWAT commander, Grover. He looks tough and intimidating to me. And very large.

Kamekona also shows up outside to find out about his Ohana. He matches wits with an HPD cadet. It took me a minute to figure out where I knew Cadet Guy from. He ran the security office at some hotel way back in episode 3×17 Pa’ani (The Game). Kono talked to him in his office, and he flirted with her and told her he’d applied to the academy. Looks like he made it! Better watch out in 3 months, Kamekona!

Meanwhile, Steve and Danny are dragging Cosi (their solder-prisoner) around the basement to avoid the NLM people.
Steve: “Did you check the emergency exit?”
Danny: “No, I went to get donuts.”

Steve is performing CPR on Cosi, so Danny decides this is a good time to discuss his love life.
“I thought I was actually happy, which is a weird thing for me.”

Steve reminds him that you’d better be sure before you use the word “love.”
Danny replies, “I personally don’t think it counts if you say it to a pistol.”

Catherine has car trouble while she’s driving to the Palace. A tow truck just happens to be right there to assist her. A little too convenient, I think.

Back outside the Palace, Grover practices the time-honored police tradition of stripping down to your underwear and offering Chinese food to criminals during a hostage situation. I did not realize he was a sentimental guy! Perhaps he will be able to get Steve and Danny to participate next time, at least in the removing-your-pants ritual.

“ ’S’up?”

Every once in a while, Steve is a little too cold and it bothers me. This scene is one of those. He shot an NLM dude by shooting through Cosi’s shoulder! I know SEALs and cops sometimes have to do what it takes, but…wow…it boggles my mind. Yes, I am timid and will never be bad-ass.

The NLM leader threatens to start shooting hostages unless the Five-0 team gives him Cosi and turns themselves in. So Steve and Danny bring Cosi up from the basement, in an elevator that only goes up from the ground floor. Our guys can do anything!

Steve, Danny, and Chin are not in a good situation right now.

It quickly gets better (for them), as the lead terrorist shoots Cosi dead, then they all surrender to the Five-0 team. Apparently they have heard how amazing and awesome Steve and his crew are, and they finally come to their senses and give up.

Steve needs to change his shirt again. Please?

Chin Ho is always a gentleman.

We soon find out more about Cath’s car trouble and the convenient tow truck. The NLM kidnapped her and will kill her unless Steve releases the prisoners! Time for some high-speed driving through Honolulu to intercept the SWAT van in time.

I love the looks on Danny’s face when he’s bracing himself for Steve’s driving.

Danny does not think this is a good idea.
“It’s off the goof meter completely!”

I found this to be a touching moment. Steve tells Danny, “I lost my dad dealing with people like this. I’m not going to lose Catherine, too.”
Danny responds, “I have your back. Always.”

Steve and Danny catch the SWAT van and release the prisoners, who promptly speed off in Cammy the Camano. I have a bad feeling about this.

They rescue Catherine, with a moment that all McRoll fans are still cheering about!

Danny doesn’t find the situation as moving as Steve does, though.
“I’m gonna go, uh, I’ll wait by the van. If anyone needs me, I’ll be over by the, uh…Oh, wow! Look at that—that’s a giant amakihi. I though those were extinct, you know?”

Meanwhile, Chin is tailing the fugitives in the Camaro. They abandon Cammy and jump into an SUV, then Boom! My Cammy is gone! We had so many great times together, and now she’s just charred. I am very sad to see her go, but at least she gave her life in the line of duty.

Steve, Danny, and Cath make it back from the jungle before HPD manages to arrive at the scene of the explosion. Grover tries to arrest McGarrett and his Merry Band of Do-Whatever-The-Hell-You-Want, but Steve basically says “No.”
Danny: “You’re invading his personal space.”

With Duke’s help, they quickly deduce that the bad guys are going to escape by flying a helicopter out of Aloha Stadium. HPD intercepts the NLM there, and the bad guys go flying, but in their SUV instead of a chopper.

El Condor, the great and powerful NLM head honcho, escapes from the wreckage.

Catherine: “Where’s Steve?” [Sound of gunshots] Yes, you can find Steve by following the sound of gunshots. Kind of like a breadcrumb trail.

Where’s Steve? Hanging off of the helicopter, of course.

He overpowers everyone in the chopper, but the pilot gets shot in the process. So Steve puts a lot of effort into landing it.

Danny yells at Steve because he was really worried, Catherine offers free beer, and Chin looks indulgent.

Now, as promised.

Steve pays a visit to Wo Fat, who gets an entire cargo plane to himself. He wants to know what’s between Wo Fat and Doris, but all he’s told is that Doris wanted to apologize. Wo Fat says he’ll have to ask Doris what she was apologizing for. Steve doesn’t like that answer.

He collects some of Wo Fat’s blood and gives it to Max to analyze. Steve thinks Wo Fat might be his brother! I have this feeling we are not going to find out the answer to this blood test in the next episode, though. Or, it will be inconclusive.

Toast! Toast comes in to help them figure out what the NLMs stole from the table computer.

Oh, dear! They found out where Kono and Adam are, and they sent the information to the Yakuza! Are the NLM and the Yakuza working together? This could be hugely bad!

Chin calls Kono, but it might be too late. We won’t know until next week!

Whew, this was an action-packed episode, wasn’t it? Thanks for reading! Aloha!


40 thoughts on “Recap/Picspam: 4×01 Aloha ke kahi i ke kahi (We Need Each Other) #H50

  1. Danny may not have been moved by the emotions after the rescue but he did manage to say “You all right, hon?” to Catherine. I liked that. She even managed to answer him before she was crushed in Steve’s arms! I really liked that!!

  2. Steve shooting through the guys shoulder kinda reminded me of Willis in DieHard! Wasn’t Chin’s phone bait a DieHard scene too 😉 ! Wow somebody is into JohnMcLane!
    I think it was a crazy ep with loads of gunfire and blood!
    Nice shirtless Steve – out of the blue, wow, I’m glad I was alone – watching – repeating – watching AGAIN!
    I love the bromance lines, all of the them “donuts” “cpr” and “I’ll have your back!”!
    Cool review, thanks, so much more to see! Yeah, season 4’s finally arrived!

    • I know I’ve seen DieHard, but I have no idea if those were from there. Wouldn’t surprise me, though, since they’ve taken scenes from Indiana Jones.

      They totally blew the budget for blood for the entire season, I think. Sorry, Steve, you can’t shoot anyone else because we’ve run out of blood for the year.

      It should be required that he always change clothes on-camera, from now on.

  3. Oh i forgot, i loved the bamf-style steve taking down the giant cop ( can’t remember his name) huh huh – all the means and immunity “stuff” when it comes to cath!
    Huh there’s going to be consequences!

    And sweaty mcg, so much sweaty mcg, gotta love those wardrobe guys for ep 1 😉 !

  4. “The woman believes (as I do) that if you say “C’mon c’mon c’mon” to the computer in an impatient voice, it will hear you and work faster.” LOL!! You too huh!! I do that all the time!

    I liked this episode, the Steve at beginning escape was a bit convenient. *ducks* I agree someone (writers) have been watching to much Die Hard,

    Love the hugs from Steve and Cath, I wouldn’t let go (but that’s me!). Danny was cute in that scene, but when he saw his car, I think he needed a hug!

    McG taking down “Grover” I like that, he has done that style before in episode 2:09 when that Irish guy was threatening the helicopter pilot with a knife, you kick the ankle of the guy and he falls forward.
    Chin was good, he was BAMF during the palace take over! I like that!! He looked good!

    The cargument was great, but could have been longer!

    But all, in all, I like the episode, had to watch it twice to catch everything, but I might have watch it again today, after I finish my “Moonlight” re-watch 😉

    • There was so much going on all the time! No way to catch everything with on watch.

      You are so right! Danny should have had a hug when he lost his car. Poor guy. I can’t believe I didn’t think to offer.

      We need more BAMF Chin. He’s quite a guy, and they need to give him more time. He’s the kind who is all calm-looking on the surface, but simmering underneath.

      • When I was capping this episode last night I realized for the first time ever, I think….we really got a po’d Chin! Like he was doing some serious snarling when the majik table got killed and the camaro. I think he was more upset than Danny! (maybe Danny’s already thinking of that new car he’s going to get courtesy of the state)

  5. Reblogged this on H50BAMF Tumblr and commented:
    This week I’m sharing the pic spam/recap by our friend @rocsfan from the Ohana Happy Hour blog. Some of you may remember I’m leaving for vacation in a few days and I asked if I could share her pic spam because I believe she has the same values as we have on the H50BAMF blog, fun and respect with a wee bit of seriousness thrown in. 🙂

    Next week I’ll be back in the saddle but be warned it will be late Sunday or possibly Monday before I get it posted as I’ll just be getting back.
    Thanks again to the Ohana Happy Hour for sharing her great recap with us and make sure you follow her blog, she keeps me in stitches!


  6. Great read, rocsfan 🙂 I generally like the action on H50 but this episode was a bit violent for me. Actually I think the level of violence has risen as the seasons have progressed and it doesn’t quite work for me. I loved the shirtless scene (of course!) and Toast was a bonus; also liked Chin having a substantial role in the action. However, I think Grover’s line about McG and his merry band of do whatever the hell you want pretty much sums up this episode and the general direction of the show. I sure hope there are consequences for McG for what he did in this episode to rescue Cath.

    • I think he and Grover got off to a very bad start, and that’s going to come back to haunt him. They are going to be at each other’s throats, and Grover’s not going to let go of this. That’s my guess,anyway.

  7. Thank you so much! I had to watch it 3 times just to catch all the action! Can hardly believe we got shirtless Steve the first time out in season 4! Hope that means more!

  8. Thank you ESS, you always take care about our daily Alex dose…..and this is a very good and funny recap from Ohana Happy Hour :o)
    Despite, we all had our own expectations about S4 premiere, we all got an amazing episode with shirtless Steve ( he should get dirty in every epi and Danno should have a clean shirt always), an appropiate Grover’s introduction by taking off his cloths, mad driving with cargument and it was a sentimental cargument, wasn’t it? , Danno’s ironies ( ” no, I went to get donuts”, lol! , Mcrolls and Mckiss and of courses Steve as super hero…..sigh!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked the recap! Lots of great moments, and Steve should always have to change clothes on camera. Always. And carguments always make me happy. 🙂

  9. This was a very action packed epi with humor thrown in, and of course having a ripped shirtless McG in there too never hurt anyone (well we have learned to sit down while watching Steve 😀 )
    I really liked this season opener.

  10. Very good recap! (as always)
    I thought this was a MUCH better premier than last year, which I thought was over the top and just *too much*. This one had more personal scenes in it which really helped. Your claw made me LOL!!! Thank god there was no real claw in this episode. 😉 The bum and shirtlessness didn’t hurt it either. I did have to lol that Steve changed his shirt the first time but spent 75% of the time in a bloddy shirt. haha! I guess he just wanted out of the blue. That was a shout out to me. I know it. *grin*

    • Sorry for the comment spam but computer is acting up. grr! Of course I loved the mcRoll, loved how he kept checking her out to make sure he could *see* that she was ok, regardless of what she said. When he told Danny “I lost my dad this way I’m not going to lose Catherine too” that was a realy heart puncher. Victor Hesse had his dad hostage and killed him over the phone while he listened. Steve may be super SEAL but he’s human. Also happy to hear Danny has his back ” Always”. Sometimes that gets lost in all his talking. It was arealy nice moment between them.

      • RE cold blooded Steve. He’s a SEAL. A trained killer. I personally like that show reminds us every now and then behind that sweet, funny face who makes goo goo eyes at Cath and humors his Danny, he is a highly trained killing machine. I don’t need to see it every week but I think it’s important to remind the audience every now and then. He’s not just a cop, he’s a SEAL. I’d like to point out though that he hasn’t gone rogue on just any old criminal though, his cold bloodedness he’s saved for terrorists and terrorists only. Which is befitting a SEAL I think.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked The Claw. Didn’t you see it in the real episode? I think it’s in their contracts that The Claw must appear in every season opener. 🙂

      I totes agree that he got out of the blue shirt for you! He’s nice that way.

      You are right that he’s a trained killer and he reserves that for people who really deserve the treatment. When he and Cath went to Korea last year, nothing he did there bothered me. I actually liked seeing Steve in SEAL mode, because that’s his “natural habitat.” Not sure why that shooting through the shoulder got to me this time. It’s great that he can be that emotionless machine and still be our warm and wonderful Steve, too!

  11. Thank you! I was blinded by Steve. Steve being BAMF. Steve shirtless. Steve holding Cath (I’m a McRoller). and the live tweeting going on during the ep, so I had to rewatch on demand. An obscene amount of times… That said, I loved it! I did love the “You okay, Honey?” Danny said to Catherine and His face at the dead Camaro. Poor Danny.

    I like Grover. He’s a pisser. Love BAMF Chin, and that he’s always a sweetheart, carrying out the wounded hostage.

    I also liked the “shoot thru the shoulder” (I’ve never seen Die Hard, lol) but I like that BAMF stuff (I’m an Army Engineer’s kid from a family of soldiers & cops so I have a very high gross-out level lol). Since I thought for years Wo Fat & Steve were 1/2 brothers, I’m gonna say now, ‘nope’ simply b/c Steve thinks so.

    When they come to visit Wo Fat in CO. you can offer them a place to stay…

    Many hugs & happy S4 to all!


    • Grover FTW!!! He’s just as awesome as I hoped he’d be and his chemistry and rapport with Steve is going to be awesome. I hope we have LOTS more Grover this year! Plus he’s amazing in his own way, dropping trou and offering chinese food. That’s more like Steve than he cares to admit. 😉

      BAMF Chin FTW. Nuff said.

    • I poked my head into the live tweeting a couple of times, but since I get the episode later, I was afraid I’d get too many spoilers. I can’t imagine trying to follow the show and twitter at the same time!

      Grover is going to be a great addition to the show. I think he and Steve are going to be at each other’s throats, and soon.

  12. The CLAW! Bwahaha! You put in The CLAW! Oh, you are just the best…..

    Great picspam review. This episode was like four mini episodes rolled into one… which kept me on the edge of my seat.

    And, I think you might be right… that we will hear that there was some reason that the DNA test is either delayed, or corrupted, or stolen by a mini CLAW from the sky… and we won’t get the results.

  13. loved the episode.. and I want to anger none- but I am NOT a McRoll fan… just don’t get the warm and fuzzies from them…Michelle Borth has so much potential.. I’m hoping to see some of it unleashed this season. Anyway…as usual- 2 palms up for the CARGO PANTS!!! Loved the shirtless Steven, but thinking Grover is gonna give him some competition after he stripped down to the BVD’s! NOT ENOUGH DANNO in this episode! LOVED the fact they were able to get Max and Kamekona in with all the action! And TOAST– I’ll take mine with butter pahlease!! He’s adorkable! SO much action- so many feels and FLASH it was over before you knew it! Thank GOD for the person who invented the DVR!!!

    • You’re not angering me by not being a McRoll fan! I love my show and I think everyone is welcome to have their opinions and feelings about every aspect. It’s not about what we each think about the details, it’s about the wonderful Ohana of Our Show!!!!

      I will always think there’s not enough Danno! He could be in every scene, for me. 🙂

      Wasn’t it great to see Max and Kamekona and Toast, too? Really brought the Ohana feel into this action-packed episode. Just like the “I have your back. Always.” comment did.

      • I loved that kamekona and max were ready to storm the castle for their ohana and that the Navy guy went to get Cath because he knew she’d want to be there.


  14. Great recap, Rocsfan!

    Much has already been said, but I thank you especially for all the Danno lines because he, as usual, stole the show. “I don’t think it counts when you say it to a pistol” and “It’s off the goof meter completely” were two of my favorite moments.

    Also, thanks for the Claw. I was actually halfway expecting it to appear, so thank you. I snorted out loud when I saw it.

    Show is back!

    • Danny was really rolling with the snarky comments! One of the things I love about him.

      You know The Claw just has to be there. Too bad it couldn’t save the Camaro like it saved Wo Fat last year. 😦 I already miss her.

      Thanks so much!

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