Recap/Picspam: 4×02 ‘A’ale Ma’a Wau (Fish out of Water) #H50

Geck-O-Meter: 5 Geckos

Not destined to be on my all-time favorites list, but it did include baseball, new toys, and a guest who seems to be a combination of Steve and Danny in cowboy boots.

First stop, China, with a little visit to Kono and Adam. Kono is fishing, and Adam seems to be chopping wood. Then the Yakuza drop in for a visit, and BAMF Kono fights them off single-handed while Adam stays out of sight. I’m always happy to see tough, determined Kono!

Cut to the airport, where the aforementioned cowboy, one Ray Harper, is arriving in Hawaii. He gets his trip off to an exciting start by knocking out his limo driver and stashing him in the trunk. Just the way Steve would start a vacation, too!

Third stop, the Pee-Wee Baseball Finals. It’s Grace’s team, the Honolulu Shrimps (coached by Danny and Steve), versus the Navy Brats (coached by Catherine). Now, I at first questioned why a single woman with no children would be coaching a kids’ team, since I thought the parents did that. But I was assured by several people that military personnel frequently do this as a way to give back to the community, often after being “encouraged” by their commanding officers.

Regardless, it gave me thrills to see Danny and Steve in their baseball clothes.

Danny gives Grace some batting tips, but Steve “the topper” just has to say something too.

It doesn’t matter, though, because Kamekona the umpire calls a strike on a very obvious ball, so Steve challenges the ruling. He even kicks dirt on Kamekona’s shoes! Steve!

But then his phone rings, and we’re off to this week’s case, which starts with a dead body washing up on the beach.

Scruffy Danny. Enough said.

They are driving the Merc!

Danny asks Steve about the mysterious envelope that Max slipped to him at the crime scene. He suspects it’s that secret recipe for asparagus frittata that Steve refuses to share with him.

Danny obviously doesn’t follow twitter or any other fan sites, because he is not aware that Steve suspects Wo Fat is his half-brother. But alas, the blood test shows that they are NOT related. So why is McMom being so cagey? The world may never know.

Quick trip back to China, where Kono is now fixing their jeep. Adam tells her that he wants her to leave because it isn’t safe for her, but she tells him she wants to fight back and stop being on the defensive. Go Kono!!! That’s the spitfire attitude we love!

Chin is extremely happy with his shiny, brand-new table computer! He uses it to find out all about Cowboy Ray, who is a Texas Ranger. Why would a highly decorated TR come to Oahu and murder a limo driver? Surely they have limo drivers in Texas if he dislikes them that much?

Meanwhile, Billy Harrington makes an appearance. He wants to personally tell Steve that he wants to hire Catherine for his new security company. He suspects she won’t take the job because they once had a thing. Oh, and Cath is thinking about leaving her career in the Navy, in case you hadn’t heard, Steve. I found it interesting that Billy never quite came out and said what he wanted. He just kind of told Steve what’s been going on. Does he want Steve to convince Cath to take the job? It’s implied, I think. Billy seems a tad manipulative to me.

Steve asks Catherine about this, and she says she wanted to make the decision on her own. Her CO and Billy know, but she doesn’t want to discuss it with her boyfriend. That seems odd, but then again, consider how dominating her boyfriend tries to be at times.

Time for the appearance of Cammy the Second Camaro! Isn’t she beautiful? Loved how Steve immediately grabbed the keys and drove off. So predictable!

Danny needs a hug.

On the way to find Ray, they discuss the situation with Catherine. I really liked that Steve was willing to talk about this with his BFF. He honestly shared his feelings! He doesn’t mention that he was hurt that Cath didn’t tell him she’s considering making a big change in her life, but he did share the rest.

It kind of bothered me, the way they were talking about Cath. Danny was all about how Billy was going to steal her from Steve. Did either of you two guys ever consider that Cath is a grown woman who also factors into this? Women aren’t just stupid creatures who can’t think for themselves.

After a quick stop at Starbucks to buy skinny chai tea and pumpkin muffins and put on their riot gear (which they were not wearing a few seconds ago), the boys arrive at the place where Ray might be.

Alas, Ray is out in a sugar cane field making a peanut butter sandwich out of a bad guy. What a waste of peanut butter!

Guess what Steve’s getting for Christmas? A gun cigarette lighter!

Steve and Danny catch up with Ray and his Colt revolver, who are both threatening a young man now.

I liked seeing Danny questioning the young man. Danny has been a good cop for many years, but he gets overshadowed by Steve so often. One of the things that was so fun in season 1 was watching Danny be the cop while Steve was still being the SEAL. Steve is still the crazy-ass wild card at times, but he’s more of a cop these days too. But Danny is still the detective, so I like when they let him do his job.

Steve is questioning Ray. We soon find out that Ray didn’t kill the limo driver, and that he’s in Hawaii to find his daughter who has disappeared. Of course, once Danny heard that a single father was trying to save his daughter….yes, this is the part of Ray that mimics Danny.

Steve is really good at questioning Ray. We need a few pics of this.

Steve and Ray go to question Peanut Butter Guy. Wet and steamy room, peanut butter, Steve, Ray, cowboy hat….where was I?

Seems Ray’s daughter came to Hawaii with her boyfriend, who was delivering a bunch of money for a “friend.” She got kidnapped and the money was stolen. Time for the boyfriend to return the money to the bad guy and rescue Ray’s daughter.

The Testosterone Line-Up.

Loved the way everyone shelters themselves from bullets, but Ray just walks out like he’s invincible. And he was! They soon find out where his daughter is being held, too, so off to rescue her.

By the time they get there, it’s night. They take down all the guards, and soon she and Daddy are reunited.

Now it’s time for the final game of the Pee-Wee Baseball Finals! Grace is up to bat again, and this time Danny and Steve both just tell her to have fun.

Steve tells Cath to take the job with Billy’s agency, which makes her very happy.

“There’s no kissing in baseball, Steve.”

And Grace hits a home run!


42 thoughts on “Recap/Picspam: 4×02 ‘A’ale Ma’a Wau (Fish out of Water) #H50

  1. You crack me up!! They don’t need limo drivers in Texas – everyone rides horses, silly!!

    Loved all the testosterone (and the Steve/Danny hybrid) in this episode!

  2. “It kind of bothered me, the way they were talking about Cath. Danny was all about how Billy was going to steal her from Steve. Did either of you two guys ever consider that Cath is a grown woman who also factors into this? Women aren’t just stupid creatures who can’t think for themselves.”

    ACA. I enjoyed Harper and the procedural was pretty OK but the Cath stuff not. Next time writers, just take all the stuff out of the episode of McG discussing this decision with everyone BUT Cath, please. That’s all I really wanted to see – a mutually respectful conversation between Cath and McG about this potentially life-changing decision which is actually HER decision to make.

    • Excellent point! “Mutually respectful” is exactly what they need. Steve might start out by telling her what to do (but he might not), and I think he’d come around and realize that she needs a supportive friend while she makes this decision. However, it seems she’s already decided now.

      • Absolutely. You’d think any relationship worth something would be based on mutual respect and open communication. Scenes like the ones in this episode to do with Cath do not make me want to get on board the McRoll train at all.

  3. I liked the ep overall, but also found the whole Cath/Steve thing weird. It was written like Cath is making this big decision to change her life, but then can’t decide if she will take the job until Steve tells her yes. I dunno. It was a failure on the writer’s not on the actors. I also felt the wardrobe dept failed with Cath’s shorts. Short enough to have the pockets sticking out while coaching kids? Ah, it creeped me out. She’s pretty and can pull them off, but not at as a t-ball coach. lol
    I also should say I am expressing my opinions about 2 things in the episode and not hating on any actor/character.

    • I thought the same thing about the shorts, but decided I had enough negative in the recap already (I don’t want to lose readers!). That isn’t appropriate when you’re leading kids of that age. And you’re right about the decisions: kind of weird how she made the big one but wouldn’t make the littler decision.

      You’re the best, Luna!! Opinions are always welcome!

      • I can’t see you losing readers. You are fair and unbiased in what you write.
        ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thank you! Some people can be a little unreasonable, though, so I try very hard to balance what I write so it stays appealing and fun overall. ❤ ❤

  4. Great recap! I really liked this episode, the Cath stuff notwithstanding. I don’t dislike the Cath character, but I just don’t see the epic romance of the century that many others do. And I’m hoping that her and Steve’s personal problems or issues don’t pop up in every episode. I’m not against him having a girlfriend, I just don’t need to see her all the time.

    (… that frittata recipe…from Woman’s Day, yes?) 😉

      • Me too! The peanut butter trick was epic awesomeness. One of the best guest stars they’ve had, I reckon.

      • I never thought I had a thing for cowboys, but he was very appealing! I would love to see Ray come back again for a visit. He fit right in with the team and had the right attitude and BAMF-ness. Clever, handsome, and brave!

    • I don’t see it either. I’m not against McG having a girlfriend but he’s become much less interesting to me since she became a regular. His relationship with her should just be one dimension of his character not the only thing we see. I know there was Mom stuff last season but still and all, the writers could do much better with his character development than focus so much on his relationship with Cath.

  5. Thanks for a lovely recap!! You pinned it perfectly: not a great episode on the whole, but with great individual scenes!

    I love it that “Danny obviously doesn’t follow twitter or any other fan sites, because he is not aware that Steve suspects Wo Fat is his half-brother” – LOL!!

    Kono rocked it – it was rather funny to see Adam doing nothing and Kono doing everything: Dear Adam, this is NOT what women emancipation is about! No h8, obvi 🙂 .

    • I know, Kono was definitely the strong one in the relationship this episode! They’ve shown that before, but somehow it really struck me this time. I kind of like the role-reversal, especially because I’ve always liked Kono’s attitude.

      Wouldn’t it be awesome to have Danny on twitter? Think of the great sarcasm!

      Thanks so much!

  6. Good recap. I liked the epi but, no hate please, not Catherine. Danny was spot-on with his assessment of the Steve/Cath/Billy situation. She withholds a lot from Steve, not a good thing. I agree with Andrea. I know the Steve/Cath relationship is part of Steve’s character development but Steve seems to have lost that edge that made him him. Ray would make a great addition to the team while we’re missing Kono!

    • Thanks so much! Cath could be a great character independent of being “Steve’s girlfriend,” Maybe that’s where they are going, with Billy joining the story.

      I would love to see Ray come back! He fit in with the team so easily. And if they say no one wears a tie in Hawaii, I wonder what they would think of the hat?!

  7. I have to say, it’s refreshing to be able to say what you don’t like about a character (as opposed to not actually liking the character) without being labelled a hater.

    I like this place. *settles in*

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Just because you don’t like everything about a show (or its characters), it doesn’t mean you don’t like it as a whole. It’s nice to have a place to discuss how we feel about an episode, including the things we didn’t like so much.

  8. I thought Kono taking down the bad guys all by herself while her boyfriend, the son of the head of the Yakuza hid was hilarious and sad. They really neutered Adam.

    I didn’t have a problem with Steve talking to Danny about Cath because that’s what friends do. Last week Danny was discussing his love life to Steve while Steve was doing CPR. They weren’t making the decision for Cath, they knew it was her decision and said so. They were being guys as guys usually are. Danny seemed to be concerned from what sounded like a personal experience and for once didn’t annoy me because it felt genuine with his concern. As a guy, they know how men operate and Danny was making sure his friend Steve wasn’t ignoring the warning signs..I didn’t take it as them thinking Cath isn’t smart enough to think for herself.

    Cath has a right to think about her life going forward without telling Steve and making that decision without him. I think to say she had to tell him or be considered “keeping something from him” is a bit contradictory. That’s putting her in a lose/lose situation. Billy only knew because her CO told him, not that Cath had told him.

    Also, besides just normal bad wardrobe choices I don’t think the short shorts are necessarily bad on a small island where people walk around every day in teeny, tiny bikinis.

    Honestly McRoll is the only thing that keeps me interested in show. They’re not an epic romance, that would be yuck. They’re imperfect and they take wrong steps but they also take right steps and there is loyalty and honor there. Sounds good to me.

    • I was fine with Danny and Steve’s conversation about Cath until they got to the “put her in a testosterone-free workplace part.” That’s what reeked of “she can’t control herself” to me. You’re right, Danny sounded like he was speaking from experience. One of my LJ friends wondered if that’s how he lost Rachel to Stan. Maybe she worked for him? That would explain his attitude. And Steve’s? Well, he’s Steve and will always be dominant.

      I didn’t think about that they’re in Hawaii, so the way the dress is different from what I consider usual. Here, those shorts would be considered revealing because we wear a lot of clothes, even in summer. But you’re right, in Hawaii the dress code is much more revealing!

      • I was thinking the same thing about Danny speaking from experience – and yeah, I too started to wonder if Rachel left Danny for Stan? The convent conversation, the ladies charity thing, well – Danny tends to take his rants to the extremes to make his points.

        I did love seeing Coach Danny! (but he needs to wear undies! eeps!)

      • Lol i live in a beach town so i’m used to seeing those all over town. 😉 malia wore a pair to Jett’s birthday party at Egan’s in May.

        I see what you’re saying. I feel nothing but respect from danny and steve towards cath so i didnt take the testosterone free workplace comment as directed at Cath as much as towards their own kind. they know how guys in a testosterone filled workplace usually treat women. I’m sure steve saw it in the military all the time and danny in the NJPD.

        I also thought Danny’s comment may be an indicator of how Rachel met Stan. Poor Danny. 😦


  9. I enjoyed a lot about this episode. I love Tim Daly so I was happy to see him again. I thought he was a great guest star….very believable. For the second episode in a row I loved Danny. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to say that. I hope that this Danny sticks around awhile. The new Camaro scene was priceless. And of course, I LOVED the baseball scenes.

    I am so tired of the Adam/Kono storyline. I have a difficult time swallowing that Kono has given up her career, her family, her friends, her LIFE… for this man. And to see him hide while she fought to save them…well that just made me cringe. IMO…it’s a totally unbelievable relationship. I’ll be happy when it’s over.

    I’m sure it’s no secret that I love the Cath character and the McRoll relationship. Show has sometimes struggled to get the right balance for her and for them. But I think lately Show is figuring out how her character is best utilized and how their relationship should progress. I love that they have a history together and I hope to see more of their backstory. And I hope to see more of their future.

    As for Cath’s shorts, I don’t think that they were questionable at least they covered her ASSets. I was far more concerned that Danny forgot to put on underwear.

    Oh…and I’m annoyed at Show that we got to see another man in a shower and it wasn’t Steve. WTF Show?!!! 😀

    • I am curious to see how McRoll progresses now that she’s out of the Navy. It will put her in a position where he part in the stories makes more sense, and give them more opportunities to grow closer. But I do not trust Billy, so I don’t know what he’s going to do.

      I am happy to hear you liked Danny this time! Yay!

      Tim Daly was one of the best guest stars they’ve had, and I’d love to see that character come back. He worked perfectly in the story.

  10. I was wondering if they dress Cat with this short for her male fans. After all we are not complaining by seeing Steve with less clothes as possible. I’m sure there are plenty of guys feeling a lot for her and they also have the right to be satisfied.
    Excuse me for my bad english, I hope your undestand what I mean.
    Thanks for the recap. I always have a look at it with great pleasure.

  11. Loved the Kono butt-kicking at the beginning, it was the perfect touch, very exciting but not over the top. Adam really lucked out, didn’t he? He would be in big trouble without her watching out for him.

  12. Love the recap! I’m a Steve & Cath lover so I adored the episode. and I love Gracie as well. To weigh in on Catherine coaching, I agree with those who said lots of single personnel coach. I did Girl Scouts for 15 years and I was 27, single, w/ no kids. (Those ‘kids’ are 30 years old now (yikes!) and we are ohana). I’d have worn those shorts at a Scout Event if it was summer here in NJ, but that’s just me.

    Also agree that … OMG the character Ray just rocked. Walking right into the barrage of bullets like he was invincible! Tim Daly was terrific. I think Ray needs to make another appearance!

    Love love love this blog! Hugs!

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