#H50 Thursday Thrills: Number 8

Welcome to Thursday Thrills and our countdown of the Top Ten Reasons We Love H50! This week, we’re up to number 8.

We love our show and the….

Memorable Bad Guys! They aren’t all major villains, though. 🙂

Wo Fat

You don’t find Johnny D. Johnny D finds you.

August March

Michael Noshimuri

Victor Hess

Steve remembers him, for sure

Sang Min

Naked Hula Dancer Guy

You get to cuff this one, Kono

Ron, the not-too-bright diamond thief

“Oh, Dude, you broke Chucky!” Guy

Steve just has no respect for garden gnomes.

Let’s Throw Dennis Miller’s Body in a Volcano. Dude! Guys

Wrong Place, Wrong Time Carjacking Guy

You may not remember this guy….

…But you might remember the results of his badness.


6 thoughts on “#H50 Thursday Thrills: Number 8

  1. So many bad guys to choose from!! Thanks for recaping the most memorable! Gotta love the naked hula dancer, I’m still laughing about that one!
    We haven’t heard the last of Sang Min, right? I didn’t miss the end of that story line, did I? I’m pretty sure the last we heard from him he walked out of the prison in a cops uniform and a new hair cut (in the prison riot episode). Am I losing my mind? I’ve heard it’s the first thing to go…
    Despite his overall bad-guyness, I think Wo Fat is HOT! Yummy! heehee

    • You are totes right about Sang Min. That was the last time we saw him. I haven’t heard anything specific, but I’m sure he’ll be back. He’s too much a part of the show to disappear now.

      “Despite his overall bad-guyness, I think Wo Fat is HOT! Yummy!” <–You and me both!!!

      • I really like the Sang Min character/story line. It will be interesting to see how they bring him back. For a bad guy he sure helps our guys out a lot and has a good heart! I wonder if there’s any chance he’s turned into one of the good guys with his time away….hmmm

    • He does have a good heart, but I think he’s been in situations all his life where he’s had to look out for himself and do whatever he has to for survival.

      Or maybe he’s just slimy and good at making us think he’s good. :p LOL!

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