#H50 Thursday Thrills: Number 7

Aloha! Are you ready to continue the countdown of our favorite things about H50? This week we’re on number 7: Recurring Characters!

Wo Fat   

No matter how many times McGarrett captures him and/or almost kills him. He’s Back!

Toast!   Because whenever I see him, that’s how I say his name–with an exclamation point. Toast!

He’s a little less toasty now, with his nice computer-repair-dude job.

Poor guy. He tried. He really tried to face the danger.

Sang Min 

He always reminds me of a slimy snake. A kind of endearing snake, but still, don’t trust him!


Probably one of my favorite recurring characters. I just feel so much empathy for her. She seems to have so little emotional support in life, but I think she’s trying to do the best she can.


He’s been with us from the beginning.

How can you not love a guy who can do this?

He loves his Ohana

Governor Jameson


He’s like the indulgent uncle to the team. He laughed when McGarrett and His Merry Band of Do-Whatever-the-Hell-You-Want used Kamekona’s helicopter to fly into the prison to save Chin Ho. ‘Cause he KNEW they would!

He knew this carjacker chose the wrong car!

I think he does every possible job that HPD has. He’s always there for our team!

Adam Noshimuri

Charlie Fong

I’ll be so happy when he’s back!


Remember how young she was?

She’s really growing up. But still so adorable!


12 thoughts on “#H50 Thursday Thrills: Number 7

  1. I love them all! They all add so much to this show! I heard Sang Min has a new show – I hope he comes back at least one more time (to see his new self-inflicted haircut) before he goes!

    • Me, too! I can’t imagine that an adoption agency just let her have a baby. I thought they had rigid rules (like, only couples!) and you had to wait a long time. Maybe it belonged to a friend or something?


      • I wondered about the friend thing. Some places allow single, gays etc adopt, but the standards are very high and strict.

    • I think maybe the term “adopt” is a wee bit overstated (SHOCK) I know, who would ever think show would do that?? but possibly she’s in the process of adopting, possibly a foster parent or something and then in the end, they don’t approve her. That could explain the emo faces between her and Steve at the end. Just a guess…

  2. I love all of our recurring characters! Whether they appear for some comic relief or for a more emotional/action packed scene, they are always a welcome sight!

    Ah, little Gracie! The first H5O episode I ever saw was the one with the fake hurricane and I just fell in love with Danny and Gracie! I’m such a sucker for a good dad! Which is really what got me interested in watching the show so I rented the DVD’s and started at the beginning after that.

    I don’t think it can be said enough – there are some major hotties among the recurring guest stars! hmmmhmmmhmm!

    Thanks for the lovely reminders of why H5O is loved! *huggles*

    • ” Whether they appear for some comic relief or for a more emotional/action packed scene, they are always a welcome sight!” Yes!

      I had the same kind of feeling when I saw the Pilot for the first time. I said, “This is something very special, if he gave up his home and moved all the way to Hawaii for his little girl.” They will always be wonderful.

      Thanks, Beep! You get an exclamation point with your name, too.

  3. But but but, you missed Grover! My new favorite recurring character! 😉 OMG I love him like “whoa”.

    But Sang Min is my all time fave. You’re right,I don’t trust him but he has his moments and he’s hilarious. I love to hate him. Wil Yun Lee in real life is a doll. Such a sweet guy, he’s tweeted me back a couple times. If he got his own show, i’m happy for him and wish him the best! But he’ll always be Sang Min to me. 😉

    Duke!!! I love the expanded role he’s had and how he’s grown from contempt for McGarrett to having his (and Five-0’s) back. Class act dude in real life too.

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