Thursday Thrills: Top Ten #H50

Hello! It’s Thursday again. That means one more day until Friday and a new episode this week!!

Let’s start counting down the Top Ten Things We Love About Hawaii Five-0. These might be serious, silly, irreverent, or a combination. (I don’t plan anything out ahead of time, so it depends on what kind of inspiration strikes when I start πŸ˜‰ ).

At Number 10 this week, We love H50 because of…

The great cooking tips!

How not to cook a fritatta

MREs can be a romantic dinner

How did that get in here?

Pancakes go great with Napalm in the morning.

The Blue Hawaiian, a personal favorite of mine.

“Thick crust, extra bullets, please.”

Kamekona’s experiment with breakfast burritos.

Roasting marshmallows over a Bic lighter because your camping trip was interrupted by a crazy diamond thief

Everyone has a mother who breaks into the house to cook breakfast, right?

The best way to drink coffee?

Shrimp can be spicy.

1001 Uses for Extra Pineapple — A new cookbook by Danny

Sometimes the best cooking is the tuney fish you caught yourself and shared with your Ohana.


17 thoughts on “Thursday Thrills: Top Ten #H50

  1. I’m hungry now. Except for a Kamekona breakfast burrito… i’m in Texas. We know how to do breakfast burritos. πŸ˜€

  2. Mmmh, I love the Pancakes in the morning, ’cause McG was so frkn sexy when pulling that chair away from the table, and his hand touching his nose (must have watched it a million times)!
    And the coffee – loved the way L was teasing him with the coffee!!
    Love the Thrills, love and greetings from switzerland!

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