#H50 Recap/Picspam: 4×06 Kupouli ‘la (Broken)

Geck-O-Meter: 7 Geckos

“Let’s do the Time Warp again!” They have started the right way. Then a zombie! He is not Tongan, but he’s still a zombie. This episode is looking promising!

We open at a beach party with Max and Sabrina watching Rocky Horror Picture Show. They look so great! And they have some good moves. It’s fun, until the zombie shows up. Isn’t that the way it always is? You’re just going along, having a great time and minding your own business, then a zombie meanders in and BOOM—no more fun. Blood, guts, brains, biting—it’s always the same with them. Even the Tongan Pirate ones.

Cut to trick-or-treaters and Catherine running through their midst. Steve is handing out candy. Me! Me! I’ll take some!

Cath is still feeling guilty over Billy’s death, and Steve shows wonderful empathy with her. He doesn’t just yell or get impatient or ignore that problem. He truly listens and tells her he understands, because he’s been in the same situation. Then he encourages her to find something to focus on. He really is there for her, just like he promised.

Chin Ho is the one who reports to the scene of the crime to handle things. No call to McGarrett! Chin looks especially fine tonight, too. 🙂

Max suggests that the man was acting “zombified,” and as a man of science, he must consider all possibilities. Oh, Max, I love you! Then he passes out, just like someone who had been infected with zombie cooties might.

We soon find out that the zombie is not really a pirate nor a zombie (Drat!), but the Grand Pooba Chief Administrator of the hospital, Michael Besner. And he was not zombified, he was drugged with scopolamine. Unsavory bad guys use this drug to make victims cooperative, but too much of it can make a person psychotic.

We also find out that Danny’s house has been TP’ed. And that he’s tired of paying for gas in the Camaro.
Danny: How come we never take your truck?
Steve: My tru…well…the Camaro gets great gas mileage, Danny.
Not the way you drive her, Steve.

In the car on the way to find Michael’s car, Danny is still quite upset about the Great TP Caper of 2013.
Danny: TP’ing is a gateway crime. It starts with toilet paper, and then the next thing you know, armed robbery.

Michael’s car is parked out in the middle of nowhere, along with many, many other cars. Then a shuttle bus pulls up, and costume-clad revelers emerge. Hmmmmm…..this is strange. Not knowing where this possibly magical bus will take them, the boys climb aboard. It’s definitely a party bus!
Steve: You going to get an evidence bag, or you going to put that thing on?
Everyone knows how I would vote, right?

They arrive at, of all things, a Halloween party! Henry Upton, the host, reports that Michael was there, but the doorman says he left with a guy dressed in black and wearing a scary mask. (I thought this was a fun way to have them visit the last known whereabouts of Michael, rather than just ringing a doorbell one more time.)

For reasons…

Chin discovers that Michael used his hospital key card to visit the morgue, where he asked about one specific woman, Lisa Mills. He and the morgue attendant discover Lisa’s cabinet is open and her head has been chopped off!!! Holy Sleepy Hollow!!

The next morning, we learn that Steve’s manly chest and arms look great in that blue t-shirt all about Lisa Mills. A year ago, she disappeared for a month, then reappeared wandering around near the highway. She didn’t remember where she had been for that month, and the police never discovered anything more. Our team suspects a connection!

Before we get more information about Lisa, though, we make a quick trip to the hospital to check on Max. He’s doing well, and he and Sabrina seem to be doing quite well together, too! A couple has to be serious if they’re discussing zombie babies, right?
Max: It’s funny how our relationship keeps circling back to the intensive care ward.

Sure enough, the team was right, and someone was spying on Lisa! There’s a camera in her car, and Steve soon discovers one in her apartment, too.

Someone has left strange messages for her, so Steve and Danny are off to find out who.

Danny gets a call from the crime lab with apparently no information. He has them investigating the Great TP Caper of 2013!
Steve: Congratulations, Danny, you’ve just become an angry old man.
Danny: I may be angry, but I’m not old.

They find that the guy is inside a tunnel, but Danny won’t go in. Seems he’s a little bit claustrophobic. This is cute, but haven’t we seen him go into caves before? Maybe they were big enough caves that they didn’t bother him.

Steve: Danny, how’d it take me 4 years to learn that about you?
Danny: I don’t know. Maybe you don’t pay such close attention to me.
Nope, not married. Not at all.

Back at HQ, Cath is filling in Chin on what she’s discovered about the Japanese man who is holding Adam, Sato. She thinks one of his men on the island could lead them directly to Sato. It’s touching how she explains that she doesn’t want to lose another friend. This is a great thing for Cath to focus on so she can move forward.

Steve is carefully searching the very wet tunnels. He finally calls the phone number to figure out where to look, then he yells at the guy from at least 50 yards away. So guess what? The guy runs and Steve has to chase him. This happens a lot. I think Steve writes in his journal every morning, “Today I will yell at suspects from a long distance away so I will have to run a lot to catch them.”

They end up back at the opening, where Danny whacks the guy, Marshall Demps, and captures him. Marshall reluctantly and dramatically confesses that he was calling Lisa because he was also abducted, and he’s in hiding because “they” have been watching him. He even tried to cut into his own head to get “them” out.

Max may know the reason behind Marshall’s thoughts. Seems there is something inside Marshall’s head, so everyone goes to see Max.

Max: As you can see, the imaging shows a number of highly localized histopathological lesions and T gondii cysts on the corpus amygdaloideum section of the medial temporal lobe.

Max: Okay. This part of the brain is called the amygdala. Mr. Demps’ amygdala is covered with cysts. That’s weirrrrrrd.
This was hilarious!

It seems Marshall and Lisa were purposely infected with bacteria and, as a result, have virulent toxoplasmosis! Someone is conducting experiments on people!

The team can’t figure out why both Lisa and Marshall were abducted, since they seem to have nothing common. Then Max shows up with the solution. Both had MRIs when they were children, and both have a unusually small amygdala areas. This is a trait seen in children who exhibit antisocial and aggressive behavior. I didn’t know that! (I wonder if part of my brain is the wrong size, and that’s why I am so strange?)

Max also knows who might be the bad guy. Dr. Ellery, a really smart person who has given presentations about curing the criminal mind. Chin discovers that he is now a licensed physician in Hawaii. Off to Dr. Ellery’s house we go!

We take a quick stop to watch Cath investigate Sato’s man. Honest, at first I didn’t recognize her in her disguise! Her bikini, or perhaps her red hair, distracts the man so she can get his fingerprint and take his picture. But oh no! Someone is also conducting experiments on handbags, but hers is growing hair!!!!

Chin, Steve, and Danny have discovered that Dr. Ellery has been examining MRI results from all over the island, but he has only isolated three: Lisa’s, Marshall’s, and Brock Upton’s.

Wait, Upton? That’s the name of the guy who was hosting that Halloween party, the one from which Michael disappeared!

The visit also gives Steve a chance to show his SEAL of Steel strength by smashing the glass in Upton’s hand with one swift swipe of his hand.

Seems Upton has been paying Dr. Ellery to conduct his research. Upton’s son Brock has been in trouble numerous times despite everything his father has tried to straighten him out, so now Upton is trying this. He’s convinced that the experiments are necessary for the greater good. That is, until Steve shows him that Lisa actually died because one of the cysts in her brain ruptured while she was driving. Now, Upton wants his son saved! He knows where Ellery’s secret underground lair is, so everyone rushes to the scene.

The secret underground lair is—well—underground, so Danny is hesitant to go it. Nice little touch, watching him hesitate, but then his sense of duty, and probably his desire to protect Chin and Steve, got him through.

Looks like Brock broke out of the restraints, and Dr. Ellery is no more. Steve disarms Brock, but he seemed almost gentle, too, with the way he was talking to him, “Shhh. Shhh. It’s okay.”

But there is still one mystery to be solved: The Great TP Caper of 2013. Danny solves this one when he notices that there’s no toilet paper in his bathroom and then discovers that there isn’t any in the cabinet, either! What’s this? Gracie Monkey???!!!

Her friends dared her to TP someone’s house, and she thought it would be mean to do someone else’s! Too funny!!

Danny: If one of your friends or you decides they want to vandalize someone’s property, I want you to call me immediately….I can always take you to Uncle Steve’s, all right?

The final scene is short but sweet. Steve has found out that Cath is investigating Kono and Adam’s situation, and he seem to approve.

I’m not a fan of horror or gore, so the Halloween episodes are always a little off for me. I hope I was able to write you a nice recap anyway! 🙂


9 thoughts on “#H50 Recap/Picspam: 4×06 Kupouli ‘la (Broken)

  1. I liked this episode – a little bit of everything. Love the pics! The guys were extremely handsome in this episode and we even got to see Gracie!! I would have loved the ending to be Gracie tp’ing Uncle Steve’s house, maybe next year!

  2. I thought it was a lovely recap, it made me laugh several times so I’d say that’s a win! 🙂

    So many laughs, but this one might have been the best for me!
    “Steve: Danny, how’d it take me 4 years to learn that about you?
    Danny: I don’t know. Maybe you don’t pay such close attention to me.
    Nope, not married. Not at all.” <–SO TRUE! I love it when people actually comment on how long they've been married!
    I thought Gracie was so cute by TP'ing Dad's house because someone else's would be mean. There is just no way to get mad over that reasoning! 🙂
    I was bummed by Max's costume until he explained that it was from a Keanu Reeves movie, one I had never heard of — it was nice to have that cleared up. I love that Max is dedicated to his themes!! 🙂

    Thanks again for the laughs….until Thursday! 🙂

    • Hello, Beep!
      I’m so glad this made you laugh. I think S & D got married during the Pilot episode, about 3 minutes after they met.. 😉
      Sometimes, I wonder if Danno can ever truly get mad at Gracie Monkey. She’s so cute!
      Thanks for the comments!!!!

  3. Not the horror fan typ myself, i thought this ep was fairly fine with me!
    Love the steve/danny scenes especially the tunnel stuff discussion – when steve chokes “okay” i was like – wow that man (it sounded frkn sexy 😉 )
    And danny/grace i love too! In the end when they walk to the house, he wants her to pick the garbage and he is smiling, and i think he has to suppress a laugh! Cute!
    Reading here made me laugh, also the beginning with max and time warp made me realise how old i am 😉 (i jumped of my chair and started dancing, no kidding “it’s just a jump to the left …”)

    • He can make anything sounds sexy, can’t he? IMHO. 🙂

      LOL! I wish I could have seen you dancing! I think that’s just a classic that has nothing to do with age. There were lots of young people on the beach jumping to the left, too!

      I wonder if Danno can ever get truly angry with Grace. She’s so cute! She probably never does anything all that bad anyway, but she was cute even when she was confessing.

  4. I just love how they are letting Grace be the sweet, caring little girl she’s always been. Too often, these types of shows end up making the kids troubled and a source of drama and angst for the parents. Soooo happy our show doesn’t have to resort to stupid plot cliches like that. Of course, they have gorgeous guys and all that action to keep us tuning in.

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