Recap/Picspam: 4×05 Kupu’eu (Fallen Hero) #H50

Geck-O-Meter: 5 geckos

Sorry this post is so much later than usual! It’s just been a tough weekend. Nothing dramatic, just an extra-bad headache and a difficult essay to write. But on to H50, ’cause that’s why we’re here!

I think this episode was a little flat for me because we had so little of Kono and Danny. I understand that both actors had personal reasons for not being available, and I respect that, but it just meant the show lacked something for me. However, I do have two words: white and gray. Yes, Steve looked great!!!! And he had some great emotions to share with us. The COTW was good enough, the honors paid to our military were a nice touch, and it was good to see Catherine being her own person.

We open with Kono and Adam being chased through the streets of Hong Kong. Kono is a graduate of the McDriving School of Driving. Adam gets out of the car, not because of her driving, but rather because he wants to distract the bad guys so Kono can get away. Alas, the bad guys capture him.

Next, we’re back in Hawaii where someone is a busy bunny. Two busy bunnies, actually.

And Catherine and Billy are watching and videoing. They quickly establish for us that they are not creeping creepers who creep. They are surveilling surveillers who surveille, and in this case they are on a surveillance mission for a client who suspects that her husband is cheating on her. She is correct.

When the bunnies are tuckered out and everyone is leaving, someone else shows up and shoots the cheating husband. Billy and Cath race to the rescue, Cath takes a bullet but gets back up, and then Billy is shot.

The shooter gets away, and Cath races to the hospital to get help.

Time to watch Hot Mechanic Steve working on the Merc and making faces!

This would actually make a complete scene for me just to watch him work in that white t-shirt, but then Joe shows up.

Steve wanted to talk to him because he hopes Joe can put him in touch with McMom. Joe isn’t sure that he can.

This is Steve’s “I know you’ll never give me a straight answer” face.

Steve gets a phone call informing him about Cath and Billy, so he’s off to the hospital to wait.

Nice gray sweater, Steve. I approve.

Cath wakes up…

…And Steve has to tell her that Billy is gone.

Catherine decides she has to help with the investigation and won’t stay in the hospital any longer. She’s right, Steve, this is exactly what you would do.

I’m wondering how she pulled out that IV without spurting blood all over the place, but maybe they thought a fountain of blood would detract from the dramatic impact of the moment.

Anyway, they go to the scene of the crime, but there’s no crime scene! Everything looks fine. Hmmmm, did Cath get the address wrong? Was she reading fan fiction and imagined the whole thing? No, she was right, and she finds fresh paint on the wall as evidence that someone cleaned up the crime scene!

They already know the male bunny (and subsequent victim) was John Cutler, since the wife was Cath’s client. They quickly find out the female bunny was Abby Maxwell, a professional escort who also runs a real estate agency. Chin Ho goes to see her, and when her assistant won’t let him in, Chin offers to show off his 6-pack abs in return for the favor. It works.

Abby doesn’t know anything, but she does tell Chin about a secret phone the victim had.

Back at HQ, Danny enters while talking on the phone to Grace, who is at a cheerleading competition. He claims that last year he got in trouble for being too loud at the finals, but I find this hard to believe. My quiet and demur Danny? Can’t be true.

Loved how he gave Catherine a big hug!

John Cutler’s laptop needs to be decrypted in hope of finding some clues. Danny offers to run it by Toast, but they aren’t sure he will be able to do it. Really? I thought Toast could do everything! (Except keep himself from sweating.) Regardless, Joe offers to take the computer to one of his old DOD friends, and he invites Danny to ride along.

Joe: I’m driving.
Danny: Yeah, that’s the story of my life.

Interesting. Joe drives a Toyota. I wonder what that means? We know good guys drive Chevys, bad guys drive Fords (and sometime BMWs), but who drives a Toyota? Hmmm….

Danny tries to have a cargument with Joe about the shocks/suspension/whatever on his SUV.
Joe: Is this what you and Steve do? Bicker in the car like an old married couple? 
Danny: Bicker? No, no, we don’t bicker. I mean, we argue from time to time, but no bickering.
Yeah, right, Danny. That doesn’t happen.

Joe wants Danny to get Steve to stop trying to contact McMom. Yeah, right, Joe. That’s not gonna happen.

Back at HQ, Chin is trying to talk sense into Kono and get her to return home. He’s intense, but she refuses. And hangs up on him!

Joe returns to HQ with the information, but no one asks why he didn’t bring Danny back. Cutler’s laptop had lots of highly confidential information that he apparently stole from his wife, who is a highly classified worker-person-something. I don’t think they ever said what she does, just that she has access to classified stuff. Ergo, her husband was a spy.

The crime scene cabin was managed by a rental company that just happens to be owned by a big competitor of the highly classified wife’s firm. <–Did you keep up with that okay? They bring in the head of the spying firm for questioning. He confesses that his company cleaned up the crime scene, but insists they didn’t murder the guy. He offers to turn over all the evidence to the Five-0 team (did he really have a choice?).

The scene with all the evidence made me miss Charlie Fong so much!!!

Dear Steve,   You need to get a better security system at home. This is getting embarrassing. Everyone on Earth is able to break into your home with almost no trouble. I think I could break in. Not that I would try. I’m not stalking you or anything. Nope. Not me. I think Amber might, though.

The Champ Box!!! The Champ Box is back! Joe breaks in to steal something from the Champ Box.

He removes the batteries from the tape recorder and finds a tiny piece of paper with numbers on it. This intrigues me. Did he just find out this paper was there? How did he find out? If he knew all along, then why did he wait until now to retrieve it?

Unaware of the happenings at his house, Steve is in his office tenderly taking care of Cath’s wound. So sweet! Cath reminisces about the good times she had with Billy, like the time she needed a bunch of stitches in her head. TMI.

Chin notifies them that they’ve found out the shooter is a professional hit man. Off we go to his house. The shooter’s house, not Chin’s. It would be silly to go Chin’s house.

They have a brief shoot-out, but the shooter dies before much happens.

Catherine uses his computer to track the person who hired him, and the IP address is the office of Abby, the real estate/escort woman! Steve thinks she killed Cutler because she was “a woman scorned,” and that’s the oldest motive there is. Personally, I would be more likely to murder for money, but I guess I have no heart.

She has an alibi though, and suddenly the assistant, Andrew, runs out of the office. He’s caught between a cop car and Steve, so he steps in front of a big truck that is lumbering down the street. Steve saves him, though, probably because he didn’t want to see that lovely pink shirt splayed all over the street. (He’s hoping he can borrow it for next week’s episode.) We learn that the assistant had Cutler killed because he’s in love with Abby.

Steve: Unrequited love. The second oldest motive there is.

No, Steve, I’m still holding out for money. Steve is an emotional guy, but not me.

Next, we visit a house I’ve never seen before inhabited by a man I’ve never seen. Joe has broken in with his teddy bear. He wants information about McMom, so I’m going to guess that this guy is CIA. He agrees to tell Joe, but suggests that he might want to keep Steve in the dark once Joe hears what he has to say. Great, now what is she up to??

Billy has a full-fledged military funeral, which I found quite moving. On the flip side, I also found Steve to look quite hot in his dress white uniform.

I am a music geek, so I want to include a picture of the trumpet player. Go musicians!

This was a lovely tribute to our military.

Afterwards, they have a wake at a local Irish pub. Cath talks to Billy’s father and offers comforting details about Billy.

Joe tells Steve that McMom might be active again with the CIA and her location is classified. She probably won’t be back until she’s ready to talk to Steve.

In a way, I’m glad to see that Steve doesn’t trust Joe, and yet my heart just aches for him that he can’t trust this man who was like a father to him. Just like he can’t trust his mother.

They close with the entire group singing “The Minstrel Boy.” I didn’t know they sang this at military funerals, too, but it is a lovely way to end.


14 thoughts on “Recap/Picspam: 4×05 Kupu’eu (Fallen Hero) #H50

  1. I was also disappointed due to hardly any Danny and wonder why he even bothered to come back from the competition since he didn’t do anything. It was very noticeable that he was missing when they were all around the Smart Table. Great recap and I love your note to Steve about his security.

    • Thank you! Yes, that explanation about him coming back was kind of weird. There wasn’t much reason for him to do that. He could have just been in a few scenes. Maybe we were supposed to assume he wasn’t around the Smart Table because he went out for ice cream?

  2. It was ok. I missed Danny and miss Kono. The show has been off for me but I’m an optimist and hope it turns around. I’m not sorry to see Billy go but found the scene of JOe explaining to the attendant who Billy was and to give him the respect and honor he deserved the best and most moving scene of the entire episode. My heart breaks for Steve too. I hope he gets some answers and closure soon.

  3. Not only did she pull her iv but also her leads. How the bp monitor didn’t freak is beyond me, and trust me as a frequent hospital goer, that thing freaks easily. LOL.

    Anyway I loved all the Steve porn in this episode. The rest felt flat to me also. I thought it was good overall but on the bottom of a great season so far.

    I too respect the choices of the others, but I would like to see one more season. Not sure if they will hit 100 episodes at the end of this season (It’s really damn close), but I hope they get that honor. In the original series I believe both Kono and Danno died before the end of the run and it continued on for several more years. The bromance is strong in this one so if we lose Danny it will kill the show. Unfortunately, I think we would last a bit longer without Kono Though i would really miss her. It feels like her current storyline is set up in case she decides not to return. My opinion

    • LOL! Maybe they thought that having Steve in the room was affecting her monitors, so they didn’t need to check on her!!

      It would be great to hit 100 episodes. I hear the ratings since the move to Friday are good, so there’s hope for a 5th season. There’s no way they could keep going without Danny, though. He and Steve together are too much a part of the show! They could manage without Kono if they had a good replacement for her, but I’d rather have her keep going.

      • It really is moving strongly in it’s time slot. I guess will should not worry until the spring… lol as if I could

      • In the original I believe Danny left with 2 seasons to go and there wasn’t any explaination of his absense or even mention of him again. Also I was thinking it was Chin that was killed off. I certainly hope they don’t carry on the same way as the original 5-0.

  4. Thanks for your recap, I had fun reading and to refocuse once again on the ep!
    I think COTW was good (I actually liked them all so far in this season) of course, much has been seen before and often is a re-re-current but I love all the stories! And these stories are always so beautifully decorated with our most beloved Steve (wow, the sweater was a stunner! One could even see the grease on his white shirt by the collar 😉 ) So loved it!
    Missed Kono and Danny but I respect their personal reason to stay away and I like Cath for some ep to be more included! I’m sure the core4 will be back soon!
    Joe’s giving me a headache, I really hope he’s honest with Steve, btw the conversation Steve/Joe in the bar was really great, the McG faces did me in!
    Thanks! Hope you’re getting better soon!

    • Yes, Steve’s faces and attitude in the bar were perfection! The way he smiled across the room at Cath as well as the way he looked when he was dealing with Joe.


  5. Oh you know me so well, Anna! I need to start taking break-in notes for the next time we’re in Hawaii and Steve locks us out. Lol!!

  6. That’s so hilarious!! Thank you!! You’re recaps are getting better and better, really. I love your poking affectionate fun at plot holes and such. Your recap is actually better than the episode, which felt strange without not only Kono but also without Danny. There’s no way Show could do without Danno in the long run, of course.

  7. This episode was so strange to me! You are right they never mentioned what the wife did, or the company she worked for or anything, they just started talking about it like we should know… perhaps an unfortunate deleted scene or cut line? So the mystery was very clunky. The escort lady & her secretary were both very awkward actors as well, I thought.

    Seems like a lot of people were missing from this episode. Joe gives his “this man was a hero” speech to a not-Max and I guess Charlie Fong isn’t back to work yet either.

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