#H50 Recap/Picspam: 4.04 A ia la aku (From This Day Forward)

Geck-O-Meter: 6 Geckos

An episode filled with lots of romance, including a happy ending, a sad ending, and a not-quite-an-ending ending.

We open with Kono and Adam in Hong Kong. Or somewhere like that. I can’t remember where exactly. Kowloon? Anyway, they have been carrying someone around in the trunk of a car, and now they let him out so Adam can redeem himself from being a wimp last time. He’s quite mean to this guy! About all we find out is that someone is after both Adam and Kono, and it isn’t related to Michaels’ death after all. I apologize, but this storyline really doesn’t hold my interest.

Next stop, a bride who is crying, driving a Mustang like a graduate of the Professional McDriving School of Driving, and listening to Elvis. She crashes the car, and then some loser comes along and pushes her car into a ravine! I guess he wasn’t happy with the menu choices at the reception.

Another rapid scene change (I’m getting confused!), and we’re at the bride’s wedding. It is one big, fancy shindig! Even the guests are wearing evening wear! (Did I just reveal how uncivilized I am, that I have never attended such a fancy dress ball?) Unfortunately, as she is walking down the aisle she suddenly becomes frightened and runs away.

Fourth scene, and we’re at the movies with Steve and Danny. Awww. I can’t help it, I love how S & D are all wuzzled up together sharing the popcorn.

Catherine and Gabby are also there. Steve is confused about how this movie could be a romantic comedy if it has sad parts, so Danny explains. How many people wondered if they were watching The Back-up Plan? Uh-huh, me, too.

Steve: This is the most unrealistic movie ever!
He was really annoying everyone around him, but he finally got a phone call and had to leave.

At the scene of the crime, our boys decide that the victim was probably a wedding guest. Danny explains his detailed theory about how the man came to be shot as a result of the dysfunctional guests, because weddings are inherently violent events.
Chin: I particularly enjoyed your use of the word “fisticuffs.”

When Steve and Danny talk to the Mother of the Groom and the Attorney of the Groom (because those are the important people at a rich person’s wedding), they find that the victim was not a wedding guest. A wedding crasher, apparently!

They didn’t do much here other than see for themselves that Dahlia (the bride) was frightened, but they look so nice doing it.

As Danny and Steve are en route to headquarters, Grace calls to tell Danny that Gabby makes better pancakes than he does.

Danny: You are not allowed to top my Daddy-Daughter Spa Nights.

I loved the look on Steve’s face as Danny was talking to Gabby!

Danny is not quite ready to talk with Gabby about something serious, though, because he tells her he can’t talk any longer because they just pulled up to a crime scene.
Steve: We just pulled up to a crime scene???
Danny: Keep driving, we’ll find one.

They quickly trace the gun that was used for the murder, so Steve and Chin go to drag a suspect in for questioning.

We soon learn most of the details surrounding the crime, as the three guys make deductions while working on the table computer. The biggest news: Dahlia the runaway bride is actually Nicole the con artist! She and her brother, Brad, ran sweetheart scams all over Europe until they were put in jail in Germany a few years ago.

Time for a little cargument and some honest sharing of thoughts and feelings between Steve and Danny. I really like when they can talk to each other and show what close friends they are.
Danny: This goes to show you why people should never, under any circumstances, get married.
Steve: In case you might marry a con artist who’s after your money?
Danny: No, Steve. (I really expected a “Steven” here.)

Then Danny explains what is going on with him and Gabby. She was offered a 6-month job in Denver, Colorado, and he doesn’t want her to leave, but he doesn’t want to tell her to pass up this opportunity. (Side note: Amber and I have decided that this was a shout-out to us to honor our dedicated work on this blog! 🙂 We were jumping with joy at the idea that Danny might move here to our city so we could stalk meet him. We would bake cookies for him.) Sadly, Danny is not going to put his career on hold to move to Denver with Gabby.
Steve: Plus, you’d miss me too much.
Danny: Plus, I’d miss you too much.

We have a quick scene with more Kono and Adam. It ends with Chin being very serious when he talks with Adam.
Chin: You promised me you would take care of Kono. Now do it.

Steve and Danny meet with the Groom (Nathan), Mother of the Groom, and Attorney of the Groom to explain what they have found out. It’s odd that the background check that the attorney ran on Dahlia didn’t find turn up anything suspicious. Hmmmm…..

Chin drives up to the last known location of the bride’s cell phone. He also manages to prove that he uses even more product in his hair than Danny does, because not even one strand moves in the breeze while he rides his motorcycle.

When Steve and Danny return to HQ, they find Billy hanging around the parking lot. He and Cath have little nicknames for each other (well, they call them “code names”), and I agree with Danny that that is cute! Except I object to Billy being “Big Kahuna.” There is only room for one Big Kahuna, and that has been Steve from the very beginning. No way is that going to change. Billy will have to be Little Kahuna.

Catherine has stopped by to ask Steve for a favor!! Go Cath!
Cath: You’re both smart AND handsome.

Steve is thinking “You just now realized this? Isn’t it obvious that I am a studly hunk of brave and brilliant manly masculinity? Women drool over me daily, Cath! They even get excited when I wiggle my eyebrows. Wait till you see what happens when I wear a sleeveless shirt later in this episode!”

I loved how he tried to act like he wasn’t going to help her because he “wasn’t comfortable using Five-0 resources.” *Giggle*!!

Meanwhile, Chin has found the wreckage of the red Mustang driven by the bride. She’s alive!

The boys go to interview her in the hospital, and she swears that she was marrying for love, not for money. She also tells them what monster her brother was.

A little more deducing around the table computer, and the team realizes who the murderer is. Someone who might have found out about Dahlia and her brother through a background check. Hmmm….

Nathan’s mother is one tough lady, it seems, and she helps them trap the attorney.

While interrogating him, the guys find out that he planned to extort money from Dahlia after the wedding. He wasn’t about to challenge the mother directly, but Dahlia was weak enough for him.

Steve seems to be the one who carries the emotion and the sympathy for all of the family members this episode, something that Danny usually does. Steve is the one who talks with Nathan and shares the vows that Dahlia had written. Danny has been cynical and snarky about weddings for the whole show.

Dahlia is totally surprised when Nathan shows up at the hospital with a bridal bouquet and a minister, so they can be married right away. He doesn’t want to wait even one more day.

Steve and Danny are also there, which leads to the question: Which one of them is the Best Man and which is the Maid of Honor?

One of our final scenes finds Danny returning home afterwards, where Gabby is waiting. He sweetly explains to her that he can’t be the guy who kept her from pursuing her career, but he’s afraid it will be too difficult for Grace if Gabby comes and goes on different jobs for months at a time. Apparently, this relationship is over. This is so sad, but he does it so tenderly! I admire how he wants to protect Grace, but I think he’s over-protecting her with this.

I would be so freaking thrilled to come home and find this on my front porch!

Billy drops off Cath, and Steve is waiting out front for her. It’s a nice, relaxed, comfortable scene, but Steve sends a significant look toward Billy, who is slow to drive off after Cath gets out of his car. I really don’t know what’s going to happen here.

Thanks for reading! I believe next week is the episode where Steve wears his dress white uniform! Get those pillows ready so you don’t get hurt when you *thud* onto the floor!


18 thoughts on “#H50 Recap/Picspam: 4.04 A ia la aku (From This Day Forward)

  1. Steve was sooo annoying at the movies! I was ready to hate him from the bottom of my heart. But now that I realize it was “The Backup Plan”, it makes perfect sense. He just tried to cover up his embarrassement. Sorry, Steve! No man should ever be forced to watch this.
    I totally didn’t get Danny’s reasons for breaking up with Gabby. You call it overprotection, I call it nonsense. (I guess your description is closer to what the writers had in mind, ;))
    Loved the final scene. The looks …

    Great recap! Always a highlight of my Sunday morning.

  2. Great recap and even better pic spam! Ok episode, made better by Steve in a tank! Best scene, Danny and Gabby breakup, well written and well acted by both Scott and Autumn.

  3. Thanks for the recap and wonderful photos! I really liked the scene with Cath and the pantsuit and Steve teasing her! Shows how close they are! Sorry to see the Danny and Gabby relationship end! Good luck to Autumn on the birth of her second child!

  4. For the record, I really do think it was a shout-out to YOU!

    We should become bff’s with Gabby when she gets here. I bet she has some great stories about Danny!

    Fantastic recap!!

  5. Awww, I was going to ask if I could come bake cookies for Danny also; alas I guess we’ll have to go to Honolulu to do that. Love your recap and photos!

  6. I think this was truely a great episode! After watching it twice I even got the plot fairly right 😉
    It reminded me also of the “Nicole” ep and the “Erica” ep back in s1! Good story!
    It fitted perfectly for the non-crime-story of Danny and Steve! I wonder if this makes Steve think thoroughly about his own personal friendship with Cath, actually he was pretty much into this wedding stuff, and I loved his face in the hospital!
    I was fond of nearly every scene in this ep, Cath and Steve were great, they really shine together and Alex made my day with his faces, feels and shirtlessness!
    Thanks, I love coming here and read your recaps! Lots of love to Denver (are you guys already have snow 😉 )!!!

    • Thanks! Steve had some amazing faces in this episode, and he really looked happy through most of it. Both in the hospital wedding and at his office with Cath. And those muscles! Never too much of that!

      Yes, we’ve had snow twice already, but that’s normal. Only 2 or 3 inches each time, and it melted fast, so not much!

  7. Thank you for the recap, fun to read as always!! I love your transcription of Steve’s thoughts: “Women drool over me daily, Cath! They even get excited when I wiggle my eyebrows.” Haha…

    Also, thank you for not liking the hospital wedding – I didn’t think it romantic at all and it very much disgusted me, if I can use such a strong word. I thought it was just me being cynical.

    But overall, I LOVED this episode and thought it well balanced and well done. (I’d give 8 geckos 😉 , so I can’t be that mean, right?)

    P.S.: THE CLAW FTW!!!

  8. Thank you for the lovely recap, the pics are beautiful!
    I thought the movie scene was hilarious. When I first saw Steve and Danny, before Cath and Gabby were revealed, I said, “Ah, there on a man date…how nice!”. 🙂 Steve’s rant was classic, if it’s not guns, ammo or an MRE it’s not worth his attention I guess.
    I was slightly disappointed in Rebecca D’s guest spot, I guess it was too tame for me. I always picture her as her bad @&& spy character from the Three Musketeer’s, so I wanted more action. Oh well, maybe next time. 🙂

    • Man date FTW! I liked how they sat together so they could collaborate. Steve probably would have been more interested if there’d been Ninjas, too. 🙂

      She wasn’t onscreen much, but she was something to reckon with when she was! That woman doesn’t take anything from anyone! She probably wouldn’t have pinned Steve down in the movie and made him be quiet.

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