Thursday Thrills: Number 6 #H50

The number 6 reason we love H50: They are so Fashionable!


What’s more fashionable than handsome men trying on tuxes?


Aloha Shirts

The one and only Aloha shirt that Steve owns. I’m surprised it doesn’t have cargo pockets.


A wild McGarrett in his natural habitat (and a lovely brown shirt)

My Danny looks so nice in a tshirt.

I like Steve in gray.

I’ve always liked Steve in green.

See, I told you he looks good in green!


10 thoughts on “Thursday Thrills: Number 6 #H50

  1. Seeing Steve in that brown shirt I have this ridiculous urge to lick some chocolate {wink}! And Danny’s tee needs a good washing – I’m sure he won’t mind my helping him take it off! Green is my new favorite color!

  2. Danny really does look nice in tshirts, however, I have a small clarification to make on that…..he’s MY Danny, MINE!! 😛 😛 😛
    Maybe it’s just me but seeing Chin in all those Aloha shirts makes him seem even studlier, especially since he pulls them off!
    Thanks for all the eye candy in the fabulous fashion! 🙂 :-*

      • Hmm….I don’t know….what does that word “share” mean exactly? Is it new? *wink* ROFL!!!
        Okay, okay, if I must share I will, but only with you! We need to figure out a schedule though! 😀
        I love Danny, he’s the entire reason I started watching the show. Sure, McG is eye candy supreme, but it will always be Danny for me. *smitten sigh*

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